Back pain due to osteoarthritis: what relieves

Back pain due to osteoarthritis: what relieves If cervical osteoarthritis can cause stiff neck and sometimes headaches, it is lumbar osteoarthritis (or lumbarthrosis) that causes the most pain. To make them more bearable on a daily basis, it is recommended to combine the solutions. Summary Engage in physical activity Use drugs Opt for corticosteroid infiltration Lose weight to relieve lumbar osteoarthritis Turning to natural alternatives Ineffective solutions for lumbar osteoarthritis In case of lumbar osteoarthritis the discs wear out and increase the pressure on the… Read More »Back pain due to osteoarthritis: what relieves

gluten free diet

Is gluten-free diet beneficial for everyone?

The gluten-free diet, beneficial for everyone? Gluten is at the dock of the accused: many are deprived of it, without precise diagnosis. Gluten is in the dock since the publication of some books that accuse him of being toxic, and especially responsible for several chronic diseases. Many do not, without really having an accurate diagnosis. We take stock! Intolerance to gluten Although we speak of intolerance, celiac disease is very different from other intolerances (like lactose) since the immune system is involved. It is an… Read More »Is gluten-free diet beneficial for everyone?


Gluten: Advantages and Disadvantages

Focus on gluten What is it ? Although gluten contains lipids (5 to 10%), carbohydrates and minerals, most of its constituents are protein compounds (75 to 85%). More specifically, it is the insoluble protein fraction that is obtained by removing the starch and soluble constituents of the cereal grain. This protein complex can be divided into two large fractions by their solubility in water / alcohol solutions: soluble prolamins and insoluble glutenins. Where is gluten found? These proteins are naturally present in the main cereal… Read More »Gluten: Advantages and Disadvantages


Winter is coming – Strengthen your Immune System

Winter is about to start, and with it the most critical time of the year, when it comes to colds, runny nose or other diseases. But what can you do to get fit and healthy through the cold, except to sit in front of the heater wrapped in a thick bag of tea? We answered this question in the following article. Surely you know the following sentence from your parents: “Child, please put on warm clothes, so you will not get sick.” Dick packed we… Read More »Winter is coming – Strengthen your Immune System


Hitting Menopause : Nutrition & Wellness for you

Menopause is a phase that involves many changes for women. With the menopausal hormonal change the secretive dynamism disappears and the woman has to face a new static situation: there is metabolic slowness that also affects the physical form with a consequent increase in weight. Modifications of mood also occur, accompanied by biochemical changes, but with nutrition, these can be affected to improve moods. For example, obsessive thinking can be partially controlled by regulating blood sugar, rabies can be contained by reducing the reabsorption of… Read More »Hitting Menopause : Nutrition & Wellness for you


4 Sources of Calcium outside Milk – For Lactose Intolerant

The calcium intake is supposed to solidify the bones, but our daily contributions end up being much too high in our western countries. If you absorb too much, it clogs the body which can lead to cardiovascular disease. If we do not absorb enough, we risk osteoporosis (loss of bone resistance that predisposes to fractures); Milk is the best known source of calcium. But cow’s milk is more and more pointed: it is not very digestible in adulthood, it contains too many bad fats and… Read More »4 Sources of Calcium outside Milk – For Lactose Intolerant