How to Treat sinusitis naturally – Full guide

Treat sinusitis naturally

A clogged nose, feeling of vice … In case of inflammation or pain in the sinuses, natural remedies based on plants, essential oils, seawater or self-massage help to be released. In this guide you will find how to Treat sinusitis naturally


  1. A product based on sea water, to clear the nose
  2. An inhalation of essential oil of eucalyptus struck off, for a complete action on sinusitis
  3. The cypress / echinacea duo, to stop the infection
  4. Self-massage of the nose, against sinus pain

The sinusitis is the inflammation of the sinus mucosal cavities located above or on either side of the nose. It can be relieved without medication, when it is caused by a virus. Effective natural treatments to clear the sinuses and relieve pain.

A product based on sea water, to clear the nose

“The nose wash in sea water thins the secretions to better dispose of them and decongests the nose quickly. It also makes it possible to eliminate the viruses and microbes in question, ”recalls expert ORLs. Do not hesitate to practice it as soon as the nose becomes blocked, especially in case of colds or allergies which tend to turn into sinusitis.

How to do ?

“Better to use two-in-one products that combine seawater with hydrating and antiviral active ingredients. They are more effective than washing with seawater alone because they are more concentrated, and they prevent secondary infection, ”recommends the expert ENT specialists.

For example, the Sterimar Stop & Protect sprays with a very blocked infected nose or a Humer with a very blocked nose, 2 to 6 sprays per day in each nostril according to the instructions, by letting the water flow well through the nostril and blowing your nose afterwards. Use for 5-6 days, but not long term. For a daily nose wash as prevention, prefer an isotonic seawater spray .

An inhalation of essential oil of eucalyptus struck off, for a complete action on sinusitis

The essential oil of eucalyptus radiata is both decongestant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and immuno slightly. It therefore helps to breathe better and fight infection. Treat sinusitis naturally

“Water vapor, on the other hand, helps to fluidify secretions, to kill microbes and causes a small vasodilation, which allows the active ingredients of essential oils to penetrate into the mucous membranes,” adds experts.

How to do your inhalation – Heat a pan of water. When it boils, lower the heat, add 3 to 5 drops of essential oil of radiated eucalyptus and tilt the head above the pan to breathe the vapor. We can also mix 3 drops of eucalyptus + 2 drops of peppermint essential oil , decongestant and interesting in case of headache. “You have to stay at least 10 minutes above the vapor, trying to breathe through your nose,” says the specialist. To do 2 to 3 times a day. Be careful, never during pregnancy! Treat sinusitis naturally

The cypress / echinacea duo, to stop the infection

“Most often, sinusitis is of viral origin. It can in particular be the consequence of a secondary infection of a cold or an allergy . In this case, echinacea and cypress are the two plants with the most effective antiviral and anti-infectious action, ”notes experts. They help strengthen the immune system to better shorten the infection and limit symptoms.

The easiest way is to opt for ready-made products which combine echinacea and cypress, in the form of a fluid extract (EPS Phytoprevent, to be asked as a mixture from the pharmacist, 2 teaspoons morning, noon and evening) or tablets and capsules (Phytoprevent Phytostandard; LPEV; Parinat, 6 to 8 per day). Take for 5 to 7 days. We can also use this duo of plants in prevention if we tend to make sinusitis and other ENT infections repeatedly, in cure of 10 days per month for 3 months.

Self-massage of the nose, against sinus pain

“Stimulating two acupuncture points yourself using digitopuncture – finger pressure – helps to unclog the sinuses if the nose is very blocked and this also has an analgesic effect,” says experts.

The relief can be immediate: to try when the pains in the face and the skull are very important.

How to do ?

It is necessary to stimulate the point “GI 20” located on each side of the nose , at the base of the wings of the nose, at the meeting point with the nasolabial folds which widen when we smile. “You have to apply moderate and continuous pressure on this point with your thumb and index finger (or both index fingers) for 2 minutes, trying to breathe slowly and deeply,” says the practitioner.

To further free the sinuses, complete by pressing for 2 minutes on point DM 24, located on the midline of the skull, 0.5 cm from the forehead, just behind the hairline. To renew several times a day, as soon as the pain returns.

The use of antibiotics is only useful in the rare cases where the sinusitis is of bacterial origin. A yellow nasal discharge is for example a sign. The general practitioner or ENT doctor can confirm this by examining the appearance of the mucous membranes. Treat sinusitis naturally