3 Myths about the immune and the steps to strengthen child’s immune

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How do stress, diet and physical activity actually affect our ability to resist disease? Here are 3 Myths about the immune and the steps to strengthen child’s immune. These steps will help you in improving the immune in a better way.


  1. Stress Has No Impact
  2. Eating a balanced diet is not important
  3. Exercise Decreases Immunity

The right steps to strengthen your child’s immune system

  1. Anti-infection foods
  2. Influenza vaccine
  3. Education

Our body’s immune system works hard to fight infections, especially in winter. By keeping it healthy and strong , our overall health benefits. And while many grandmother products and tricks claim to provide the necessary support for our natural defenses, a number of myths remain.

Stress Has No Impact

Stress can alter the levels of certain biochemical markers essential for the immune system and thus compromise the body’s response to external aggressions. Experts explains how the immune system of stressed people is less sensitive to the hormone cortisol. This reaction increases the inflammatory response and increases the risk of disease.

Eating a balanced diet is not important

Favoring a healthy diet rich in essential nutrients helps protect our health, recalls expert Nutrition and Dietetics. Proteins are part of the body’s defense mechanisms. You can also strengthen them by incorporating vitamins A, C, E, B6 and zinc.

Exercise Decreases Immunity

Physical activity also helps maintain a healthy immune system, say researchers. Some scientists are trying to determine whether exercise directly affects a person’s risk of exposure to infection. Case to follow…

The right steps to strengthen your child’s immune system

The ENT disease season is approaching. It’s time to play the prevention card in order to protect the whole family.

Every parent knows: cold and flu season fills the house with germs, and the whole family can take turns sick for months. To limit this scenario, the best technique remains prevention. By strengthening the immune system of your children, you effectively fight against diseases of the cold seasons. Here are some solutions:

Anti-infection foods

Lack of physical exercise, stress and pollution play a negative role in the defenses of the toddler’s body, but a balanced diet and playing a sport help to reverse the trend.. Try to ban saturated and trans fats from your children’s plates, as well as products with food additives, which could affect the immune system. Instead, bet on an adequate supply of protein, animal and vegetable, which we need to make antibodies and fight infections. Omega-3 essential fats, fruits rich in vitamin C, dairy products that contain lactic ferments and vegetables full of fiber help them stay healthy. Do not hesitate to cook your dishes with garlic and onion to take advantage of their anti-infectious properties.

Influenza vaccine

The Ministry of Health advises to vaccinate the elderly, people with chronic diseases including babies from the age of six months against influenza . A child is less likely to die, but infections tire the body and can be passed on to people at risk. Discuss this with the pediatrician to find the best solution.


By explaining to children from the age of 4-5 years why it is important to wash their hands regularly, cover their mouths with sneezing and coughing, and why they should not approach sick people, you put all the odds for its part, explains the site Psychology Today . Giving them a list of do’s and don’ts without explaining the reason for these gestures is often useless; they won’t apply it. But by making them understand why these actions are important , they can actively participate in the prevention of diseases for themselves and those around them.

DISCLAIMER : This article is for information purpose only. Please consult your Doctor for any prescription or consuming any drugs.


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