Ultimate Tips to cure a cold naturally – Full Guide

Tips to cure a cold naturally

Blocked nose, sneezing, discharge, sometimes headache or cough: cold symptoms are bothersome, but not serious. Nasal spray, plants, essential oils… what grandmother’s remedies or natural solutions to quickly cure a cold? Here are few Ultimate Tips to cure a cold naturally.


  1. Do a nose wash
  2. Make inhalations
  3. Plants to decongest and calm flows
  4. Homeo cold solutions

Without treatment, cold symptoms will go away on their own within seven to ten days. What can be done to quickly stop the cold and avoid complications, without using over-the-counter pseudoephedrine drugs. These anti-cold drops and sprays containing a vasoconstrictor are indeed disputed because they can cause serious undesirable effects, at the cardiac or neurological level.

Do a nose wash

At the first sign, you wash your nose . This gesture facilitates blowing and eliminates a maximum of microbes. We favor solutions rich in minerals and trace elements, such as sea water , to optimize the functioning of the hair cells of the nasal mucosa, the first barriers to viruses. An isotonic spray, with a salt concentration identical to the body fluids (9 g/l), is used as often as necessary. It can be chosen enriched with copper, anti-infective, or sulfur, also anti-inflammatory and “repairing” of the nasal mucosa. Tips to cure a cold naturally

If the nose gets block , we opt for a hypertonic spray . Hypertonic solutions speed up the runny nose. Useful if the sensation of a stuffy nose is bothersome, they are nevertheless irritating because they are rich in salt (generally 22 g / l): they are therefore only used for a few days. Some contain essential oils of mint or eucalyptus which are also decongestants but which are not suitable for young children.

Make inhalations

If nasal obstruction is important, we pass to essential oils inhalations ( ravintsara , thyme , eucalyptus , mint p oivrée …). The hot water vapor dilates the small vessels and optimizes the anti-infective and decongestant action of essential oils, resulting in a rapid effect.

“As a large amount of active ingredients arrive in the respiratory tract up to the bronchi, these inhalations are also useful in case of cough”, says experts. In practice, plan a session of 5 to 10 minutes, 2 to 3 times a day. Discover our cold inhalation recipes .

Plants to decongest and calm flows

Certain plants help healing. They are consider in the treatment of colds and also in the composition of drugs. This is the case with purple coneflower and pelargonium, “to use from the start of the cold “, underlines expert phytotherapists.

“Another interesting plant, black elderberry , with antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties”, says the expert. It is good in doses of 200 to 400 mg per day of dry berry extract. “The infusion of elderflower leads nose in adults as in children. Count a pinch for a cup, to take four times a day. Elderberry is a plant famous for its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, hence you should consider this.

Secondly, To naturally stop a runny nose, the phytotherapist recommends ” peppermint essential oil , decongestant and astringent. It tightens the mucosa. In adults, expert recommend 1 drop, four to six times a day, to take in honey. It may be helpful to drink a glass of warm water afterwards. ”

“In case of sneezing , we can use plantain in herbal tea (a tablespoon for a bowl, twice a day) or in EPS (standardized plant fluid extract): a teaspoon two to three times a day to an adult. In a child: one milliliter (ml) for ten kilos of weight per day. “

Tips to cure a cold naturally
Tips to cure a cold naturally

Homeo cold solutions

“For clear flows, a fountain nose and repeated sneezing that improves in the open air, I suggest Allium cepa 9 CH, five granules four times a day. If, on the contrary, sneezing gets worse in the cold: Nux vomica 9 CH, five granules four times a day, ”advises experts.

For thick flows, expert prefer Kallium bichromicum 5 CH, same dosage. ” For a stuffy nose that does not run and threatens to progress to sinusitis, with pain at the root of the nose, expert recommend Sticta pulmonaria 5 CH, five granules four times a day, ”advises the expert homeopath.

If the nose gets block at night and runs yellow during the day: Pulsatilla 9 CH, five granules morning and evening. ” If the situation does not improve after two or three days of self-medication and the cold does not pass, all the more so if the fever appears, it is better to consult a doctor.

DISCLAIMER: This article is only for information purposes. Please consult your Doctor for any prescription or taking any drugs

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