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An Online Lifestyle, Weight Loss Therapeutic Life Management Diet Clinic by World Renowned Nutritionist Shivani Sikri. 
She is certainly the Best Dietitian in Delhi, India.

Shivani Sikri is the the Best Dietitian & Nutritionist in India. She is an Internationally Renowned Nutritionist for Online Weight Loss Diet Programs.

Nutri4Verve is an Online Weight Loss Diet Clinic located in South Delhi India. 

For more than a Decade, we excel at Online Weight Loss Diet Plans for Quick Weight Loss,  through our Fully Customised & Unique Diet plans. Our Diet Plans target for Quick weight Loss, Pre and Post Pregnancy, PCOS / PCOD, Thyroid, Diabetes, Cholesterol etc and other Therapeutic conditions. We excel online diet consultation for International Diet Regimes like Advance Indian Keto Weight Loss Diet Plans (Indian Non-Veg & Veg Versions),  Paleo Diet Plans, Gluten Free Diet Plans and Intermittent Fasting.

At Nutri4Verve, we get to the root cause of your weight problem by helping you tackle the reasons for your unhealthy eating behaviour. Our weight loss diet plans & management programs are personally supervised to help you lose weight quickly at a safe and sustainable rate. As you approach your goal weight, we’ll teach you how to maintain your healthy weight for life – so you can focus on living, not ‘dieting’.

How We Work - Online Diet Programs

Our Unique Approach for Online Diet Counselling works on not just on what people eat but why they overeat? Or even sometimes why do they eat so less and still gain weight???

First, you’ll start with an initial consultation. We will ask you questions to get to know you better because we believe that nutrition is an individualised science NOT a one-size-fits all “here’s your meal plan” kind of thing.. We want to know what a typical day is like for you, any specific cravings you have often, sleep duration and quality, stress levels, past history with nutrition and dieting, medications and supplements, etc. 

Our questions are designed to give us a clear picture of where you are now. Then, we’ll talk about what you want to accomplish and your ultimate goals. Our job is to help you bridge that gap between where you are now and where you want to be using the right nutrition designed for your body and your lifestyle. 

What we won’t do is just hand you a meal plan and say “eat this.” We’re also not going to sell you any products, pills, appetite suppressants, or supplements. Instead, we’ll give you new and fresh ideas, teach you the “why” behind our recommendations, and get you living your best life!

We extend Online Diet Plans & Diet Consultation that are motivational enough to help you overcome your attitudes, emotions, habits and behaviour underlying overeating, less eating or other unhealthy behaviours.

We proudly boast to provide the best Online Weight Loss Program in India.

Our Team, under our Chief Nutritionist Shivani Sikri, is committed to providing simple, practical and effective nutrition and dietary consultancy which is specifically tailored according to physical and mental status and keeping in mind your daily routine so that our individual clients can follow up their plans effectively and efficiently. As a result they benefit better health and can maximise their

“VERVE” – The energy for living..!



Our Popular Programs

" The purpose is to get healthy, not skinny & maintain a healthy lifestyle "
Weight Loss Diet Plans India

Weight Loss
Diet Plans

Comprehensive & Customised Weight Loss Program for Weight and Inch Loss or having Lifestyle Diseases or elementary Medical conditions.
We bring in the right combinations of food strategies with Indian, International or Fusion Diet Regimes, with easy to follow diet plans, home cooked food and our secret tips & tricks, so that you get the optimum and sustainable weight loss.

Indian Keto Diet Plans

Advance Keto
Diet Plans

Keto Diets are very effective for weight loss. But it's not "One Diet that fits all..!" We provide fully Customised Advance Indian Versions of Keto Diets (Veg & Non-Veg) as one of the most effective ways to reduce body fat percentage. Our Keto Diets are well customised so that your body gradually & progressively goes into “Ketosis” and your body starts using “Fat as a Fuel”.

PCOS PCOD Diet Plans

Diet Plans

We have our forte in providing specially crafted diet plans for PCOD.
We very well understand that PCOD is not a disease per se. It's only a Lifestyle Imbalance arising due to unhealthy eating habits, lethargic lifestyle leading to metabolic disturbances. Our Distinctive PCOD diet plans target these hormonal imbalances with right food macros and micros to treat PCOD most naturally.

Therapeutic Diet Plans

Diet Plans

Our Specific & Targeted Therapeutic Diet Plans spans for Medical conditions like Diabetes, Thyroid, Blood Pressure Imbalances, Cholesterol & Lipid Imbalances, Gut Health, Gluten Intolerance, Skin Disorders, Heart Ailments etc.
Our Therapeutic Diets balances the intake of specific foods or nutrients so that they become a part of your lifestyle keeping medical conditions at bay.

Pregnancy Diet Plans

Diet Plans

Our Pregnancy Diets targets right from your "thought of planning" to bring a new life in this world, your intent for assistance & resolve non-pregnancy due to extra weight, up-till your post pregnancy weight management and re-shaping. Our Pre-natal and Post-natal Nutrition & Weight management diet plans help you meet all your pregnancy related diets and staged nutritional requirements.

Gluten Free Diet Plans

Gluten Free
Diet Plans

A gluten-free diet involves excluding foods that contain the protein "Gluten" from Grains like Wheat, Barley, Rye.
Our Gluten Free Diet Plans targets conditions including Gluten Sensitivity, Gluten Allergy or Severe Conditions of Celiac Disease. Our Gluten Free Weight Loss Diets gives plenty of food options thereby targeting Gluten related problems.


Our Programs for Specific Needs

Diabetes Diet Plans

Diabetes Diet Plans

Thyroid Diet Plans

Thyroid Diet Plans

Intermittent Fasting Diet Plans

Intermittent Diet Plans

Children Diet Plans

Young Kids Diet Plans


Top Dietitian & Nutritionist in Delhi India 

Shivani Sikri

Chief Nutritionist & Wellness Specialist

Dietician Shivani Sikri

Shivani Sikri is the the Best Dietitian & Nutritionist in Delhi NCR India. She is an Internationally Renowned Nutritionist for Online Weight Loss Diet Programs.

” Tell me how much you want to lose, and I’ll design a day-by-day program just for you – based on your body, lifestyle, therapeutic conditions, genetics and weight loss goals…

I believe in Total & Holistic Nutrition and right combinations of food, through which you can lose your extra body fat and be in good shape.”

Shivani Sikri

Co Founder & Chief Nutritionist, Nutri4Verve

Nutri4Verve Diet App

Our Compassion to help you meet your Weight Management Goals & lead Healthier Lifestyle is made easy with Our Incredible User-Friendly NUTRI4VERVE APP on your Mobile

Nutri4Verve APP Mobile Weight Loss Diet Plans

Once You subscribe, Get Exclusive Access to your Fully Customised Diet Plans as per your specific personal needs, direct access to loads of Healthier Recipes, Exercise videos, Blogs and much more..! 

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Our Unique & Customised Diet Plans can help you

Lose Weight from Home with Top Nutritionists


As You Want It​

We provide you with healthy eating diet plans according to your lifestyle, your office or home schedules, your eating habits, your meal preferences, your eating timings i.e. they are totally customised as per your needs..

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90 Days to Transformation

Start working on your body today, and with our unique personalised diet programs, in 90 days you will see a totally different person in the mirror!

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Online Diet Consultation

You get online diet consultation with easy to follow diet plans & complete support from our experts through Phone, Skype, WhatsApp etc. whenever you need it. So you need not visit us anytime!

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Only home Cooked Food

  • NO Starving.
  • NO Pills.
  • NO Visits.
  • NO Chemicals.
  • NO Liposuction.

Just enjoy our Weight Management Diets and lose weight quickly.. !!

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What We Believe

Every person somehow learns how to lose weight – through online search, unwarranted advices from friends or colleagues or free diet plans on internet – but these diet plans do not work in long run and your weight bounces back to original. Thus for a sustained weight loss, one has to understand a range of parameters like the body type, blood group, physical and biological ailments, eating habits etc. Our Top Online Dietitians and Nutritionists, through her effective and easy to follow diet plans, can help you lose weight with sustained results.

Are you tired of trying various random diets and still not loosing weight? Or lost weight but regained  because you might not have learned the tricks for “your” body type !

The time has come to learn to eat right and not follow a diet to lose weight.


You have come to the right place for Online Diet Consultation. 

Your Online Dietitian near me..

Our simple and easy to follow diet plans include – no complicated diets, no crash diets or fake capsules – you eat food straight from your kitchen. We also factor in your Travel Plans, your Socialising habits, work schedules etc while designing your plans. We simply correct your eating habits and food intake timings and right combinations of food nutrients for a balance diet.

You get our Fully Customised Diet Plans with Dedicated support from our team with Daily Food Tracker so that you can Lose Weight Quick & Safe, Simple..!

Our Diet experts believes in holistic total nutrition and healthy balanced diets as well as are very well learned and trained with various modified Indian & International Diet Regime. We never hesitate to give you latest diet but modify it to a healthier versions for you.

Our strategically and scientifically modified Best Online Diet Plans helps you to loose fat and maintain good muscle mass, makes you fitter, healthier and stronger..! After all getting lean is not just the motive !

We work deeper in to nutrition keeping in mind right strategies, combinations, your body needs and requirements and above all your feasibility.


We Make People Healthier & Happier across the Globe..!

With over 10 years of experience in Online Diet Programs, our Clients include Doctors, Dentists, Radiologists, Pilots, Cabin Crew, Army Personnel, Teacher, Celebrities, Home Makers, Advocates,  IT Experts, Students and any many more..

We have our fully satisfied Client base from Delhi – South Delhi , West Delhi , North Delhi – Gurgaon , Noida, Faridabad, Greater Noida , Mumbai , Pune , Bangalore , Chennai , Hyderabad, Kolkata, a lot of cities of Punjab , Uttarakhand, Assam, etc. 

COUNTRIES including USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland,  UAE (Dubai), Saudi Arabia, Qatar, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal and many more…


Awards & Accolades

Our Hard Work & Dedication along with Affection of Our Clients Paid Well


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** Disclaimer: All above testimonial notes are inputs from respective Clients and are placed as it is.. The results are based on their specific diet plans whose results differ from person to person.

** Disclaimer: All above testimonial notes are inputs from respective Clients and are placed as it is.. The results are based on their specific diet plans whose results differ from person to person.

** Disclaimer: All above testimonial notes are inputs from respective Clients and are placed as it is.. The results are based on their specific diet plans whose results differ from person to person.

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Our Range of Indian Diet Plans

Online Dietitian in Delhi India

  • Diet Plans for Weight Loss
  • Diet Plans for Weight Gain
  • Diet Plans during Pregnancy
  • Diet Plans for Post Pregnancy
  • Diet Plans for Diabetics
  • Diet Plans for Hypothyroid
  • Diet Plans for Thyroid
  • Diet Plans for Hyperthyroid
  • Diet Plans for Quick Weight Loss
  • Diet Plans for Pre Wedding
  • Keto Diet Plans
  • Paleo Diet Plans
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Diet Plan for PCOD / PCOS
  • Diet Plans for Gluten Allergy
  • Diet Plans for Osteoporosis
  • Diet Plans for Menopause
  • Diet Plan for Blood Pressure
  • Diet Plan for Constipation
  • Diet Plan for Depression
  • Diet Plan for Diabetes
  • Diet Plan for Fatty Liver
  • Diet Plan for Insomnia
  • Diet Plan for Jaundice
  • Diet Plan for Kidney Stones
  • Diet Plan for Lipedema
  • Best Deitician in Delhi

Frequently Asked Questions : Dietitian in Delhi INDIA

Shivani Sikri is the the best dietitian in Delhi NCR India. She is an internationally renowned nutritionist for Online Weight Loss Diet programs. She has won various awards and accolades to her credit. Shivani Sikri has more than a Decade of experience. She excels in Online Weight Loss Diet Plans for Quick Weight Loss through Fully Customised  Diet Programs. She provides diet plans for Quick weight Loss, Pre and Post Pregnancy, PCOS / PCOD, Thyroid, Diabetes, Cholesterol etc and other Therapeutic conditions. Shivani Sikri also excel in  online diet consultation for International Diet Regimes. 

No. Dietician is not the Doctor. Similarly, a Dietician / nutritionist is not a doctor. They both have their separate specialisations in their respective fields. A Dietician / Nutritionist can prevent you going to a Doctor. A Doctor can never be a nutritionist unless he has done a specialised course in Clinical Nutrition.

Technically, the right qualification – minimum  Post Graduation / MSc in Dietetics or similar – is a must for a qualified Nutritionist /Dietician. The passion for health and food to to keep themselves updated and a sense of empathy to help others for right foods makes a good nutritionist / Dietitian.  

Just Google Nutri4Verve or Shivani Sikri to find the best dietician in your city or nutritionist near me. Nutri4Verve provides personalised online diet programs with dedicated  support from team of nutritionists & experts through WhatsApp, Email , regular Telephonic conversations with additional support from their mobile APP – Nutri4Verve APP available on Google Play Store and Apple APP Store

First and Foremost – There is no shortcut to weight loss. You have to be dedicated and supported by the right team of experts to lose weight in the right way. Only a customised &  personal diet plan made for your body type can help you lose weight without losing your energy levels. Google Searched generic diet plans never help you in long run. The Nutritionist / Dietician should support you, motivate and mentor you on regular basis for desired results.

Yes, one should always seek professional / expert guidance to lose weight as there are many significant factors like medical conditions, metabolic type, genetics etc. which influence and determine the choice of effective diet strategy for your body type and to save you from any unwanted side effects of Yo Yo diets.

Dietician / Nutrition will always suggest you to get a complete body blood test done along with your Body Composition Analysis (BCA) before recommending any diet.  Dietitian will accordingly recommend diet based on macro and micro nutrients which is calorie counted required by your body type. In general, it is advised to take home cooked balanced diet meals with sufficient intake of fibre, anti oxidants and water.

There are multiple therapies for weight loss but  there is no ONE best therapy or formula for effective weight loss. One Shoes does not fit all.! There are multiple diet strategies to weight loss which cater to different body profiles and medical ailments.

Nutri4verve has more than 10 years of experience in providing Online Diet Programs with best results in the industry. 

Just Google Nutri4Verve or Shivani Sikri to find the best dietician in your city or nutritionist near me. Nutri4Verve provides personalised online diet programs with dedicated  support from team of nutritionists & experts through WhatsApp, Email , regular Telephonic conversations with additional support from their mobile APP – Nutri4Verve APP available on Google Play Store and Apple APP Store. 

Yes, Nutri4Verve team of expert nutritionists can help you through telephonic conversations on Mobile calls, WhatsApp call  or through BOTIM. We have clients from across the world covering 5 Continents.

During a diet consultation, the nutritionist / dietician will ask about your medical history, current medical conditions, your  food preferences  lifestyle requirements, stress levels, gut health, body composition analysis, etc. Based on this information, the diet plan is customised for you to religiously follow. Subsequently regular updates and followup are done by the team to keep you motivated and an on track to achieve your goals at the earliest.  

Simply avoid those dieticians or nutritionist who simply copy paste diets and do not provide customised diet plans. Top dieticians always give diet as per your requirements and not as per their convenience. Choose the top dietician who have significant experience and expertise with your medical requirements. They should have good client base and positive client reviews.

Newbee dieticians may charge 500 to 1500 per consultations. Best Dieticians and nutritionists who have good experience can charge anything from Rs 15000 to Rs. 3 Lakhs for their programs. 

Not all dieticians or nutritionist can give you desired results mainly because they do not have proper and significant experiences. Fitness trainers/ or product sellers are not dieticians and so avoid their diet regimes. Always choose Dietitian who can handle your medical conditions properly.

The best ways to lose weight as a dietician are 

1 Avoid high Carbs and increase fiber intake
2 Prefer eating more proteins
3 Do not shy away from good fats
4 Avoid Fried and Packed foods
5 Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
6 Do your basic exercises or weight training
7 Keep a check on the total calories taken during the day 

You can take your Dietitian  consultation Online on Phone and through our Nutri4Verve APP. Our Free Diet Consultation is given through telephonic call. You can fix an appointment wherein our expert nutritionist will also guide you about the Nutri4Verve Diet programs 

About Top Nutritionist in Delhi India

Nutri4Verve : Online Weight Loss Diet Clinic in Delhi – Best Dietitian in Delhi

No.1 Nutritionist in India  helps you to slim & stay healthy with the help of effective diet programs or diet plans with Top nutrition and dietetics Experts.

Shivani Sikri is one of the best Nutritionist – Best Dietician in Delhi who provides you with best Online diet Programs, who helps you to get your body in good & healthy shape with is help of diet plans which suites to your body. You are in best registered dietitian nutritionists.

Prime and Famous Diet Plans options includes Weight loss Diet or Diet for Weight Loss, Pregnancy Diet Plans and Post Pregnancy diets, Diet for Overweight Kids.

Diet Plans include Indian Version of Keto Diet plans, Paleo Diet Plans, Intermittent Fasting etc.

You get the Right Combinations of food and nutrition. All our Programs are supervised practice experts through food service management. Our accredited programs are best for you. you get the highest level of food service management without any fancy nutrition products. 

Ask for Weight Loss Diet Charts and Diet Plans Online from Best Dietitian in South Delhi

Our Online Nutritionist provide Diet Consultation with our Best Dietitian for Delhi NCR and across India.

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