Gluten: Advantages and Disadvantages

Focus on gluten What is it ? Although gluten contains lipids (5 to 10%), carbohydrates and minerals, most of its constituents are protein compounds (75 to 85%). More specifically, it is the insoluble protein fraction that is obtained by removing the starch and soluble constituents of the cereal grain. This protein complex can be divided into two large fractions by their solubility in water / alcohol solutions: soluble prolamins and insoluble glutenins. Where is gluten found? These proteins are naturally present in the main cereal… Read More »Gluten: Advantages and Disadvantages

Free Navratra Diet plan

Free Navratri Diet Plan | Navratri Fasting : Facts & Benefits

Navratri (Nav- nine; Ratri- Nights) also called Durga Pooja is done to worship the nine divine forms of DEVI. It is a time of religious reflection and fasting. So follow Free Navratri Diet Plan and gain the blessing of Devi. Basis of Fasting / Navratri Diet During fasting, people follow a strict vegetarian diet and do not consume alcohol. Free Navratri Diet Plans Fruits and vegetables are allowed during Navratri for people who are on fast but not Wheat flour. Some people abstain from consuming onion… Read More »Free Navratri Diet Plan | Navratri Fasting : Facts & Benefits

Gluten free food

Indian Gluten Free Diet: Definition, Benefits and Dangers

What is gluten-free diet? Gluten is a protein, it is found in particular wheat and multiple cereals such as barley and rye. As a result, gluten is also present in a wide range of food products that include a dough (eg bread, pizzas etc …) or flour. Gluten offers a variety of functional and practical properties (eg, malleability and good performance). Thus, “gluten-free” means practically having a gluten-free diet, that is, you avoid ALL foods that may contain gluten (such as bread and pasta). A… Read More »Indian Gluten Free Diet: Definition, Benefits and Dangers