Benefits of Spinach : How Spinach is a Real Antioxidant

Contrary to popular belief, spinach is not the best source of iron. But the light in calories, rich in vitamins and other antioxidant compounds, these green vegetables are overflowing with benefits. Let’s enjoy this guide of benefits of spinach!


  1. It helps keep good eyesight
  2. It helps fight fatigue
  3. Spinach looks good
  4. It is rich in chlorophyll, fiber and folate
  5. When should you avoid consuming it?
  6. Three foods to pair with spinach
  7. Selection of recipes with spinach

Spinach helps keep good eyesight

This leafy green vegetable contains carotenoids , lutein and zeaxanthin , the consumption of which is associated with a lower risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) .

“A portion of spinach covers 100% of the daily needs in these antioxidants which also limit the risks of developing a cataract or retinitis pigmentosa”, specifies the expert dieticians.

It helps fight fatigue

It contains 2 to 3 mg of iron per 100 g depending on whether it is raw or cooked, 50 to 69 mg / 100 g of magnesium and 39 mg of vitamin C when raw: “These three substances are useful for providing micronutrients that boost the body and strengthen its natural defences, ” says the dietician.

Spinach looks good

Thanks to the beta-carotene they contain, it helps to naturally prepare your skin for the sun .


“A portion of spinach, depending on whether you eat them raw or cooked, covers 25 to 100% of the daily needs for beta-carotene,” explains the dietician.

It is rich in chlorophyll, fibre and folate

Not only are they low in calories ( 36 kcal / 200 g), but they are an excellent source of chlorophyll, fiber and folate.

They are a source of fiber: With more than 3 g per 100 g, gently regulates intestinal transit and digests, moreover, very easily, provided that you do not add fresh cream!

Contain chlorophyll: This pigment, present in all green vegetables, promotes good detoxification of the body and helps fight against bloating.

They are rich in folate (Vit. B9): this vitamin is essential to prevent, in the fetus, malformations of the nervous system. One serving can cover 30% of daily needs.

When should you avoid consuming it?

If you have kidney stones. It is rich in oxalates hence compounds that can cause a stone attack.

If you are taking blood thinners (anti-vit K). Avoid consuming large quantities, because they provide a lot of vitamin K, which plays an essential role in blood clotting.

Three foods to pair with spinach

Raisins which contain polyphenols, protecting the heart: they are simply sprinkled on a pan of spinach to give it a little sweet and savory touch. Cod is a lean fish that provides antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.

 Lemon rich in vitamin C: It squeezes spinach to promote the absorption of iron.


Selection of recipes with spinach

  • Spinach-Ricotta Cigars: A vegetarian and gluten-free recipe.
  • Shrimp skewer and salad: A recipe that promotes good blood circulation.
  • Spinach and scallop tart: An anti-muscle cramp recipe.
  • Spinach and raw ham omelette: Recipe that promotes good bone health.

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