Mediterranean diet : 6 keys to lower your cholesterol

Mediterranean diet : 6 keys to lower cholesterol When you have too high cholesterol , changing your eating habits is essential. The objective: to get as close as possible to the Mediterranean diet. Summary for Mediterranean diet : 6 keys to lower cholesterol 1. Give pride of place to fibers 2. Focus on antioxidants 3. Watch your omega-3 intake 4. Prefer lean meats 5. Select the right dairy products 6. Moderate sugar “By making the right food choices, we can act on the” cholesterol parameter… Read More »Mediterranean diet : 6 keys to lower your cholesterol


The Potato: your ally for the winter

Potato a wealth of benefits With water, fried, hash brown or gratin, the potato, in all its forms, delights the taste buds of children as well as those of adults. In addition to having good taste, it has many nutritional properties. To take full advantage of it, read our article.. Summary A variable caloric intake depending on the method of preparation The potato: a vegetable or a starchy food? The potato, a wealth of benefits Pay attention to the storage of potatoes! Three things to… Read More »The Potato: your ally for the winter

Keto without breaking the bank


Low Cost Keto Diet : without breaking the bank – Don’t spend a lot of money on Keto Diet Some ideas for adopting keto food without spending a lot of money If you’re not used to eating organic and fresh, or buying coconut oil or almond powder (the course of which has risen recently), adopting keto feed can be scary. Low Cost Keto Diet: HOW TO AVOID RUINING YOURSELF? 1 .GET ORGANIZED Often, when you want to make a recipe, one ingredient is missing. This… Read More »LOW COST KETO DIET : WITHOUT SPENDING A LOT OF MONEY

paleo diet

The complete guide to the Paleo Diet

If you do not know it yet, to follow the Paleo Diet you must: -> To live in a cave -> Give up all modern comfort -> and eat only raw meat You will have the result of being strong and thin indeed, but also to have a life expectancy of 30 years. Well, if it sounds ridiculous to you, know that there are still many people who think it’s true. Even if the Paleo regime “landed” in France (and other European countries), around 2011,… Read More »The complete guide to the Paleo Diet

Fasting Method

Fasting Method in Intermittent: How to slim down with IF

Fasting Method in Intermittent: How to slim down with intermittent fasting The benefits of Intermittent fasting without all the constraints. This is the challenge of fasting (intermittent fasting in English), a very flexible program that skill fully combines complete caloric restrictions and gourmet meals. With the key, a weight loss and an Olympic form.  What is the Fasting method in Intermittent? The basic principle of intermittent fasting ? Do not eat anything (but continue to drink especially) for a certain period of time, depending on… Read More »Fasting Method in Intermittent: How to slim down with IF


The (very) complete guide to intermittent fasting

The (very) complete guide to intermittent fasting Let’s be honest, the first time we hear about fasting, it’s FEAR! And yet, when we start to take an interest in ketogenic food, we see it coming from everywhere! We hear intermittent fasting, OMAD, 16: 8, among others. Little by little we are overwhelmed by the sad impression that we need a doctorate to be able to understand all that. And as if it was not complicated enough we can remember all that we have heard so… Read More »The (very) complete guide to intermittent fasting


Intermittent fasting for beginners

Intermittent fasting for beginners Do you hesitate to start intermittent fasting to lose weight or improve your health? This comprehensive guide will allow you to answer the many questions you have. I will first reassure you by saying that yes, fasting can really help you lose weight and improve your health, you have chosen the right method. To put the odds on your side and succeed in your life change, I will share with you the key points you need to know before you start.… Read More »Intermittent fasting for beginners

Eat fat to lose weight, the credo of the ketogenic diet

Eat Fat To Lose Weight on Ketogenic Diet

Get to know how to Eat fat to lose weight – quick and fast, a typical day under keto diet. Low in carbohydrates and enriched in fat (or fat), the ketogenic diet is based on the principle that the body will tap into its fat reserves to produce energy.

Ten rules to reach the state of ketosis

Ten Rules to Ketosis : How To Achieve The State of Ketosis

The state of ketosis is binary, either it has been reached or it has not been reached. If the body produces ketones, it is because it is in the ketogenic mode and burns the lipids first. We can compare this state to pregnancy, either we are pregnant or we are not pregnant; we are not “a little pregnant”, as we are not “a little in ketosis”