What are the advantages of aquatic yoga?

What if you replicated the natural movements of water by rippling quite a fish? the thanks to balancing body and mind, to relax while regaining energy … Discover aquatic yoga, a recent discipline.


Based on the wave method

Water has two essential movements: the ripple and thus the spiral. The person , made from 70% water, is actually inhabited by these two movements, and aquatic yoga proposes to breed them in water. “

A practice that borrows certain postures from yoga but also the design for balance between body and mind, work on concentration, breathing and breathing. The foremost experienced can go as far as meditative practice.

How does an aquatic yoga session take place?

In practice, we discover how alittle movement performed by one an area of the body (trunk, head, fingers, etc.) is sufficient to impart a worldwide movement to the entire body: that we wave on the stomach quite a wave, or that one activates oneself (in a lying position) quite a spiral.

“Exercises which require a deep relaxation of the body,” say experts. It also involves considering the arms and legs as an easy extension of the trunk. “

Being able to remain underwater for an extended time

Also essential: controlling your breathing, especially your exhalation, so you’ll stay underwater for an extended time. “The work is completed alternately underwater and on its surface, with a diving mask, during a foothold nearly always lying down. We’ll sometimes find ourselves in an upright position as once we reproduce the ripple of candlelight. “

“I complete my sessions by learning traditional swims (breaststroke, crawl, back crawl) revisited with a replacement body awareness and with particular attention paid to the spine, never twisting. “

What are the benefits?

By noting that a little movement is reflected within the whole body, we develop a fine perception of every an area of our anatomy. Additionally, the breath improves and thus the spine is strengthened while becoming more flexible. Body and mind are relaxed but also energized: the spine constituting, with the medulla spinalis , an important nerve center.

“We finally learn to behave differently,” say experts. it is not about obeying what we are asked to undertake to but to act consistently with our personal bodily sensations.

1. Improves the standard of lifetime of the obese:

Aquatic Yoga has been shown to be effective in improving the standard of lifetime of an obese person in terms of 5 perspectives.

They are: physical functioning, general health, social functioning, psychological state , and health transition

Weight reduction is that the main goal in obesity management. this is often so as to take care of adequate weight for health, reduce excess stress placed on the joints; also as reduce the danger of heart diseases resulting from obesity, like atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, myocardial infarct . Heart diseases could prove fatal to health if left unchecked.

Experts suggest that swimming bath workouts burn more calories during a shorter period of your time. Losing weight are often fun and fewer stressful for joints with aquatic exercises.

2. Rehabilitation of athletic injuries

Aqua Yoga is beneficial to athletes in returning their body to normal functioning after they sustain injuries either to the bone, ligaments or tendons within the body.

3. Useful within the rehabilitation of mild to moderate heart failure

Aqua Yoga contributes positively to blood flow within the body. Blood flow is critical to the proper functioning of the body because it’s that the medium and carriage for oxygen and nutrients which fuels the body organs, tissues, and cells to carry out their functions efficiently and effectively.

Aquatic Yoga reduces the stress and anxiety which pre-dispose one to possess insomnia there by improving our sleep, and also reduces pain which may keep someone up for long and long and allows the brain to be more focused on telling the body to nod off .

After performing Aqua Yoga, you’ll surely sleep sort of a baby because it’ll calm your mind and emotions which are some benefits.

4. Improve lung system

The lung is a crucial organ necessary for breathing, without which it’ll be impossible for man to require in oxygen and provides out CO2. Aqua Yoga is beneficial to patients with heart problems like a congestive cardiac failure by helping them tone and strengthens their lungs in water.

The density of water provides a secure environment for gentle strengthening of our breathing muscles.

Additionally, aquatic Yoga offers us both physical as well as mental advantages. Within the water, we cultivate length in our muscles for sure. It gives us good core strength and postural control which helps with the body alignment. It also improves the capacity of balance receptors within the body and lowering the danger of falling down.

On the deeper level, it helps the mind to relax and also the chi(life force) within us flow uninterrupted, thereby relieving anxiety and stress.

Lastly, Aqua Yoga can assist you to find balance, emotionally, mentally and physically. It’s a complete mind-body workout that mixes strengthening and stretching poses, movements with deep breathing and meditation.

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