The 10 Mistakes in Keto Diet – Indians Usually make

10 Mistakes in Keto Diet which Indians usually make are very basic but are mostly neglected. Starting the Indian ketogenic diet can be stress! We must change our eating habits; we constantly wonder if we do things right. To relax a little, we are nice, in addition to basic advice, we give you the 10 essential precautions to start with ketogenic diet to be sure not to do too much nonsense at first!

Summary : 10 Mistakes in Keto Diet

  1. Too much attention to the scales
  2. Be afraid of fat - forget the purpose of the ketogenic diet
  3. Eating the bad fats - hydrogenated fatty acids
  4. Thinking in the short term
  5. Confuse carbohydrates and sugar
  6. Forgetting its electrolytes and its hydration
  7. Do not do your research
  8. Do not listen to his body
  9. Stress
  10. Do not sleep enough

1 – Too much attention to the scales

Let’s be honest, most of the time, when you come to ketogenic food, it’s to lose weight! But in practice, improving one’s health through the keto can take many different forms. Better energy, better measurements, better morale, etc. If more is exercised, muscle gain can completely offset the loss of fat on the scale. Not to mention that the loss of fat is not linear: some will lose immediately, some will start to lose after a few days or weeks, and almost everyone will experience periods of plateau that can range from a few days to a few weeks is NORMAL

Our advice: Do not stress yourself and focus on adopting good practices . You are also free to take your measurements and monitor the evolution of them, often it is an indicator much better than the weight. This is the foremost 10 Mistakes in Keto Diet

2 – Be afraid of fat – forget the purpose of the Indian ketogenic diet

We have all heard, all our life, that fat is not good, that it will make us fat, that it will kill us. And even when you attack the keto, it’s hard to lose that mental reflex. As a result, one may tend not to eat enough fat in one’s diet initially, while the goal is to increase fat intake to get the body used to using it as a source of energy !

3 – Eating the bad fats – hydrogenated fatty acids

In ketogenic nutrition, we try to focus on animal fats, for their high content of saturated fatty acids having a positive effect on the reduction of inflammation. On the other hand, we will absolutely try to avoid the oils of cereals or flowers (rich in Omega-6, source of inflammation), and even more the hydrogenated fatty acids (refined fats, dangerous for the heart and the circulation). So exit the margarine (to banish) and your sunflower or rapeseed oil.

4 – Thinking in the short term

It can not be said enough: ketogenic nutrition is a marathon, not a sprint. We are not here to go on a diet. We are here to get better health through our diet .

So, we do not stress because we have not lost weight. We do not give up everything because we cracked for the pizza party with friends. Instead, we accept that on any long journey, there are small defects, small errors. And then, we take the good habits, because we know that we are trying to change lives. So Prevent this important 10 Mistakes in Keto Diet

5 – Confuse carbohydrates and sugar

keto diet mistake
Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay

We return to the most down to earth! It’s based on the experience but several times the people we follow have sent us the picture of the label of a particular product saying: “It’s good for the keto no? There is not even 1g of sugar in it! ” All this to see that, yes, 1g of sugar, but 40g of carbohydrates!

In France, we are talking about fast sugars and slow sugars, and carbohydrates are the family that includes all these sugars! So when we look at the labels to know how this or that food can be integrated into our diet, we look at the line CARBOHLES, it is with this that we must count

6 – Forgetting its electrolytes and its hydration

The electrolytes are minerals for conducting the electrical signals in our body. The most classic in the diet are sodium, potassium and magnesium . And running out of it leads to all the unpleasant symptoms of keto flu . In ketogenic feeding, we tend to keep less water in the body, and thus lose electrolytes with it. We must therefore be careful to consume enough. And of course to drink regularly to stay well hydrated

For sodium, simple, just be careful about eating enough salty. For potassium and magnesium, favor foods rich in these electrolytes, such as avocado or spinach. There are plenty of others, just do some research….. and prevent 10 Mistakes in Keto Diet

7 – Do not do your research

In ketogenic nutrition, it goes against almost all traditional advice in nutrition. So it’s very important to know why we do it: the answer can not just be “Because I’m people on the internet who do it. ยจ: p

Take all the advice you get with a bit of skepticism, do your research, read books, read studies . KNOW why you are doing this. First, it’s the best source of motivation possible. In two, it will allow you to be more sure of yourself in what you undertake

8 – Do not listen to his body

The ketogenic diet functioning mainly at the hormonal level, it means that little by little, we can start to trust each other again, to listen to his feelings of hunger or satiety. Yeah, all of this is mainly driven by hormones, more than by the will .

Therefore it is important to choose a diet that suits us. That is to say, not to eat simply because it is time when you do not feel especially hungry. Where, conversely, do not eat when you are hungry after a big session because “we have already eaten enough today”.

We listen and we trust each other! No need to stress yourself.

9 – Stress

On one, the stress is unpleasant. In two, stress generates a surplus of a hormone called cortisol. We are not going to do a course on the subject (right now ), but in general, know that having surplus disrupts your mechanisms of appetite and fat storage (among other unpleasant effects). It’s nerd, that’s exactly what we’re trying to fix.

Better to attack this way of life in a relaxed way, by allowing small mistakes and learning along the way. If you strive to do everything right from the start, you risk being counterproductive (and not enjoying the trip . Imperfect and Zen, it will always be better than “Never well enough” and stressed

10 – Do not sleep enough

Dodo is like fat: it’s life. To lack sleep has a devastating effect on our form, our vitality, our will, and even our intelligence. And incidentally, it also promotes fat intake.

So we try to bring each day to our body the rest that it needs and deserves. That’s how we start the next day on the right foot. Hence by following above rules and advices, you can surely prevent 10 Mistakes in Keto Diet