Yoga Exercises against Stress and Negative emotions

Adopt the yoga of sound to seek out balance and harmony? We dare to dive into a vibratory sound bath to urge back on the trail to appeasement. Out loud. Here are some Yoga Exercises against stress and negative emotions.

Summary : Yoga Exercises against Stress

How does yoga of the voice work?

The body, transformed into an instrument of music composed of vowels and consonants related to yoga postures, regains a sense of uniqueness and well-being.

3 Misconceptions about the yoga of sound

You have to understand the way to sing right. Not within the least! The voice resonates in the body of formulas, the famous mantras. These are phonemes made from vowels and consonants. These bïjas mantras create vibrations which stimulate our energy centres.

You have to be excellent at yoga. No ability is required. The body and therefore the head harmonize to develop a quiet strength, necessary for inner well-being that doesn’t undergo physical performance.

It’s more spiritual than physical. we will approach this yoga for therapeutic purposes, to feel better. But its final vocation is to compile all that composes us, our energetic, mental and spiritual dimension. Experts say that it’s about moving “from the existential being that we are to the essential being.

How to practice voice yoga?

The yoga of sound “is not a yoga of effort, says experts, it’s a mild practice of letting go and harmony. But without effort doesn’t mean without discipline. you cannot put just any sound in only any posture. “


Better to be guided by an educator who adapts the exercises to our requests. But you’ll start practicing reception : the perfect would be to institute a ritual, for instance within the morning for 2 or three weeks and for a couple of minutes to find out .

We adopt slow, deep breathing that never goes all the way. We close our eyes during the exercises which must remain easy to measure with. and that we hand over if we discover an unpleasant posture.

  • On inspiration, we expect of sound (with one or two exceptions noted).
  • On the exhalation, it’s blown or it’s vibrated.

You’ve got such a lot to affect that you simply can’t get any sleep

Sound side. We come to what we should always have done, we will not find rest. We calm our thoughts by the sound “Mmmm” pronounced with the mouth closed. This sound vibrates the top to the fontanel and causes a smile that emerges on our face. This sound anchors us within the here and now. We do not plan anything, we enter a deep calm.

Posture side. you’ll practice this sound lying in bed, jaws relaxed, eyelids resting on the eyes, arms at your sides, you inhale deeply and on the exhale you whisper the sound “Mmmm” visualizing the middle of the forehead. We continue with normal breathing without sound and that we start again.

You are feeling dispersed, you’ll not know what’s priority and what not

Sound side. within the tumult of lifestyle , going towards a state of meditation allows you to relate to yourself. the alternatives are gradually becoming clearer. to try to to this, practice the sound “Iii” without making it vibrate, just blown on the time to exhale. it’s a rising sound that connects us to the sky, to what’s above us, we feel it from the within once we speak it.

Posture side. Lie down, raise your legs and buttocks, elbows on the ground, place your hands under your loins, toes up to the sky. Hold this

Yoga Exercises against stress

You’ve got the impression of always being in representation, of getting to play a task

Sound side. This attitude may be a defense, a protection, but it also turns into a straitjacket and takes us faraway from who we actually are. Pronounce the sound “Saouhhh”, its bass midrange will resonate in your heart to assist you discover your authenticity. The sound “Sa” allows negative emotions to flee while the “ouhhh” released on the exhale brings us back to our interiority. It allows you to seek out your home .

Posture side. Sitting on your knees, palms open on the knees, back straight, pronounce 12 “Saouhhh” and continue by gently tilting the top towards the bottom , the bust lying on the knees, arms alongside the body, forehead on the bottom as a symbol of humility. Hold this yoga mudra position for up to at least one minute

You’re taking the fly too easily, you get over excited for nothing

Yoga Exercises against stress

Sound side. To let this excessively strong emotional charge which resembles anger deflate, blow the sound “Che” within the exhale which empties completely. At an equivalent time, visualize the world of the liver which symbolically takes care of your negative emotions.

Posture side. Sitting cross-legged, hands resting on the diaphragm, rotate the bust to the proper on the inhale. Pronounce the sound “Che” on the exhale by returning to the axis while brushing the liver of the hands and pushing them forward, as if you wanted to expel the negative emotions it contains.

Yoga Exercises against stress

You go from overexcitement to depression, and the other way around without understanding why

Sound side. during this quite whirlwind, it’s an issue of bringing back the calm in oneself. Say the sound “Hûm” to reconnect with yourself. The sound “Hû” (the U is usually pronounced “Or” within the yoga of sound) is blown very deeply on the exhale, the “m” on which it ends allows to raised taste the tone.

Posture side. Sitting on a chair, feet flat on the ground , place both hands open, palms facing the sky on top of every other at the extent of your inner thighs. this enables you to shut this posture so as to be ready to conserve your energies. Gently close your eyes while you pronounce the sound “Hûm”.

You’re angry all the time albeit you do not externalize it

Sound side. attempt to abandoning of that emotion within the moment instead of holding it back once you feel it rising. Say the “Ha” sound 3 times during a row and endways the “U” sound.

Posture side. Sitting together with your back straight and palms of the hands open on the knees, breathe gently. Then, inhale through your nose and blow out the sound “Ha” 3 times during a row, inhale, then blow out the sound “U” very slowly. The body and therefore the face relax.

Scared of everything, you are feeling that it’s irrational

Sound side. Invite that diffuse worry to maneuver away in order that you’ll capture the positive again. Pronounce the sound “Tchiouh” sort of a jet of water that bursts and escapes. Inhaling, visualize your kidneys where fear is lodged, then empty them of the tensions that have accumulated there at an equivalent time as you suddenly let this sound leap out of your lips.

Posture side. Sitting on the sting of a chair, adopt the posture of a sphinx, elbows placed halfway on the knees while your forearms rest thereon , back rounded, head slightly raised. By pronouncing the sound “Tchiouh” you’ll feel on the inhale like two small ears which swell at the extent of the kidneys, then which empty with the discharge of the sound.

Yoga Exercises against stress

Feeling your body totally contracted while you are not making any effort

Sound side. Relax him with the sound “Ahhh” which induces a sigh of relief.

Posture side. Lie on the ground together with your arms at your sides and yawn several times. Contract your muscles for five seconds, then release them for five seconds while exhaling the sound “Ahhh”. during this alternation, start with the lower muscles (feet, legs, thighs), those within the middle (glutes, abs) and end with those of the upper body (fists, arms, neck, face).

You’re tired … even on weekends

Sound side. During the day you lose the maximum amount of energy as you gain. to stay it, inhale slowly together with your mouth open while visualizing the strength of a mountain or an ancient oak. Then let the air escape through the nose very slowly, contracting the larynx slightly in order that the flow of air makes a noise of friction on the vocal cords.

Posture side. Sitting on a chair, feet on the bottom, hands resting on the thighs palms within the sky, slightly contract the perineal zone on the exhalation of the sound while folding the fists while the lower abdomen returns to the spine when the sound lengthens.

Rushed by time, you are feeling such as you are always late

Sound side. to stay a touch distance from your actions, believe the sound “Aïm”. It makes the top resonate up to the fontanel and allows one to distance oneself from one’s mind.

Posture side. Adopt an inverted position that blocks the flow of thoughts, either the position of the candle or that of the clamp. Legs slightly bent, feet a touch apart, gently tilt the body and head forward, the hands coming towards the feet.

Yoga Exercises against stress

You doubt yourself, you are feeling such as you will never get there

Sound side. it’s about regaining confidence in yourself. Pronounce the sound “So’Ham”, it means “I am that”, how of asserting your identity. The sound “So” is lengthened and pronounced on the primary exhale, the “Ham” sound drier, is pronounced on the second exhale.

Posture side. Sitting on a chair, hands open on your knees, substitute front of an outsized opening to face the horizon. After having pronounced the “So’Ham”

aloud and making them vibrate, chain them without making them vibrate. Inhale the universe on the sound “So” and exhale towards the universe on the sound “Ham” by visualizing the accomplishment of your projects as if to materialize them.

You panic at the slightest thing that’s asked of you

Sound side. Free yourself from this sense of threat and regain internal security by pronouncing the sound “A-Ha”. Inhale the sound “A” and blow the sound “Ha”, they draw a smile on your face.

Posture side. Sitting cross-legged, back straight, hands behind the neck, inhale the “A” and blow the “Ha” by gently turning the chest to the proper, rest for a second without blocking your breathing, then come on your axis. Repeat two or 3 times before doing an equivalent left side. Finally, bring your hands back to the body and blow a “Haaa” of delight.

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