What to Eat and Drink in Diarrhea?

Eating well in case of diarrhea is essential to regain strength. Certain foods and drinks limit the occurrence of liquid stools, while others promote them. Experts tells us which ones to favor and which ones to avoid putting on her plate or in her glass. To follow to heal quickly! Here are some foods to Eat and Drink in Diarrhea.

Summary for Eat and Drink in Diarrhea

  1. What vegetables can we eat?
  2. We make the right choice of starchy foods
  3. We take cooked fruit
  4. We prefer lean meats and fish
  5. We eat raw fats
  6. We limit dairy products
  7. What do we drink?

In case of diarrhea, you must eat according to your hunger and in small quantities, but you must not stay ‘on an empty stomach’ or eat too often warns experts. Because, when we eat, intestinal peristalsis is triggered to release the transit, which causes a urge to have a bowel movement. Whether it is for vegetables, fruit, meat, fish or drinks, choosing what to put on your plate is essential.

“It is also important to avoid raw food ,so as not to take any bacterial risk, and to limit its intake of fibers which promote transit ”, specifies the dietician.

What vegetables can we eat?

We prefer cooked vegetables with soft fibers such as carrots, zucchini, squash, eggplant, sweet potatoes.

On the other hand, we avoid leek, cabbage, garlic, onion which promote bloating . No legumes (lentils, split peas …) either!

We make the right choice of starchy foods

If you are a fan of wholegrain pasta and rice, you forget about it during your diarrhea! Instead, we turn to rice and white pasta or steamed potatoes.

Eat and Drink in Diarrhea

“No fries, no sautéed potatoes or crisps,” says experts.

We take cooked fruit

We put on fruits cooked in compote for example, in baking papillote in the oven like apple, pear , quince, banana . “The latter can also be eaten simply crushed with a fork,” suggests the dietician. And we can combine fruit with compote: apple-quince, apple-banana… ”

It avoids the fig, dried fruit (prunes , apricots, grapes …), the nuts (walnut, hazelnut, pistachio …), red fruits that are rich in fiber.

We prefer lean meats and fish

“For a light digestion, we choose, preferably white meats like rabbit, cutlet or veal tenderloin, chicken or turkey breast, lean fish like cod, plaice, flounder, skate … ”, Suggests experts.

Eat and Drink in Diarrhea

You can also make a poached egg for example.

We avoid fatty meats which can quickly be disgusting and take longer to digest.

Eat raw fats

“We favor vegetable fats rather than animal fats , advises the dietician. And we eat them raw , at the rate of one teaspoon per meal. “

We limit dairy products

“The milk, the cheese contain the lactose which is an accelerator transit, warns dietician. So, during the diarrhea episode, we avoid them, except firm cheeses such as mimolette, emmental cheese, Comté… which can be eaten in small quantities. “

Once the diarrhea is over, yogurts can be taken to ‘repair the intestine’ thanks to the good bacteria and their probiotic effects . “A course of probiotics in the form of food supplements can also be taken to prevent diarrhea and, then, to reseed the intestine,” says the dietician.

What do we drink?

Stay Hydrated

“Water , of course!” says the dietician, and mineral to compensate for the loss of mineral salts, and digestive herbal teas such as those based on thyme, rosemary, fennel, peppermint , lemon balm or sage. And to mitigate any risk of dehydration, we drink up to 2 liters per day.



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