Indian Keto Diet

Lose Weight on Keto Diet by eating Fat- Full Guide

Get to know how to Eat fat to lose weight – quick and fast, a typical day under keto diet. Low in carbohydrates and enriched in fat (or fat), the ketogenic diet is based on the principle that the body will tap into its fat reserves to produce energy.

Ten rules to reach the state of ketosis.

Ten Rules to reach the state of Ketosis – Full Guide

The state of ketosis is binary, either it has been reached or it has not been reached. If the body produces ketones, it is because it is in the ketogenic mode and burns the lipids first. We can compare this state to pregnancy, either we are pregnant or we are not pregnant; we are not “a little pregnant”, as we are not “a little in ketosis”

The 10 Mistakes in Keto Diet – Indians Usually make

10 Mistakes in Keto Diet which Indians usually make are very basic but are mostly neglected. Starting the Indian ketogenic diet can be stress! We must change our eating habits; we constantly wonder if we do things right. To relax a little, we are nice, in addition to basic advice, we give you the 10 essential precautions to start with ketogenic diet to be sure not to do too much… Read More »The 10 Mistakes in Keto Diet – Indians Usually make