9 Ultimate Ways To Reduce Stress – Full guide

You must know, but stress is part of life. And although you can not always control the circumstances, there is always a way, a way to answer them correctly. When stress becomes very present in your daily life, it is very likely that it can harm your well-being and your health! That is why it is important to know the best solutions and methods to relieve this stress, to soothe your mind. Ways To Reduce Stress

It is important to diversify your methods and ways of relieving your stress, because yes, when you are at work you will not use the same ways to relieve your stress as when you are alone at home! So it is very important to know different ways to relieve it, and this is what we will see in this article.

Here are 9 ways to relieve stress

Be close to Buddhist symbols using an Incense Holder

Did you know that the Buddha is able to suppress your stress if you ask him gently? And yes, in this article we advise you to use a Buddha object, but not any one we advise you to get a door incense , representing the Buddha. Because yes, by his former power filled with incense, he will be able to send stress far away from you to get closer to positive energies ..

Guided imagery

What you need to know is that guided imagery is like taking a short vacation in your mind. It may be just imagining in a place that makes us happy, or even sitting on a beach listening to the pleasant sound of the waves, or to feel the warm sand under your feet.

In addition we advise you to close your eyes for a minute, and walk in your mind in a very peaceful scene. You must also think of several sensory experiences that you would do and strongly imagine that you live this scene. Wait a few minutes, and take the time to return to the present moment.


Ways To Reduce Stress

In the short term, meditation is able to provide real stress relief, but it also has lasting benefits over time for stress management! Just as there are many forms of meditation that you could try, but know that each is unique and brings its own benefit. You can take a few minutes every day to practice mindfulness meditation, to take the time to relax your mind and see other worlds.

Eat well

Having a healthy and balanced diet will allow you to better withstand stress, and therefore to reduce it gradually! It is important to reduce or ban frozen dishes, crisps, sweet cakes, alcohol, charcuterie … Favor, fresh vegetables and bios, quality meats and whole grains … A good diet will logically allow you to have a good digestion. And a good digestion will allow you to better use your energy … which will also strengthen your anti-stress barrier!

Progressive muscle relaxation

For starters, do you all know what progressive muscle relaxation is? This progressive muscle relaxation consists of relaxing all the muscles in your body, group by group. We strongly advise you, to start practicing this method, to start with some deep breaths.

Then train to contract and release each muscle group, starting at the top of your forehead and descending to your toes. With practice you will learn to recognize the tension in your muscles and you will be able to relax much more easily! With each practice of this method, you will feel an intense and indescribable relaxation.

Focus on breathing

And yes, just focusing on your breathing or even changing the way you breathe, and causing a real big difference in your overall stress level. Today, there are different breathing techniques that are able to calm your mind, your body and your brain in just a few minutes! And know that the best news is that no one around you will know how to practice this method.

Therefore, whether you are in a stressful meeting or alone at home, you can practice different breathing methods that will be the key to reducing your stress. Although indeed there are many breathing exercises, we will list a few: breathe through the nose and watch your belly fill with air, slowly count to three inspiring. Wait a second, then slowly exhale through the nose counting to three again. You can also breathe through the nose and imagine that you inhale the calm air. The key is just to imagine the best for you.

Take a tour

Exercise is a great way to relieve your stress! And yes, just a walk to take advantage of a change of scenery, which can bring you into a different state of mind, and can bring you many benefits. So whether you just need to take a walk in your office for a break, or when you decide to go for a walk in a park, walking is a great way to refresh your mind and body.


Aromatherapy is becoming more and more known in France, and it has real benefits to reduce stress. It can help you feel more energetic, more relaxed or more present in the moment. Several researches have shown that certain perfumes can alter the activity of the brain areas and thus reduce the stress hormones that are in the body. So if you like candles, diffusers or body products, you can consider incorporating some aromatherapy in your day.


What is good is that yoga is able to combine physical movement with meditation. Which offers excellent stress relief! In addition, yoga is a great way to receive many long-term benefits to overcome stress. They offer a very wide variety of physical, psychological and spiritual benefits. To begin, we advise you to take a course, register on an online program or use an application to help you practice directly at home.

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