Work stress: Learn to control your emotions

The knot in the stomach, palpitations, back pain… When faced with work stress, your response is above all emotional. Ultimately, this creates physical problems. The solution? Learn not to get carried away by your negative emotions.


  1. Your stress is above all emotional
  2. Relaxation above all
  3. Colleagues stop talking to you because of a promotion
  4. Your work weighs you down, and it makes you aggressive
  5. In long periods of work, you have neck, back pain
  6. Emotional stress: ways to relax

Four out of ten employees say they are stressed on a daily basis. 60% attribute this condition exclusively to work, according to a survey carried out for the National Agency for the Improvement of Living Conditions at Work in 2009. But each individual reacts differently. In you, stress is expressed in negative emotions.

Your stress is above all emotional

Already a student, approaching an exam made your stomach ache. “Physical signals are the warning signs of negative emotions,” says expert psychiatrists. It is a statement of failure. It is believed to be released by evacuating. In reality, negative emotion gives a false resolution to the problem. “

Relaxation above all

This emotional share of stress responds little to behavioural and cognitive therapies. A person overwhelmed by his emotions knows that he should not behave like this, but his emotion escapes his reasoning. Relaxation and distancing techniques, to be practiced daily, are more effective.

Good to know: It is possible to finance through the DIF (individual training right) individual coaching or mental preparation sessions, provided that they are organized by an approved company for training.

Colleagues stop talking to you because of a promotion

You have to accept this fact because you cannot change it: “I recognize that my colleagues may be jealous. It doesn’t make me happy, but it’s like that ”. In fact, you need to be reassured by a positive feedback from your professional circle, and your emotion results from this duality between “what I would like” and reality.

Move away mentally: Let your imagination visualize a certain number of situations which generated positive emotions, a good time between friends, your last vacation …

Your work weighs you down, and it makes you aggressive

Rather than getting stuck in your anger, ask yourself what you do in your work. Take stock of your “active share” at the end of the day. You helped one of your colleagues, you proposed a good idea during a meeting, you knew how to listen to others, you supported a project … No human being is made up of anger. Develop the other part in you.

In long periods of work, you have neck, back pain

Become aware of your body. Five minutes a day, focus your attention on all parts of your body, as if a spotlight were on them. Take advantage of the bus, metro or waiting room, and even walk.

It is between 12 and 3 p.m., or at the end of the day, around 6 p.m., that this mental exercise is most interesting. It induces a new emotional perception and a state of relaxation. And tell your leader or your team that you may need to reassess task sharing.

Emotional stress: Ways to relax

To better manage these overwhelming emotions on a daily basis,experts psychotherapists recommends acting in three directions.

  • Firstly, Use osteopathy : Effective for problems of tension, somatization, it allows to find a certain joint mobility.
  • Lastly, Opt for a diet adapted to this type of stress: magnesium for contracted muscles, vitamin B9 for energy, probiotics against stomach aches.


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