The detox cure to eliminate after the holidays

After the chain of festive and caloric menus, our body needs to take a break. To start this new year off right, take a detox cure after the holidays. Focus on foods that are easily digested and give a boost to the body’s garbage collection organs, especially the liver.


  1. Start the day after the holidays
  2. Unlimited vegetables and fruit after the holidays
  3. Reduce your portion of animal protein
  4. Stay hydrated all-day
  5. Our example of a detox menu for the start of the new year

The end of the year is conducive to celebration… with all the excesses that this entails. “When you have a fragile organism, it is the liver that suffers from the consumption of alcohol, fats, proteins and sugars. We then feel tired, exhausted, we suffer from migraines, pimples appear”, explain experts. These signs show us that our body cannot take it any more: it must be put to rest and “cleaned”. It is therefore interesting to follow a detox cure.

Start the day after the holidays

The goal is to find a healthy diet to purify and detoxify your body. You have to be very careful about what you put on your plate: eat light and light and focus on vegetables and fruits.

“To make up for the differences, the idea is to start a detox cure the day after the holidays, for a week or even ten days,” advises the experts. The later you start, the longer the course will take.

Unlimited vegetables and fruit after the holidays

The watchword: eat lots of vegetables, cooked or raw. Detox par excellence, they contain all the essential nutrients to eliminate: potassium which accelerates drainage, fibers which trap toxins and evacuate them in the stools, antioxidants which reduce inflammations and boost the emunctory organs ( liver, kidneys , intestines, skin and lungs).

Their fibers also nourish bacteria friendly to the intestinal flora, whose balance has been disturbed by the abuse of fats and proteinaceous holiday foods. We consume it with each meal, favoring the cooked, more digestible forms.

Avoid fat, replace butter and cream with vegetable oils, cook in the steam or in the oven. Choose the most draining vegetables , such as cabbage, broccoli, or even leek, fennel and onions if you don’t like cabbage.

Reduce your portion of animal protein

Animal products acidify the body and are, for some (cheeses, cold meats, fatty meats, etc.) rich in saturated fats that are difficult to digest. Reduce the portions, and “favor white fish, lean meats and lean yogurt ,” advises the experts. Also reserve starchy foods for lunch. “

Rather than using food supplements, vary your diet to give your body all the properties it needs.

Stay hydrated all-day

Hydrating well is dispensable to eliminate: it accelerates diuresis, thins the blood, drains water-soluble toxins and improves intestinal transit. So make sure to drink at least 1.5 to 2 litres per day, spreading consumption over the day and favouring water, infusions and tea.

To boost the detox, we start the day with the juice of 1/2 lemon in 1 glass of lukewarm water, and all day long we sip a mix of 1 l made with two-thirds of green tea, one third grape juice organic + the juice of 1 organic lemon. And, it goes without saying, you remove all alcoholic beverages, even wine.

Our example of a detox menu for the start of the new year

The detox cure to get your body back in shape after the excesses of New Year’s Eve is ideally to start the day after the holidays and to continue for seven days.

Every morning take half a glass of lemon juice if you don’t have stomach acid.

At lunch

  • Cook light dishes on this typical detox model:
  • As a starter: artichoke leaves, carrots and black radish;
  • As a main dish: a vegetarian plate (cereals, soy, legumes, etc.) or oven-grilled fish flavoured with Provencal herbs, served with seasonal vegetables;
  • for dessert, opt for a lean yoghurt and two kiwis (or two clementines).

At dinner

It is recommended to avoid starchy foods in the evening. If you want, take a slice of bread but no more. Dinner should be very light. The ideal is to eat a soup: it has everything to drain waste: water, soft fibres and minerals in shambles, but no fat or sugar. On the menu each evening: 1 to 2 large bowls, without adding starches or fats, and by varying the vegetables as much as possible so as not to tire.

During the day

Drink the mix made up of two thirds of green tea, one third organic grape juice + the juice of 1 organic lemon, or twice a day a juice of seasonal fruits and vegetables (beets or carrots).

“Act on your whole body by doing a little sport and go to the sauna or the hammam to eliminate excess and toxins”.


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