Obesity: Are we really fans of junk food?

Summary Loneliness promotes Junk Food “Isolation at mealtimes and lack of interest in cooking promotes junk food, analyzes experts. Certainly, we cook a little less and the number of meals taken outside is increasing. But our consumption habits do not vary much. Even in the workplace, we notice that people eat together. “ We are stronger together than alone However, it is easier to regulate with others than alone. The… Read More »Obesity: Are we really fans of junk food?

Childhood Obesity: Are we mobilised enough?

In World, one in six children is overweight. We all have a role to play in the fight against childhood obesity. Summary Perfecting childhood obesity screening Changing the behavior of the whole family Limit advertising for fatty and sweet products My child is too fat, how should I react? After having increased sharply until the early 2000s, obesity in children and adolescents. It is even declining in 5-6 year olds.… Read More »Childhood Obesity: Are we mobilised enough?