Childhood Obesity: Are we mobilised enough?

In World, one in six children is overweight. We all have a role to play in the fight against childhood obesity.


  1. Perfecting childhood obesity screening
  2. Changing the behavior of the whole family
  3. Limit advertising for fatty and sweet products
  4. My child is too fat, how should I react?

After having increased sharply until the early 2000s, obesity in children and adolescents. It is even declining in 5-6 year olds. However, one in six children is overweight or obese, and the prevalence remains high in the most disadvantaged areas.

Perfecting childhood obesity screening

This is one of the most delicate points. General practitioners, taken by time, are not always involved enough. “Many of them do not know how to approach the subject, for fear of stigmatizing the child and his family. Since we have organized training in our region, screening has improved significantly, ”notes expert.

Unfortunately, the whole territory is not provided fairly. All of the prevention networks are visible on the site of the. Experts pleads for part so that school medicine plays its role fully: “It is urgent to redefine its missions so that it makes health education. There is no point in pointing fingers at the overweight child if no solution is offered.

The idea is to gradually bring the family to change their behavior. Here, the motivation of the parents, the child concerned and the siblings is essential.

Changing the behavior of the whole family

Go to school on foot if possible, take family walks, take the time for a real meal, drink water at the table and not soda, cook rather than buy ready-made… “Say that ‘eating five fruits and vegetables a day is not enough. We must offer small solutions that are easy to implement on a daily basis, ”observes experts.

Eating well takes time and can be expensive. In this area, programs like (“Together, let’s prevent childhood obesity”) have proven their effectiveness.

Limit advertising for fatty and sweet products

For their part, manufacturers believe that they have made sufficient efforts: “The ethical content of advertisements has been reinforced. For example, we are not allowed to show a child snacking in front of the TV. In addition, we finance, broadcast on children’s channels, which encourage good eating behavior and physical activity, ”said experts.

My child is too fat, how should I react?

Talk to your doctor or the pediatric department of your hospital. It must be checked whether its build-up curve leaves the normal line. This curve goes up naturally up to a year, then goes down again when the child starts to walk (he spends more).

It then goes back around 5-6 years: this is called the “adiposity rebound”. In overweight children, this rebound appears early, around 3-4 years.

Avoid putting your child on a diet. This could lead to deficiencies or compulsive eating behaviors. Without prohibiting any food, watch the quantities: its portions are not those of an adult.


Encourage him to walk, ride a bike, play outside … Set an example! Walk from school to school, organize family outings on weekends, take the dog out together…


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