Laughter Yoga, to find your child’s soul


Laughter yoga, to find your child’s soul

Laughter yoga can be considered a tool for personal development that allows you to do good, regain a certain spontaneity and release tension.

The Laughter Yoga is a new discipline  : about 25 years. It was developed by an Indian doctor: Dr Madan Kataria, which was based on scientific studies.

The goal of laughing yoga is to share it with several people, usually a minimum of six people to promote group emulsion. It is a moment of well-being , of conviviality , of laughter. No physical skills or specific knowledge are necessary for the practice of laughter yoga.

If hata yoga or ashtanga yoga , for example, are practiced on a mat with a sequence of postures, laughter yoga follows the exercises, performed in motion, keeping eye contact with the other participants while remaining in his comfort zone.

Laughter yoga is for all people who want to feel better , who are stressed , who want to relax , to relearn what it is to laugh like a child, or just to have a good time together. .


When offered in business , laughter yoga promotes group cohesion and allows employees to be seen in a different light.

What happens during a session ?

A child laughter yoga session lasts one hour. It begins with a presentation of the course of the session. Then, very quickly, we get to the heart of the matter with little exercises intended to relax the atmosphere . The facilitator can, for example, ask the participants positioned in a circle to count to 9, then he suggests replacing the 6 by the word ‘pizza’, and the 7 by pasta. He thus creates, thanks to the game, an effective ‘icebreaker’.

Then, the exercise continues with body movements  : we walk , we pass someone, we offer them a smile , a laugh … We continue with some mobilization exercises  : move the wrists, the pelvis, the head, perform ample movements with the arms to favor the opening of the body and the breathing … then we use the voice and the sounds ‘oh oh ah ah ah’ to oxygenate the lungs , which allows the air to be evacuated, to free the diaphragm and, for example, by simultaneously clapping the hands, to stimulate acupressure points. 

Then come the laughter exercises  whose objective is to provoke a laugh, perhaps forced at first, but more and more natural afterwards. Among these exercises, we can propose, for example, ‘the laughter meter’: each participant, by mimicry of the facilitator, shares this movement to the sound of ‘hey! ho! ha! ‘ to end with bursts of laughter.

From the first laugh, it’s won, even if it takes a quarter of an hour of continuous laughter to really benefit from the benefits of the session. But laughter being communicative, it spreads quickly in the assembly

Laughter yoga: what are the benefits?

Its benefits are numerous: laughter yoga allows you to release physical and mental tensions , to activate the hormones of well-being such as endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine. It is good for the heart. It also dispels negative thoughts and acts as a natural antidepressant . It is therefore consumed without moderation!


When we laugh, our body secretes endorphins and hormones that reduces the production of adrenaline generated by the stress. Among many type of other things, laughing allows us to relax our muscles and oxygenate our brain, helping us to relax better!

Playful – In playful exercises, many participants are encouraged to use their imaginations by role-playing certain scenarios in a playful way. They take a prompt, such as  milkshake, and participate in a whimsical play-acting scene. This often produces some contagious laughter as students overcome inhibitions and grow more comfortable with each other.

Value-Based – Many seniors can develop negative feelings toward life in general. Value-based exercises are designed to help. By associating laughter with common life occurrences, they can develop a healthier mindset.

Many laughter yoga sessions are followed by laughter meditation. It starts with a quiet room. Then one person starts the laughter, and soon it becomes contagious, causing others to join in. Laughter meditation can be quite cathartic.

Everything from your personal life, business life or social life depends on your mood. If your mood is good, you can do all the things very well. Laughter yoga helps to change the mood in minutes by releasing certain chemicals called endorphins from your brain cells.

Laughter yoga makes you feel healthier and more energetic. It’s like an aerobic exercise (cardio exercise) that provides more oxygen to the body and brain. Laughter yoga is an exercise that simultaneously reduces physical, mental and emotional stress.

 Your life will not be happy if you are sick. Laughter yoga strengthens the immune system to prevent illness. It also helps in treating high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, depression, arthritis, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, back pain, fibromyalgia, migraine, headaches, menstrual disorders, cancer and many other ailments.

 The standard of living depends on the quality of good friends. Then caution and sharing are involved. Laughter helps to connect with people quickly. It can also be a positive force to improve relationships. The more you smile, the more friends you will attract.

By improving the blood circulation and oxygenation to the heart, laughter reduces the risk of clots and lowers blood pressure after a few minutes. If you have high blood pressure that means you have one more reason to give yourself a giggle every day.

Laughing increases the level of antibodies that are present in our body and especially in the nose and respiratory tract. This general reinforcement makes it is possible to better resist cancer, cardiovascular disease, migraines, depression and insomnia. By adopting a balanced diet and playing sports regularly, you are improving your chances of being in a good shape.

Everyone laughs when the time is good. But how pften do you laugh when faced with challenges? Laughter can help create a positive outlook for dealing with negative situations and negative people. It also gives confidence and optimism to overcome difficult times in your life.

It may sound obvious, but laughing helps to be positive. Taking a relaxing break while laughing gives you confidence in yourself and to bond with those around you. And, according to experts, self-irony would allow us to better accept our mistakes.

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