8 Surprising Addictions in our Daily Life

Completely ordinary products like lip balm, ice cream or moisturizer, as well as habits like exercise and sex, can lead to addictive behaviours. It is important to identify them so that you can act and get help in the most appropriate way. Here are a few surprising addictions in our daily life. 

Summary for addictions in our daily life:

  1. Lip balm
  2. Moisturizer
  3. Exercise
  4. Crunch ice
  5. Tattoos
  6. To be busy
  7. Selfies
  8. Sex

The words “addiction” and “addiction” are often associated with gambling, alcohol and drugs . However, there are a multitude of behaviors and daily habits that can turn into addiction. The help of a healthcare professional may become essential. Here are eight very mundane appearances, but can turn into a nightmare when they become uncontrollable .

Lip balm

If you’ve ever sat down with a friend and seen him apply and reapply lip balm repeatedly, there is a scientific reason for it. The ingredients in some products , especially petroleum-based ones, can end up drying out , which creates a vicious cycle. The person can also become addicted to a certain feeling and texture on their lips. When she doesn’t have her product, she feels a lack.


If you tend to hydrate your skin more than twice a day, stop. This can become counter-intuitive and can make your skin dependent on moisturizers . According to the some experts believe that the constant use of moisturizers can make the skin “lazy”. By providing a false barrier to the environment, the skin does not have to work as much as it normally would to maintain an adequate level of hydration. If you have skin conditions like eczema, or if you have dryness, flaking, redness, or itching, a moisturizer can help. But if your skin is healthy,


Isn’t your day complete if you haven’t run, sports or riding a bike? Numerous studies attest to the effects of addiction to sport. Exercise can be seen as a technique to control emotions, and thus trigger an addition. People who practice extreme sports such as climbing, snowboarding or mountain biking can also become addicted to adrenaline and the feeling of euphoria it gives them.

Crunch ice

Called pagophagy , eating a non-nutritious substance, such as ice, for more than a month is considered a type of eating disorder . Ice cravings can be specific for iron deficiency, as well as a warning signal for an obsessive-compulsive disorder or other developmental problem.


While this trend has been democratized for several decades, covering your body with tattoos can create a form of psychosomatic dependence . Indeed, these drawings can influence the perception of self, the look of others, his body and his confidence.

To be busy

Being constantly busy has become culturally acceptable, especially in cities and businesses where there is some competition. Being busy can fill the void you feel when you are alone. This notion of having the impression of being always busy often starts in the workplace, according to experts .

addictions in our daily life


Constantly posting yourself on social media by updating your location, along with a selfie , in the hope of getting “likes”, can cause dopamine production in the body. This feeling of social competition can turn into dependence.


Whether you like to have very frequent sex or can’t live without porn, you may be suffering from a hypersexual disorder. This particular disorder negatively affects relationships and life at work, at home and in all its other aspects. This disorder also means that your brain is dependent like that of a person addicted to gambling or drugs.


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