Help your child overcome obesity day by day


There is no denying that heredity plays a role in the development of obesity in a child. However, it is possible to act. By rebalancing the diet. And by fighting against a sedentary lifestyle. Fewer screens and more physical activity! This guide will help your child to overcome obesity day by day.


  1. Too fatty and too sweet meals
  2. Eat small amounts slowly
  3. The 6 essential dietary guidelines against childhood obesity
  4. Encourage him to move!

Question – completely legitimate – when a child is obese: should he be put on a diet? No, deprivation is the breeding ground for amplified addictions to food. Do not demonize certain foods either.

The goal is elsewhere: it is with the help of a doctor or a nutritionist to learn to rebalance his diet. And to make it clear that it is possible to have fun provided you impose certain limits. Generally, this evolution in the way of eating forces the whole family to change their eating habits.

Too fatty and too sweet meals

Today, we consume 40% energy in the form of fat, whereas it should only represent 15 to 30% of our caloric intake. In addition, we absorb twice as much sugar as we should. The sodas are pointed at. Several studies have also confirmed the link between obesity and sugary drinks. overcome obesity

Always keep in mind that a diet that is too fatty and too sweet promotes childhood obesity. The good news: half of obese children will not remain obese as adults, provided they adopt the right attitudes.

Eat small amounts slowly

Initially, it is necessary to eliminate snacking and to restore a rhythm of four meals a day , the meals having to be imperatively taken in family.

Prefer to take smaller plates to limit the quantities.

It is also important to eat slowly, without television, in order to acquire a feeling of satiety. This learning is essential.

The 6 essential diet guidelines against childhood obesity

  1. Eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day.
  2. At each meal, favor whole grain foods (wholemeal bread, potato, wholemeal rice, etc.).
  3. Consume three dairy products per day (yogurt, milk and cheese). Prefer semi-skimmed milk and low-fat yogurts.
  4. Cook meat, preferably lean, or eggs once a day. Prepare fish twice a week.
  5. Limit animal fats (butter, cream, etc.). Use vegetable oils.
  6. Avoid sugary products and sodas.

Encourage him to move!

Finally, the fight against a sedentary lifestyle is one of the pillars to curb obesity. It is of course desirable to have a child play a sport. But physical activity does not necessarily mean an intensive session of sport. It will help your child to overcome obesity.

  • Encourage your child to go out every day to stretch, to cycle. Children love to play, you have to enjoy it.
  • Give him challenges that force him to move his body. Suggest small competitions, such as being the first to go up the stairs.
  • As far as possible, favor journeys on foot and not by bus. Send him to get the bread or go shopping.
  • Sign it up at the pool.
  • In short, be smart to motivate him.

On a daily basis, be sure to limit the time spent on the sofa in front of the console or the TV . A study published,it confirms that by limiting the time spent watching television to one hour, overweight children can be reduced by 20%.


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