Heartburn: 10 Mistakes to Avoid while eating


When meals are struggling to pass, you have to ask yourself the right questions. Very often, difficult digestions can be adjusted by adapting your diet and correcting some bad lifestyle habits. Overview of the most frequent mistakes when you suffer from heartburn.

Mistake 1: Eating too much fat and too much, especially in the evening

Against acid reflux, eat light in the evening

The stomach has trouble assimilating fried foods and gravy dishes. This extra effort slows down its emptying, that is to say the passage of digested food in the intestine. To avoid reflux, it is better to eat light, especially in the evening. Going to bed with a full stomach is not a good idea, especially since the lying position promotes acid recovery .

Mistake 2: Eating excess acidic foods

In case of reflux, replace the vinegar with lemon

Sensitive stomachs and esophaguses are less resistant to acidic foods such as vinegar, oranges or tomatoes. To season a salad, you can replace the vinegar with lemon, better tolerated in case of reflux, until the lining of the esophagus becomes more resistant.

Mistake 3: Drinking too much coffee and soft drinks

Coffee is aggressive for the digestive mucous membranes

Limiting your consumption of coffee (no more than three to four cups per day), which is aggressive for the digestive mucous membranes, is one of the first recommendations of expert gastroenterologist. Sodas and sparkling mineral waters increase the pressure in the stomach, which promotes the tendency to reflux. To avoid !

Mistake 4: Swallowing without chewing

Eating slowly is essential to limit acid reflux

Taking the time to chew each bite is essential. When chewing, more saliva is produced: it contains substances that will facilitate the grinding of food and compensate for an excess of acidity.

Mistake 5: Neglecting vegetables

Eat vegetables of all colors

You have to eat vegetables of all colors to get the most antioxidant vitamins and minerals. ” So many natural defenses that help fight inflammation of the esophagus and stomach.

Mistake 6: Skipping fruit

Consume fruits outside meals to better digest them

As important as vegetables for their antioxidant properties, fruits are sometimes more difficult to digest and can cause bloating. Experts recommend consuming two a day, “preferably without meals” to avoid increasing the pressure in the stomach.

Mistake 7: Too much liquid in the evening

Avoid excess fluid in the evening when you have stomach trouble

When you suffer from the stomach, it is better to avoid consuming too much, especially in the evening. “Excess fluid increases intragastric pressure,” says experts.

Mistake 8: Let yourself be dominated by stress

Stress, a cause of acid reflux

According to experts, “stress is one of the major causes of reflux” since it stimulates the production of acidity. It also increases sensitivity to pain and burns in particular. Calming your stomach therefore requires stress management. Relaxation, yoga, sophrology … Everything is good!

Mistake 9: Playing sports after a meal

Wait 2 hours after the meal to play sports

Starting a full stomach in a sports activity is likely to worsen the feeling of bitterness. “It’s better to wait two or three hours,” say experts.

Mistake 10: Abusing anti-acidity drugs

Do not take anticiade medications chronically

There are self-medication products in pharmacies intended to reduce acidity: alginates (Gaviscon, Gavisconell …), betaine citrate, or proton pump inhibitors (PPI) such as Mopralpro or Pantozol.

In self-medication, these PPIs can be used in a crisis but taken chronically, side effects are likely to occur. Studies suggest that they could unbalance the digestive flora.

In troubleshooting, she recommends half a teaspoon of baking soda diluted in a glass of water. You can also use lithotamne (a basifying algae), aloe vera or licorice . These natural products sold in the form of tablets, gel or liquid can be taken as a one-month cure. “In the absence of rapid improvement, medical advice is required,” insists experts.

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