The Benefits of Yoga on Digestive Disorders

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By promoting relaxation and improving digestion, yoga helps you feel better in your stomach. It is notably a natural ally in reducing the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Here we have listed a few benefits of yoga on digestive disorders.


Transit that breaks down at the slightest annoyance, a stomach that knots as soon as anxiety rises, irritable bowel syndrome with chronic pain that worsens in the event of stress ..”All digestive pathologies are closely linked to emotions and stress . However, yoga acts on these two factors, ”notes yoga experts.

This discipline which combines work on the body, breathing and relaxation allow you to relax and remove certain functional blockages in the digestive tract and intestines. Thus, a review of studies conducted in 2016 on irritable bowel syndrome confirmed that yoga reduces symptoms but also anxiety, and improves the quality of life. Let’s have a look at benefits of yoga on digestive disorders

Why is yoga good for the stomach?

The yoga strengthens the parasympathetic nervous system, which ensures good digestion by stimulating motility and intestinal secretions.

The Benefits of yoga on digestive disorders

Full breathing exercises, such as abdominal breathing , and certain forward bending postures massage the digestive organs and relaunch the transition .

The twisting postures, when the bust or the legs turn to the side, also involve a massage of the viscera. They can also remove some minor spinal blockages responsible for the pain that can be felt in the stomach.

The inverted postures (head down, lower than the heart) lighten and stir the intestines. Certain yoga exercises strengthen the abdominal muscles, which are essential to support the intestines and stimulate transit.

How long does it take to see improvement?

“In general, there is an improvement in symptoms after two to three weeks, by practicing 3 or 4 breaths or postures every day,” says yoga experts. You must then continue to practice on a regular basis so as not to see the stress and the pain that accompany it reinstall.

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Certain inverted postures or intense twists should be avoided because they can block bleeding. Modern and accessible, yoga may be a method of meditation that’s meeting more and more amateurs wanting to overcome stress. Do simple exersices daily to release tension, calm the mind or instil energy.

Essential information for the practice of yoga

For yoga experts, the stretches practiced regularly like a couple of chosen breaths allow you to free herself from accumulated physical tensions. By “entering” in oneself, one finds calm, one neutralizes the spasms and therefore the contractures thanks to the external constraints

Unload the neck

Standing or seated, turn your head to the left then to the proper, without trying to force the gesture or to coach the shoulders. Turn while exhaling, come while inhaling, exhale, and repeat on the opposite side 5 times during a row. Then continue by raising the shoulders on the inspiration and lowering them on the expiration 3 times during a row. Finally, raise the shoulders while inhaling, hold the air, lower the shoulders, then exhale 3 times during a row also.

Free the shoulders

Standing or seated, hands-on shoulders, we describe circles with the elbows. We do about ten movements back and forth than an equivalent number of back to front. Don’t attempt to control your breathing. On the opposite hand, specialise in the sensations provided in your upper back consistent with the amplitude of your circles.

Relieve the lower back

Standing, well anchored to the bottom, your two parallel feet very slightly apart, raise one knee within the air by tilting a load of your body on your supporting leg, take the knee together with your two hands to boost it again by pulling it gently towards you. This gesture stretches your lower back without hurting.

Yoga calms the mind

Yoga experts offers three breathing exercises to practice independently or in succession. Simple and yet subtle, it’s the small drops of water that change everything: this better relationship with one’s breathing invites neuro-muscular relaxation and letting go.

The Benefits of yoga on digestive disorders

Dilate your nostrils as if you were breathing an honest smell. Let the air in and exhale. Once you have tamed this breathing, associate it with a gesture. Your hands are placed on your thighs, imagine that they’re holding two small foam balls. On the exhale, squeeze those imaginary balls and release. Chain 5 breaths, without trying to travel to the utmost of your inspiration or your expiration to avoid hyperventilation.

Meditation helps us get better

The benefits of meditation on our physical and mental health are increasingly recognized. Insomnia, hypertension, eating disorders… what improvements can we see?

What are the benefits of meditation on our health?

“People suffering from sleep or breathing problems, hypertension and fibromyalgia observe an improvement. More and more therapists are interested in the healing virtues of meditation. An approach that will tend to spread to healthcare services as studies progress.

Also called mindfulness therapy or Mindfulness , it is offered to many patients to allow them to live the present moment despite their distress. “

Does meditation also work on eating disorders?

“Yes, helping to relearn how to eat slowly, enjoying the texture and flavor in every bite. Meditation allows you to send messages of a completely different nature to the brain than if you swallow without consciousness. The opposite of engulfing .

“By relying on your experience and your critical thinking . You should feel completely at ease with the teacher you have chosen, and if you feel that something is not clear in their answers to your questions, exercise your vigilance.

Benefits of yoga on digestive disorders


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