More different vegetables on Plate, More children eat

Recent experience indicates that in order to promote children’s appetite for vegetables, it is better to bring a high plant diversity to the plate rather than a single vegetable. More different vegetables on Plate, more children eat.

Why it’s important

Vegetables are not usually the foods kids love the most, especially when they are poorly cooked, as can be the case in the canteen. Yet these foods are essential for good health in the short and long term. It is therefore important to consume child. How to help the most recalcitrant to consume?

Not forcing them, all dieticians agree on this point. The way in which a child is left with the choice of what he wants to eat can be an interesting trick . Repeat again and again to offer the different vegetables to the children too. But a new study could bring them a new string of parents and educators.

The study

This is a study published in the Journal of Education and Nutritional Behavior that shows that exposing your child to several varieties of vegetables on the same plate could increase his overall consumption of vegetables in contrast to a portion of the same vegetable. To achieve these results, 32 families with children aged 4-6 were recruited.

For five weeks, at each meal, different groups of children were offered either a portion of multiple vegetables, or a portion of a vegetable alone in their meal. Before the study, children consumed approximately the same amount of vegetables. After the study, children in the “multiple vegetables” group consumed up to 1,

Lead author Astrid Poelman of North Ryde University in Australia commented on her team’s results: “Although the amount of vegetables consumed increased during the study, it remained below the recommendations. However, the study showed that the strategy of serving a variety of vegetables was more effective at increasing their consumption than offering a single vegetable. “

In practice

There are many things that can help your child enjoy the vegetables they are sulking. Here are some tips, of which surely some that you already use:

Invite your child to the market or supermarket where you go shopping. Teach him to pick vegetables and try to make it a game;

Cook with your children. Studies show that it increases their appeal to fruits and vegetables; Bet on the visual with crazy plates that will entertain your child (creating a landscape, a man or other on the plate); Do not force your child to eat these vegetables. Do not lose hope and expose him to foods he does not like regularly until he chooses to come back. The maturation of his taste will take care of the rest of the work. More different vegetables on Plate, More children eat.

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