Accept your emotions to feel alive

We are too likely to view our emotions as signs of weakness that must be suppressed. Yet these body reactions are essential. Here is how to Accept your emotions to feel alive. Summary Why do we deny our emotions? They scare us Why listen to your emotions? Avoid that they do not express themselves by the disease The proper use of emotions Emotions are both physiological and psychological reactions to… Read More »Accept your emotions to feel alive

Stress: How to better manage emotions?

Ruminations, anger … It is sometimes the price of anxiety or excess stress. Meditation, behavioural therapy, breathing exercises or sophrology: tools exist to help you regain your composure. Here you will find how to better manage emotions? Summary I ruminate negative thoughts all the time Mindfulness meditation: to refocus yourself Behavioural and cognitive therapies: to act on your mind I get angry easily when I’m stressed Cardiac coherence: to learn… Read More »Stress: How to better manage emotions?