How to keep yourself warm by doing Yoga?

keep yourself warm by doing yoga

Yoga is an art of healing the mind, body and soul. Through yoga, you’ll tremendously increase the pliability of your body.

Yoga, which has its origin in India may be a beautiful combination of mental, physical and spiritual activities. Through the continual practice of Yoga, one can have full control over his body, mind and soul. It comprises of an entire body-mind exercise with tons of stretching, breathing and relaxation techniques. In this article, we will share some ways to keep yourself warm by doing yoga, let’s have a look.

Keep yourself warm by doing Yoga

Don’t you are feeling to experience sweating out during chilly weather? It’s freezing cold throughout, and much of individuals complain about body aches and pains. is that this a legitimate health concern? Many people are complaining about their bodies hurting more now within the winter than it had been within the summer.


So we recommend to start out winter yoga practice with Sun Energy and this therapy is understood as Heliotherapy. It’s good to start out winter yoga with Sun Energy.

The concept behind Solar Yoga holds that the sun’s rays are crammed with nutrients and energy which will all be used for both the physical and psychic development of a person. It’s also believed that such development will ultimately cause the attainment of your universal self or oneness with God.\

The photons of your body absorb from the system can enlighten you and smoothen your mind, thus allowing you to realise the proper balance of your body, mind, prana & soul.

Photons here means melanin pigments, are produced during a specialised group of cells referred to as melanocytes. If Sun Energy is taken during a correct quantity at right time, melanin utilises sun energy to heal the whole system.


  • Go slow together with your own pace taking note of your body, but be honest to your practice.
  • Yoga is supposed to nourish your body and soul and to assist you to lead a calmer and more fulfilling life.
  • Respect your body and provides it sufficient time to regulate the practice.
  • Practising yoga even for a couple of minutes a day stretches your body in new ways and thus it’s crucial to not rush through the asanas during a bid to end early.
  • Listen to your body and increase the time and repetition of every asana accordingly. Doing so is certain to stay injuries cornered.

Advantages of Yoga

Yoga isn’t just for adults! actually, it can give children vital life skills which can help them achieve the earth. Here could also be a more detailed explanation of how teaching yoga to kids and using yoga within the classroom can have a positive impact on children’s well-being.

Teaching children because of reducing stress during a healthy way could also be an important life skill which may help them as children and as adults.

Yoga improves children’s emotional regulation. Another advantage of yoga for teenagers is that it helps children learn to be within the here and now while relaxing and gaining a peaceful state of mind, which ultimately improves their emotional regulation.

Yoga for teenagers can do wonders for his or her self-esteem. Perfecting a pose or improving their balance and adaptableness can give young children how of private empowerment.

Yoga for teenagers can do wonders for his or her self-esteem. Perfecting a pose or improving their balance and adaptableness can give young children how of private empowerment.

Yoga increases children’s body awareness and mindfulness. Browsing a variety of yoga poses helps children study their bodies and thus the movements they’re capable of doing.

When kids practice yoga, they’re essentially practicing their ability to consider the task at hand. In their day-to-day lives, this translates to raised focus and cognitive performing at school, leading to improved academic achievement.

Yoga Improves Social Relationships

Yoga is typically a personal activity. While that’s partially true, there is a social component to yoga. We attend yoga classes with people and participate in the yoga community where we’ll share our experiences with others.

Getting the body moving before bedtime could even be an impressive thanks to improve sleep. once we are stressed or overwhelmed, our bodies are tense and our minds are full, reducing our ability to sleep well. this is often often often often also true for teenagers .

Health Benefits of Yoga

  1. Makes you flexible: You’ll make your body more flexible with the assistance of yoga. within the initial days, you’ll find it difficult to perform some asana. So, a persistent effort is required for a minimum of 2-3. you’ll gain flexibility like that of a gymnast.
  2. Helps to breathe easily: Yoga includes many breathing exercises and asanas which help in improving your respiration process. Also, it enhances the body’s energy state and vitality.
  3. Builds muscle strength: By the regular practice of Yoga, you’ll build strong muscles and stop yourself from conditions like back pain and arthritis.
  4. Protects your spine: Our spine disk is sort of a shock . While practising yoga, you perform tons of asanas with twists and turns, backbends, forward bends, which keeps your spine disks strong.
  5. Improves your posture: A yogi will always have a correct body posture.
  6. Blood flow control: There are some relaxation exercises in yoga which makes your blood circulation smooth.
  7. Balances your heart rate: As yoga helps in maximum oxygen intake, the probabilities of getting attack are reduced. Also, it helps in controlling your mood swings.
  8. Reduces weight: Yoga helps you to scale back your bodyweight it’s a gradual process. Moreover, you would like the correct diet to realize this.
  9. Builds inner strength & confidence: Yoga boosts your confidence level and causes you to strong enough to face all challenges.
  10. Guarantees deep sleep: Normally, yoga helps to regulate certain emotions likes anger, frustration, fear etc. and thus reduces mental stress. A stress-free mind guarantees deep sleep.

Summing up

Yoga works mainly on two principles. Stimulation and relaxation. Asanas are meant to be wiped out a sequence, it’s not just getting to the ultimate pose. it’s also not almost final pose, it’s having the ability to face still therein final pose without discomfort. It is about knowing your breath and your own flexibility level. With continuous practice, you shall skills your body is changing every day, every time you practice anything in the least, you’re giving more input to your brain through your senses in order that it can find out the way to achieve your end goal.

A number of us who have experienced it have tried taking a month long (4am to 8:30 daily) yoga courses which introduces you to the philosophy and science of yoga. I did understand such a lot about my very own body, it’s knowledge – anatomically speaking; it’s all not just in air but trust me once I say it’s scientific 🙂

Start doing a couple of asanas on your own every day at a specific time (make sure you haven’t eaten for 3 hours before the practice – early morning or before lunch/dinner) and knowledge what yoga has got to offer.


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