3 Zen Exercises to overcome the stress of work

The constant pressure associated with work can have repercussions on your body: insomnia, physical or even psychological disorders. It is possible to get away from stress with simple relaxation exercises, to be carried out all day, even at the office! Here are three exercises to overcome the stress.


  1. When you wake up, breathe
  2. At the office, untie the stress points of your body
  3. In the evening, release the stress of the day

As soon as you wake up, negative thoughts invade you at the simple idea of ​​going to work: to relax, become aware of your breathing.

When you wake up, breathe

1. In your bedroom, lie on your back. Bend your knees, feet on the ground, and place your hands flat on each side of your lower abdomen.

2. Inhale, the abdomen swells. Exhale, the lower abdomen deflates. Repeat ten times in a row.

3. Move your hands to each side of your rib cage, thumb back and other fingers forward.

4. Breathe in slowly and breathe out while being aware of the movements of your belly while breathing. Repeat the exercise ten times.

5. Finish with your fingers on your collarbones, focusing on your body movements. Try to feel the energy flowing through your body with each breath.

At the office, untie the stress points of your body

Take advantage of the moments of break in your work day to practice this simple exercise: it will help you to identify the stress points of your body and to relax them.

1. Sit straight against the back of a chair, feet flat on the floor, hands resting on your thighs.

2. Inhale gently through your nose, counting to five. Hold your breath for the same amount of time and exhale slowly, counting to five again. Repeat the exercise ten times.

3. While keeping your heels on the ground, lift the front of your feet off the ground and stretch your toes towards you. Count to five. Rest your feet gently.

4. Next, contract your thigh muscles as hard as possible. Always count to five. Release.

5. Take turns contracting your abdominal muscles, arms, hands, face and upper back, always counting to five each time.

6. End the exercise with breathing. As at the start, breathe in slowly through your nose, counting to five. Hold your breath and exhale slowly, counting to five again. Repeat ten times.

In the evening, release the stress of the day

To relieve the pressure built up during the day, relax before bed with sophrology.

1. Sit on a comfortable seat in a dimly lit area. Close your eyes and let your whole body go: relax your chest; relax your shoulders, arms and hands. Relax your pelvis and legs in the same way, right down to your toes.

2. Concentrate on the calm in the room and think of a place or situation that inspires you to relax. Now breathe, and at each exhalation, mentally formulate a word which refers to it (relaxation, tranquility…).

3. Mentally reconstruct the usual stages of your bedtime. Think about each evening activity: you turn off the lights, you take off your clothes, you program your alarm clock, you sit under the covers, you get ready to fall asleep … Visualize your falling asleep and simultaneously, at each expiration, mentally pronounce one of the words related to relaxation (sleep, serenity, etc.).

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4. While falling asleep, think about the next day, when you wake up, pronouncing, always mentally, a word related to the idea of ​​relaxation. Repeat the exercise four times a week for long-term beneficial results.



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