How to Train with a Friend for better results

how to train with a Partner for better results

Train with your Friend or Partner : Several studies have shown how training with a friend ensures important results. An example? You lose more and faster! Summer knocks on the door, it’s time to make peace with the scale and get back into shape. Or, for the most diligent, to perfect what has been done so far. If you can’t find the way to complete the training card on your own , why not opt ​​for your best friend as a fitness partner ? Lets make shinner how to train with a Friend or Partner for better results.

In fact, training together helps keep the level high and ensures important results. Because if the union is strength, already in two doing sport acquires a completely different flavor. To prove it is also science : when you train with a friend, you are more likely to reach the goal set and the stress is halved.

From the sports to choose to the outfit not to be fashionable anyway, going through nutrition and more: that’s why and how to do a gym with a friend , or rather a BFF (Best Fitness Friend).

Because to Train with a Friend or Partner is good

Who does it by himself, does not do for three. At least not when you have to wear shorts and sneakers to go to train. Doing it in company, rather than alone, makes us more assiduous and constant, with even more satisfying results. The secret, therefore, is to choose the right friend to keep fit, looking at a person who is in harmony with ours and has little competitiveness. Here are three good reasons to choose to call a friend and ‘force’ her to play sports together:

More fun: Let’s start with fun: this is the first ingredient to not abandon the good ones offered after just one training session. Together, sport becomes even more stimulating and interesting. The exercises to be done increase, but also the modalities and times.

We stimulate each other: Rainy day? Here then is that the first thought becomes that of abandoning training. When you train with a friend, instead, you spur each other, winning tiredness and little desire to do. In the company success is assured: moving with someone, positively influences our motivation. How to train with a Partner for better results

Two lose weight more: Do you really need anything else to convince yourself? Several studies show how moving with a friend results in assured weight loss. If we talked about mathematics, we could say: friend + sport = kg lost. Simple right? Train with a Friend

The best sports to practice together

Ready and determined: mutual conviction has been successful, now it’s time to choose which sport to share with your best friend. The possibilities are different:

how to train with a Partner for better results

Running: Running alone is boring, a little less in two. And then it’s safer: in the company you become more inclined to discover new paths, to extend training time and to bring the set goals to terms.

Swimming: Glasses and costume, it’s time to jump into the pool. Who said that the new is the solitary sport par excellence? Bello is sharing training with a friend. More tubs and more fun: by encouraging each other, one arrives at levels that were initially unexpected.

Tennis: Sun cannot be played, with the best friend doing two exchanges while chatting, it will become an event that you never want to miss. The mind will spend pleasant moments, the body will derive indisputable benefits.

Rowing: Adventure and team play: here are the first two reasons to train by opting for a bit of rowing. Rowing together also helps develop empathy and synchronization skills, making your friendship bond even stronger and more solid.

Train with a Friend

Exercises to do at home with a friend

No tools, good practice is also possible at home. When you are in two, in fact, you can try different types of exercise, taking advantage of the weight of the other’s body. From the legs to the abdomen, from the buttocks to the arms: together you can tone up to perfection! Here are a series of exercises to do in two:

Pair squats: Position yourself facing each other, spacing out the length of your arm. Spread your feet so that you respect the width of your pelvis. Grab hold of your forearms and squat down: stay in this position for three seconds and then slowly get up.

Double abs: Place yourself back to back with a rubber ball (or any other object) in the center: rotate the trunk simultaneously, first to the right and then to the left.

how to train with a Partner for better results
How to train with a Partner for better results

Leg press: One lies in a supine position with her arms at her sides and bends her legs towards her hips. The other leans with his hands on the other’s feet, keeping his feet firmly on the ground. At this point, the lying person forces the legs to move the friend and then return to the initial position.

Walk on the hands: Starting from the plank position, walk levering only on the arms and hands while your friend keeps your ankles.

Push up and tap: Stand facing each other in a plank position. At the same time make a push up and once you go up one touches the opposite shoulder of the other with your arm. How to train with a Partner for better results

Train with a Friend

Nutrition for Training with a friend

Training alone is not enough, for important results it is necessary to follow a healthy and balanced diet. The right foods make the difference, helping the body to have the right strength and energy. The ideal is to make three main meals and two light snacks, always remembering to drink at least two liters of water a day. Here is a diet prototype that you and your friend can follow:

Breakfast: It is the main meal, it should still be the richest one. Carbohydrates should never be lacking – bread, biscuits or rusks makes no difference – always accompanied by a glass of milk or tea and a seasonal fruit.

Snacks: Mid-morning and mid-afternoon it is time for a first snack. Opt for an energy snack, yogurt with whole grains or a fruit.

Lunch and dinner: OK white meat or fish, accompanied by a nice dose of fresh vegetables. The choice of carbohydrates must be careful: at most one dish of rice or whole wheat pasta per day is allowed. Avoid refined foods and sweet drinks.

Clothing to be fashionable

Train yes but without losing your style. When choosing a friend to play sports together, the fun is also choosing the most glamorous outfit to always be fashionable. The market offers countless options, these are the ones we recommend!

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