Find White Teeth for a Bright smile – Ultimate guide

The color of the teeth changes and can be corrected. From scaling to dental veneers, including whitening based on hydrogen peroxide, different techniques can lighten them a little … or a lot. Between effective solutions and false promises, we take stock. Have a look at Find white teeth for a bright smile.


  1. To remove yellow stains: descaling
  2. To brighten teeth: hydrogen peroxide
  3. Whiten one or more teeth: the veneers

“The smile is an element of unconscious expression and communication, like the touch”, underlines experts. A pretty smile sends others a pleasant and pleasant image. Much more than a criterion of seduction, it is also a social asset. Dentists offer targeted solutions that enhance the smile. An oral assessment is essential before launching to determine the treatment adapted to his teeth and the causes of the coloring , but also to treat possible cavities .

To remove yellow stains: descaling

For a flawless smile, it’s the ba-ba. The descaling gum stains on the enamel and discolouration due to tea, to certain foods and colorful drinks, tobacco … and removes tartar . If it does not have a whitening effect, this thorough cleaning ensures healthy teeth, and in turn, a brighter smile.

Descaling is carried out every 6 months to 1 year at the dentist. The practitioner most often uses an ultrasound device. “Tartar is sprayed by a small metal tip that vibrates at the frequency of ultrasound,” says experts. The gesture can be unpleasant, in particular because it destroys the tartar infiltrated under the gum. The operation is completed by polishing which finishes cleaning the teeth. It is made using a polishing paste and brushes mounted on a rotary device, or even an air polisher. “It adds shine,” says experts. The reflection increases the impression of whiteness.

To brighten teeth: hydrogen peroxide

Rather than a teeth whitening technique, we should speak of whitening. The product used is hydrogen peroxide (this name designates the chemical formula of hydrogen peroxide ). “It corrects the yellowing caused by time and the deep penetration of food pigments,” explains experts. Some dentists use carbamide peroxide which produces hydrogen peroxide. The indication and the result are identical.

To avoid damaging the dentin or the enamel, lightening products can now only contain 6% hydrogen peroxide in dentists (35% on devitalized teeth). This low concentration requires a long protocol, which is why most often the dentist entrusts his patient with a custom-made tray and syringes containing the product.

Hydrogen peroxide penetrates to the dentin. It oxidizes the dark molecules to gradually lighten them. “Painful hypersensitivity can appear,” emphasizes the specialist, but it disappears at the end of treatment. “

Is it effective? “The best results appear when the teeth are dark enough at the start ,” warns experts. If they are already clear, the result is less spectacular. It will also be disappointing on gray teeth, stained by taking antibiotics. The result lasts for two to three years. It is therefore advisable to keep your gutter if you wish to maintain it every two years.

Smile bars : beware of danger! The principle of lightening is the same as at the dentist, but … without a dentist and with ineffective products because dosed at less than 0.1% (60 times less than at the dentist). Products concentrated between 01,% and 6% can indeed only be sold to dental surgeons. So beware if you are offered over the counter in this type of structure. In addition, the condition of the teeth is not controlled.

To whiten one or more teeth: the veneers

These small shells cover the teeth like false nails. It is used when whitening is not enough, the color of the teeth is not uniform or to camouflage gray teeth .

How’s it going? This requires two or three appointments. The dentist makes an impression, and he slightly trims the thickness of the teeth. He first performs a test with transient facets, before gluing the final ceramic facets. Then you only feel a slight discomfort, the time to get used to it.

 knowing that their lifespan is 10 to 15 years. Social Security reimburses part of it only if the teeth are badly damaged, and some mutuals offer a flat rate for costs related to aesthetics.

For a bright smile worthy of advertisements, the teeth should be white and well aligned . This is why more and more adults are turning to orthodontics . Today, the various methods proposed aim to be as discreet as possible.

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