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Shivani Sikri - Awarded "Best Dietician" The Best Nutritionist Dubai

Shivani Sikri – Awarded “Best Dietician in Delhi” & the Best Online Indian Nutritionist Dubai & UAE for Weight Loss – will help you Lose weight eating your favourite food..!

“We can help you lose weight , Quick & Safe.”​

Let the Top Nutritionist in India provide you the Best Indian Diet Plans for Weight Loss. 

Get Quick Weight Loss with healthy eating habits according to your lifestyle, your office or home schedules, your eating habits, your meal preferences, your eating timings i.e. they are totally customised as per your needs.

We provide complete support from our experts through Phone, WhatsApp etc. to help you whenever you need it. Under our Weight Loss Diet Plans, we will train your body to lose extra fat deposits and continue to have a leaner body even after you end you plans.

Once you join us, our Expert – “AWARDED BEST DIETICIAN” based in New Delhi, India – will be a friend for life..!

We extend online diet consultation across the Globe with weight loss and therapeutic diet plans. Above all, you will be under the supervision of Best Dietician and Nutritionist. Our diet expert believe in Total nutrition and balance diet, through which you can lose your extra body fat and be in good shape.

Our simple and easy to follow diet plans include – no fancy diets, no crash diets or supplements – you eat food straight from your kitchen. We simply correct your eating habits and food intake timings and right combinations of food nutrients for a balance diet.

Simply.!  Safety.!  Easily.!

What We Believe

You may have tried or attempted several weight-loss diets before but not getting the results you aimed for. You may have apparently stopped yourself of several foods rich in fats, consumed less sugar, deprived of starchy foods without however managing to regain your optimum weight. Indeed, Even by eating less or replacing your dinners with food supplements that are not always tasty, you have not succeeded: YOUR KILOS HAVE NOT GONE.

Your weight scale and your mirror send you this image that you don’t like and you no longer know how to get rid of those extra kilos.

Don’t give up anymore!

Our Popular
Diet Programs

“Nutritionally Balanced, Effective, Sustainable & Easy To Follow”

Weight Loss Diet Plan

Weight Loss
Diet Plans


Comprehensive & Customised Weight Loss Program for Weight and Inch Loss or having Lifestyle Diseases or elementary Medical conditions.
We bring in the right combinations of food strategies with Indian, International or Fusion Diet Regimes, with easy to follow diet plans, home cooked food and our secret tips & tricks, so that you get the optimum and sustainable weight loss.

Immunity Diet Plan

Diet Plans


Immunity diets consists of foods that are rich in important nutrients and vitamins. The focus is on the protective function of zinc, selenium, iron, antioxidant vitamins (E, C, beta-carotene) pre-probiotics and protein. What you eat , how you eat and when you eat influences and affects your immunity and overall well-being.

Pregnancy Diet Plan

Fertility & Pregnancy
Diet Plans


Our Pregnancy Diets targets right from your “thought of planning” to bring a new life in this world, your intent for assistance & resolve non-pregnancy due to extra weight, up-till your post pregnancy weight management and re-shaping. Our Pre-natal and Post-natal Nutrition & Weight management diet plans help you meet all your pregnancy related diets and staged nutritional requirements.

Gut Health Diet Plan

Gut Health
Diet Plans


A healthy gut is the cornerstone of a powerful and healthy body. If your gut microbiome is balanced and diverse, your whole body will benefit. Your gut microbiome is the heart of your body. Our personalised diets for Gut health and IBS targets to ease cramps, unwanted cramps, constipation & farting and avoid things that trigger your IBS.


Diet Plans


We have our forte in providing specially crafted diet plans for PCOS / PCOD. We very well understand that PCOD is not a disease per se. It’s only a Lifestyle Imbalance arising due to unhealthy eating habits, lethargic lifestyle leading to metabolic disturbances. Our Distinctive PCOD diet plans target these hormonal imbalances with right food macros and micros to treat PCOD most naturally.

Keto Diet Plan

Advance Keto
Diet Plans


Keto Diets are very effective for weight loss. But it’s not “One Diet that fits all..!” We provide fully Customised Advance Indian Versions of Keto Diets (Veg & Non-Veg) as one of the most effective ways to reduce body fat percentage. Our Keto Diets are well customised so that your body gradually & progressively goes into “Ketosis” and your body starts using “Fat as a Fuel”.


We Make People Healthier & Happier across the Globe..!

Nutri4verve Weight Loss Program is an original weight loss program with Desi Eating habits that fuses the best of nutritional suggestions thorough exhaustive the Indian diet and eating routine.

For the success of your goal, the supervision and management of your online diet plan by a qualified nutritionist are a crucial resource in the inspiration and motivation and the follow-up of the techniques.

All your diet charts are Indian diet food-centric to give you enduring, lasting and sustainable weight reduction.



Our Online Diet plans by our Indian Dietician Dubai & UAE are personalised and customised. We give you the keys in hand to undertake a dietary process with Indian food for weight loss, regardless it is weight loss or dietary balancing, naturally and independently. The diet plan for weight loss is balanced and less caloric to integrate into your daily diet.

Expanding on our 12+ years of expertise, Nutri4Verve has designed the best Indian diet for weight loss program for health improvement at the cutting edge of scientific research, expertise, and innovation in nutrition.

Our best Indian diet for weight loss is proven and based effective scientific strategies which gives enduring outcomes. They are the perfect diet plan which is supported with nutritional guidance and training.

Get your dedicated Dietician in Dubai - Best Indian Diet Expert in UAE

When you register, our dieticians and nutritionists perform your initial evaluation & assessment, and also at the end of each diet tracker, you take stock of your diet. They are likewise present in the WhatsApp group to answer all your queries and curiosities.

Above all, you will be under the supervision of Best Dieticians and Nutritionists.

Our diet experts believe in total nutrition and balance diet, through which can help you gain inner beauty by cleansing your system and providing your body the right kind of nutrition it needs.

Once you join us, our best experts will always be by your side. We provide complete & dedicated support through our client assigned nutritionists through phone, WhatsApp, email, Nutri4verve Diet App, BOTIM etc. to help you whenever you need it.

Your diet and your lifestyle have more influence on exterior health and internal health than any cosmetics, creams or drugs.

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Will I get a Dedicated Dietician?
Yes, Nutri4Verve is particularly committed to the personalisation of your program. When you register, dieticians and nutritionists perform your initial evaluation & assessment, and also at the end of each diet tracker, you take stock of your diet. They are likewise present in the WhatsApp group to answer all your queries and curiosities.

Adapted meals and recipes
In Each Diet Tracker, the dietitian offers you a gourmet and balanced menus for across the day – like a daily food journal or a diet plan chart for weight loss, introducing your pleasure foods determined at the start of the program.

You also accordingly receive a shopping/grocery list, Nutri4Verve App recipes and practical support to guide you in your daily diet.

What Sort of Food will I get?
All our diet charts or Diet Programs to reduce weight in Nutri4verve APP are based on Indian Diets and/ or Global Diets customised upon Indian eating habits. 

Our Online Diet Experts will help you, beginning today..!
With Nutri4Verve, naturally and without any trouble or difficulty, you will rediscover the joys of an extremely balanced and simple-to-follow weight loss diet. You will no longer be investing your energy & time in counting calories or just eating steamed vegetables or green salad. Actually, you will appreciate & enjoy a range of food options that are always very tasty, scrumptious and filling.

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Gaurav T., 🇺🇸 USA,  Lost 15 kgs in 3 months says-

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Ashwin G., 🇬🇧 UK, Lost 18 kgs in 3 months says-

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Siddhartha A., 🇸🇬 Singapore, Lost 15 kgs in 3 months says-

Best Dietician Review

Nandhini R., 🇨🇦 Canada,  Gut Health Management, Lost 8 kgs in 3 months says –

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Anurag S., 🇮🇳 Noida, Lost 21 kgs in 6 months says-

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Nilofer K., 🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia, Lost 10 kgs in 3 months says –

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** Disclaimer: All above testimonial notes are inputs from respective Clients and are placed as it is.. The results are based on their specific diet plans whose results differ from person to person.

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Top Indian Nutritionist in Dubai for Quick & Best Indian Diet Plans

Nutri4Verve : Online Weight Loss Diet Clinic in Dubai

No.1 Nutritionist in India  helps you to slim & stay healthy with the help of effective diet programs or diet mean plans with are friendly with Top nutrition and dietetics Experts.

Shivani Sikri is one of the best Nutritionist – Best Indian Dietician in Dubai & UAE who provides you with best Online Diet Programs, who helps you to get your body in good & healthy shape with is help of diet plans which suites to your body. You are in best registered dietitian nutritionists.

Prime and Famous Diet Charts and mean plans options includes Weight loss Diet or Diet for Weight Loss, Pregnancy Diet Plans and Post Pregnancy diets, Diet for Overweight Kids.

Diet Plans include Indian Version Keto Diet plans, Indian PCOS  Diet, Low Carb diets, LCHF Diets, Paleo Diet Plans, Intermittent Fasting etc.

You get the Right Combinations of food and nutrition. All our Programs are supervised practice experts through food service management. Our accredited programs are best for you. you get the highest level of food service management without any fancy nutrition products. 

Ask for Indian Diet Charts and Indian Diet Plans Online 

Our Online Nutritionist provide Diet Consultation with our Dietician for Dubai and across Middle Eat Countries like UAE, Muscat, Oman



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