Benefits of Radish : Radishes a real slimming ally : Full Guide

Radishes a real slimming ally!

White radish, red radish or black radish, this vegetable from the cruciferous family is crisp and refreshing. Low in calories, Radishes is a slimming ally … provided you eat it without butter! Discover the health benefits of radishes as well as some tips and recipes for consuming them. Lets make clear Radishes a real slimming ally.


  1. A supplier of vitamin C and minerals.
  2. What are the main health benefits of radish?
  3. How to choose and store radishes well?
  4. How to consume them?
  5. What are our radish recipes?

Radishes are one of the richest vegetables in water (93 to 95%) after cucumber , zucchini and lettuce . It thus participates in the proper hydration of the body. But it is not its only nutritional quality! Radish Slimming alley

Advantages of Radish : Supplier of Vitamin C and minerals

Radishes contain no calories, no fat, and almost no carbohydrates. But they are an excellent source of vitamin C  and nutrients. This vitamin, along with zinc and phosphorus, can help you fight dry skin, acne, and rashes. Vitamin C also boosts the immune system, helps regulate  metabolism, and  turns fat into energy .

This vegetable is also a concentrate of potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, sulfur … essential for the various functions of the organism (nervous system, muscular etc).

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What are the main health benefits of radish?

Radish cleanses the body

Radishes, especially black, contain sulfur compounds with cholagogic properties.”Radishes increase the secretion and fluidity of bile, which promotes good elimination of fats and toxins,”. They also facilitate the regeneration of liver cells, making it a good detoxifier of the hepatic system.

Radish promotes good heart health

The radish contains various antioxidants (vitamin C, provitamin A, selenium, zinc…). It is notably a good source of anthocyanins. These flavonoids,  which give the radish its red color, help  keep the heart in shape .”Antioxidants protect the heart and vessels,” says the dietitian, helping to lower cholesterol and homocysteine, a substance that increases the risk of cardiovascular disease . “

Radish kills fungi

Radishes are a natural antifungal agent . The radish juice contains interesting enzymes against the  Candida albicans , the fungus responsible for yeast infections. Therefore, radish should be in your diet. Benefits of Radish

It keeps you hydrated.

The high water content of radishes helps  hydrate the skin of the face and body . Proper hydration helps maintain good energy levels, improves mood and helps inhibit kidney infections, hence you should eat them.

It stimulates the digestive system

Radishes are rich in fiber , which help the digestive system to function well and better manage blood sugar. Another advantage: they increase the supply of fresh oxygen in the blood in case of  jaundice, liver attack or hepatitis .

Radish helps prevent cancer

Radishes contain different antioxidants that are of interest in preventing cancer.  There are isothiocyanates, anthocyanins, kaempferol, peroxidase. These elements are higher in black radish than in other varieties.”They inhibit and slow the development of cancer cells,”. They have a preventive action against certain cancers ( cancer of the lung , ovaries, colon and kidneys). But to benefit from their advantages, you have to consume them several times a week.

How to choose and store radishes well?

  • When buying, choose firm radishes with beautiful tops.
  • Prefer them small when you opt for pink radishes
  • Black radish has a spicy taste .
  • The white (daikon) and the red meat are softer.
  • Lastly, keep the red radishes for three days cool or immerse them in cold water. The black radish and Asian radish will keep several weeks in a perforated bag placed in the fridge.

How to consume them?

  • The radish is eaten raw  with salt crunch, sliced ​​on bread and butter, in a salad with carrots, mint leaves, lemon zest.
  • Secondly, Radishes are also eaten cooked,  especially black radishes and Japanese. You can grill it, boil it, roast it with a little sesame oil and serve it with white meat or poultry, prepare it in soup. Benefits of Radish

What are our radish recipes?

  • Green salad, radish and poached egg
  • Salad of black radish and sprouted seeds
  • Radish haulm soup
  • Fresh pink radish soup

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