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Indian Diet Plans for Thyroid
by Dietician Shivani Sikri

The thyroid gland produces important hormones and is therefore essential for important metabolic processes, such as the function of our muscles or our nervous system.

People with an under-active (hypo) thyroid often complain of having difficulty maintaining their weight, let alone losing weight successfully. They try a lot, often without any significant long-term success. Do you know that? The energy metabolism can certainly be impaired, for this reason it is particularly important to know what can help you and what you should avoid. What is important for losing weight with hypothyroidism?

Losing weight with hypothyroidism: That is what counts

First step, rethinking: Please don’t bury your head in the sand. It can certainly be a little more difficult and tedious, but losing weight with an under-active thyroid is not impossible. Be patient with your body and do not compare yourself to other “dieters”. Think long term.

Not a strict diet: Stay away from all fast-paced diets that aim to lose weight quickly and are very low in calories! You should avoid these in any case, because this would only slow down your metabolism even more and in the long run would do more harm than good.

Please don’t go hungry: You should certainly keep an eye on the amount you eat, but starving yourself to slim down is a step in the wrong direction. Eat healthy meals regularly, which give the body reliability that no “famine” has occurred, so that it does not have to shut down the metabolism additionally.

The royal road diet change: Your diet change should do without strict prohibitions, contain a “normal” diet and fit into your everyday life. A great deal of attention should be paid to how meals are designed, for example ensuring that you are satisfied with foods with a low energy density. So it depends on both the choice of food and the composition of the meals.

Portion sizes tailored to your needs: Find out which amounts are suitable for you. Here could be a diet plan how we help offer it. Because we calculate your calorie requirement for weight loss, which gives the diet plan a framework – this can of course still be adjusted by us nutritionists – and then put together meal suggestions with the help of which you can lose about half a kilogram per week. In this way you can learn how the servings of individual foods can look like for you so that weight loss can still work if you have an under-active thyroid. For example how much potatoes, pasta etc. you can eat or how big a piece of meat should be in your case, how much bread should be on your diet plan and so on. Your personal menu with a matching shopping list will make it clear to you.

Enjoy nutrient-rich and varied enjoyment: So that your metabolism can work properly, you should be well supplied with minerals and vitamins. Vegetables, fruit, whole grain products, meat, fish and dairy products should find a place on your menu, depending on their tolerance. Unilateral nutritional patterns are not for you: you can and should draw on unlimited resources.

Train effectively: In addition, it makes sense to increase your calorie consumption, i.e. not to ignore sport and exercise. We recommend a combination of endurance training to burn energy and strength training to build muscles that tone the body and also consume more energy in the long term.

Be consistent: You should be consistent in your diet and exercise. Overcome your weaker self as often as you can to get your metabolism going and to eat as healthily as possible.

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