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Online Weight loss Program

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On paper, the technique appears to be really straightforward. You immediately lose weight when you “burn” more calories than you intake. And, of course, automatically! Whatever sport you participate in, whatever cuisine you consume. On paper, it is thus possible to lose weight by performing a couple hours of brisk walking and eating light meals every morning. Of course, this is not ideal and can quickly lead to weaknesses, but it is necessary to understand how it works. So the number of calories is at the heart of weight loss. The practitioner’s physical activity and diet will then influence this number of calories.

To reduce weight in a healthy and sustainable manner, you must be a little more disciplined. Indeed, the goal will be to locate the most successful sports practise, but without spending your entire life in the gym, as well as an effective but not overly restrictive diet under Online Weight loss Program. Things get a little more.

THE BASIC PRINCIPLES: Online Weight loss Program  


Should all your hopes rest on your training? Exercising to lose weight, is it a good idea? In reality, not really. Or rather, it’s only part of the equation. Healthy and lasting weight loss is ONLY possible when a sports program is practiced in combination with an adapted dietary program. 

So the solution is not to spend 2 hours a day on a treadmill, because it is a method that can certainly cause results in the short term, but which is not at all optimal in the medium and long terms. 

And if you want to avoid yo-yoing by regaining all the weight you’ve lost, it’s better to be very vigilant with your Online Weight loss Program and not neglect one of the two factors in this equation. 




Should you practice an activity based on muscle strengthening or rather on cardiovascular activity? Basically, more bodybuilding or cardio? Technically, cardio will allow you to “burn” more calories. Except that weight training will help you maintain (or even gain) muscle mass and will be good for your metabolism too!

Doing only cardio effectively exposes you to muscle loss and therefore to a drop in your metabolism, making weight loss more and more difficult… Very bad news. The ideal is therefore to combine the two activities to have visible, rapid and lasting results. For example, you can add a few minutes of cardio at the beginning or end of a weight training session. It is also quite possible to “mix” the two in the manner of cross-training which integrates elements of muscle strengthening as well as elements of cardio training.

So there are no rules regarding the type of physical activity to practice for weight loss and that’s good! You can therefore choose to vary your training to avoid monotony while having the best possible results. If you are lacking inspiration, I share with you at the end of the article some examples of sessions that you will be able to achieve easily.



These elements must always be customised to the practitioner’s level, as in any sports programme, regardless of the goal. Indeed, an accomplished practitioner does not train in the same way as a beginner for weight loss, muscle building, or just enhanced performance.

A simple strategy to follow for weight loss is to begin cautiously before increasing the duration, frequency, and intensity. The human body is an amazing machine that can adapt to physical exertion very fast. In the case of Online Weight loss Program, starting a programme with long, frequent, and hard workouts will make you advance for a while, but if you reach a plateau of stagnation, you will have no alternative but to raise the frequency, duration, and intensity of your sessions even more. The issue is that if you’re currently training six days a week for 90 minutes every session, you’ll struggle to do more.

The most consistent way to proceed is therefore to start with three sessions per week, at a rate of 60 to 75 minutes per session. This session duration includes weight training and cardio training. With a proper diet plan, you should already start losing weight. Then as the weeks go by and your progress, you will be able to change the training variables to “burn” even more calories.


How to flatten tummy


How to talk about weight loss without addressing the diet aspect! It’s just not possible. And to have a coherent and effective approach, it is not enough to “eat balanced” or to “rebalance your diet”, you must above all understand the mechanisms of action and apply them day after day, week after week.


The basis of weight loss is the so-called calorie deficit. And to lose weight permanently, you simply have to make sure to cause a calorie deficit for as long as necessary until you reach your goal. Also, the watchword will therefore be to adopt good eating habits, that is to say a balanced diet, loaded with nutrients that will promote satiety and general well-being. Some requirements must therefore be respected.


– Consume enough quality protein:


Protein is the most satiating macronutrient and helps build (and therefore maintain) your muscle mass. An excellent ally to maintain a high metabolism even during weight loss.


– Consuming unprocessed foods:


Ultra-processed foods can disrupt satiety signals and therefore encourage you to eat more than you need to. We all know the expression “sugar calls for sugar”! These foods are also called “hyper palatable” and provide a pleasant sensation caused by specific hormonal secretions. Clearly, beware of this type of food that will make your job very difficult.


– Reduce your calorie intake gradually:


No weight loss without a calorie deficit! You must therefore reduce the quantities of food that you consume as the weeks go by and according to the speed of your weight loss. 



The “best” exercises are always related to what you like to do. A really good exercise that you find difficult to master and that gives you no feeling is simply not a good exercise for you. You will therefore have to refine the selection of movements that you use according to your tastes and your results. That said, some movements are incredibly interesting to provoke a significant energy expenditure. So, It’s up to you to test them by integrating them into one of your programs:


– Jumping rope :


Perfect for working on coordination and cardio. Maybe a little technical to master, but devilishly effective in causing good caloric expenditure.


– Burpees:


Horribly difficult, but incredibly effective. Nobody likes burpees and there’s a reason. A set of 10 reps can get your heart rate sky high!


– The pumps :


One of my favorite bodyweight moves. Not always easy to achieve depending on the level of the practitioner, but very interesting both from a muscular and cardiovascular stimulation point of view. In my opinion, a MUST!

Online Weight Loss Program : 15 tips to lose weight at home!

To achieve your slimming goal or simply lose a few pounds, some advice may seem obvious. Nevertheless, they are not necessarily easy to follow, to maintain, or even to put in place when our eating habits have been established for many years.

We think in particular of someone overweight who would not know how to lose weight, so this objective would seem unattainable to him.

Rest assured, there are some tips you can implement at home to lose a few extra pounds, even if we know that it is never easy to question your diet and take a closer look at how to compose a healthy and balanced meal.

Bad eating habits (water retention, salt, sugars, sweets, fats, soft drinks, fatty acids, etc.) or a sedentary lifestyle are often the evils to be overcome in order to lose weight.

Tell this person “eat less!” or that it is necessary to do a physical training is not enough: often, it is necessary a personalized accompaniment, a slimming coaching adapted to the needs of each one.

For those who cannot afford such a service, we have thought of a top 15 tips for losing weight at home :

  • Have a regular sporting activity,
  • Test interval training (HIIT),
  • To drink a lot of water,
  • Eat eggs for breakfast
  • Adopt a healthy diet,
  • Ban snacking,
  • Include protein in every meal
  • Reduce your consumption of sugars,
  • Control the portions and the number of calories ingested,
  • Eat at regular times
  • To cook,
  • Reduce salt,
  • Do weight training,
  • Eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible
  • Try to get quality sleep.



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