Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Lose weight after pregnancy or child birth. Diet after pregnancy: Everything you need to know

lose weight after pregnancy

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How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

A woman’s body experiences various alterations after childbirth, in addition to gaining weight (soft and bulkier belly, stretch marks, wider hips, etc.).

However, it is not advised to adopt a draconian diet in order to discover the line. Indeed, the majority of express diets cause the yo-yo effect, or quick weight gain after the slimming programme is done. Thus, to lose weight after pregnancy permanently, it is best to follow a well-balanced diet and gradually resume physical activity.

Lose Weight after pregnancy : Why the belly remains big after childbirth?

Carrying a baby for 9 months causes many morphological changes, especially in the belly. 

Indeed, the latter remains voluminous after childbirth, since the uterus needs time to regain its initial size. 

Similarly, pregnancy promotes the appearance of stretch marks and has an impact on the abdominal muscles. 

In short, it can cause several changes in the young mother: irregular menstrual cycles, dental problems, hair loss, etc.

Lose Weight After Pregnancy : When do you lose pregnancy pounds?

It is tough to pinpoint the precise period to shed pregnant pounds. Each woman is unique in terms of physical, genetic, and hormonal characteristics.

Truly, some people may lose weight in a matter of months, while others struggle to drop even a few grammes.

According to experts, it takes roughly 7 months after having birth to begin shedding weight. As a result, regaining your pre-pregnancy figure will take time.

Lose Weight After Pregnancy : What dietary strategy to adopt to lose weight after childbirth?

Find the diet that suits you and makes you feel good..!

It is not essential to adopt an overly restricted diet to lose weight after pregnancy at the risk of exposing yourself to health risks. Furthermore, it is extremely typical to lose weight naturally in the weeks following childbirth. To lose weight permanently and successfully, it is sufficient to follow a balanced diet and engage in moderate physical activity after consulting with a doctor.

In practise, this means:

  • Lunch and supper protein consumption (red meat, fish, eggs, poultry breast, etc.);
  • After each meal, have fresh fruit (ideally high in fibre).
  • Consume extra veggies at each meal to fight cravings;
  • One to two snacks each day (preferably with seasonal fruit);
  • Try not to skip breakfast.
  • Treat yourself occasionally


As far as sports are concerned, training at least 1 hour a week is enough to lose weight quickly. However, before practicing physical activity, it is necessary to seek medical advice and complete perineal rehabilitation. 

Indeed, the muscles of the perineum were considerably solicited during the 9 months of pregnancy. They must thus regain their elasticity before any physical effort.


Lose Weight After Pregnancy : When to start a diet after pregnancy?

According to scientists, it is necessary to wait a few weeks before starting a diet, the time that the body recovers after childbirth.

However, between baby care, shopping and shortened nights, following a diet may be inadvisable, because the young mother risks exposing herself to general fatigue and nutritional deficiencies.

To avoid any complications, simply eat a healthy diet , favoring foods rich in calcium (dairy and dairy products), iron (grilled meats and fatty fish) and folate (green leafy vegetables). You should also drink plenty of water (more than 1 liter of mineral water per day).


lose weight after pregnancy with baby

Lose Weight After Pregnancy : How to lose pregnancy weight fast and easy?

Motivation, dedication, and patience are essential to reduce pregnancy pounds without gaining them back. It is necessary to resort to food rebalancing, that is, to adopt a balanced diet in order to stimulate weight reduction till achieving a healthy weight, for this. This balance of diet also enables the body to adjust to new living situations.

In practise, this means:

  • Foods that are overly fatty, sugary, or salty should be avoided.
  • Regularly consume simple water;
  • Consume everything slowly (fresh fruit, dairy products, veggies as desired, etc.);
  • Adjust your food consumption according on your eating feelings (hunger and fullness);
  • Various foods (diversifying flavours promotes satiety).

To efficiently shed pregnancy weight, regular physical exercise is also essential.

Lose weight after pregnancy: some diet chart ideas

It is not required to adopt a harsh diet to discover the line after delivery. It is sufficient to eat in a balanced and fair manner, without restricting yourself of specific foods. Here is an example of a daily menu to help you understand the composition of daily meals:

A hot beverage; two slices of wholemeal bread with jam; and a dairy product in the morning
At noon: besan cheela or quiche with spinach and fresh goat cheese, shredded carrot salad, and 1 piece of fruit
Evening meal: salmon fillet or grilled chicken with basmati rice and gourmet peas, or grilled paneer with mint sauce.

Lose Weight after pregnancy : The high protein diet: Is eating more protein advisable after pregnancy?

The high protein diet emphasises protein consumption at the expense of other nutrients. As a result, only meals high in protein (meat, fish, eggs, etc.) should be consumed, while carbs and fats should be avoided. Depriving oneself of these two nutrients causes the body to draw on its stores, allowing you to shed weight while retaining muscle mass.

Is this diet, however, helpful for women who have just given birth? It all depends on their health, according to specialists. Indeed, if neglected, this diet can result in a variety of illnesses, including:

Migraines; Significant mood changes; General tiredness; Chronic constipation

As a result, it is best to switch to a less restricted diet and wait until the body is completely recovered before following this diet.

Lose Weight after Pregnancy : Does breastfeeding help lose weight?

Breastfeeding your infant, according to experts, can help you lose weight.

Indeed, breastfeeding does demand some energy, which adds to burning more calories. Thus, it enables you to lose 1 to 2 kg every month.

Women who breastfeed tend to recover the line faster than those who do not breastfeed. However, this weight reduction will be achieved only under particular conditions: it is important to choose a balanced diet and to engage in moderate physical activity on a regular basis (walking, swimming, etc.).

Lose Weight after Pregnancy : Nutrition while breastfeeding

A balanced and varied diet is sufficient to satisfy the nutritional demands of a nursing mother. As a result, no food restrictions are advised when nursing. Similarly, it is important to drink lots of water to avoid being dehydrated.

Calcium-rich foods are also suggested to boost the quality of breast milk. Here are a few examples:

Milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese, almonds, hazelnuts, and green veggies (cabbage, spinach, etc.).
Vegetable milk (soya, oats, and so on);
Yogurt made from soy or coconut;

Lose Weight after Pregnancy : Connect with Dietician for weight loss after pregnancy

It is your personal preference. So choose a dietician with whom you can connect personally, who can motivate you through the entire weight loss journey. Speak with the dietician before you start your diet program. Discuss your personal requirements, eating habits, daily routine, your medical ailments, if any. 

Besides, Understand the ideology and diet strategies which the dietician will choose for you, and ask why it is perfect for you. Ask for diet plans delivery, and how support will be given in case of any queries or explanations. 

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