How Hypnosis for weight loss work?

Priority one while trying to lose weight should be given to making healthier lifestyle choices, particularly with regard to diet. Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness, so while it can aid in weight loss, it is not a silver bullet.

Hypnosis for weight loss

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Hypnosis for weight loss: How does hypnosis work for weight loss?

Hypnosis for weight loss is therapeutic hypnosis or medical hypnosis that will help a person change their bad eating habits. Unlike show hypnosis, the patient does not lose control of his person during the session. Hypnosis will be used to convince the unconscious while the person is between wakefulness and sleep. The practitioner thus uses hypnosis to teach his patient the management of food urges , to have control over the foods that can pose a problem. This method also makes it possible to better manage the emotions that can lead to snacking. The practitioner can provide dietary advice to his patient during the sessions.

Hypnosis for weight loss: Is hypnosis effective for weight loss?

Hypnosis can be a great ally for losing weight. However, hypnosis alone cannot make you lose weight. It is used to create the desire for change in a person and to motivate him. A hypnosis session can, for example, help to remain indifferent to certain unhealthy foods that promote weight gain.

Hypnosis for weight loss: What hypnosis to lose weight?

Hypnosis for weight loss

The hypnosis used to lose weight is a medical hypnosis. Its purpose is to correct a person’s behavior towards food. It will serve to modify the perception of food. For example, if a person has a distaste for vegetables, the practitioner will use hypnosis to convince them to like them. Hypnosis can also be used to persuade a person of the importance of exercising.

Hypnosis for weight loss: Self hypnosis to lose weight

Like hypnosis performed with the help of a practitioner, self-hypnosis involves putting yourself in a daze so that the mind is able to accept suggestions. During the session, it is possible to enter deep into the unconscious to persuade yourself to adopt a balanced lifestyle in order to lose weight and lose the bad habits that have led to weight gain.

To perform self-hypnosis, you have to relax and try to immerse yourself in your unconscious. Stay focused during your session, then focus on the problem to be solved, which is weight loss.

It is important to find the solutions that will help you lose weight, such as a healthier and more balanced diet associated with the practice of regular physical activity. Imagine your body with the weight you want, and what you would look like after reaching your goal. After visualizing all of this in your brain, bring it back into clear consciousness with the sensations of internal experience.

By practicing this exercise daily, you will gradually achieve the behavioral changes necessary for weight loss.

Hypnosis for weight loss: Is it possible to lose weight under hypnosis?

Losing weight under hypnosis is possible. Hypnosis can indeed help with weight loss. For example, it can motivate a person to follow a diet or a food rebalancing program. Through hypnosis, a hypnotherapist can persuade a patient to resist a food to which he is accustomed, but which is detrimental to his health.

Hypnosis for weight loss: How to lose weight while sleeping?

To lose weight while sleeping, you must respect your body and get enough sleep. A good night’s sleep might help you lose weight. You should be aware that eating a healthy and varied food on a regular basis is a must for getting enough sleep. Carbonated and energy drinks, as well as stimulants such as coffee, are not suggested after 5 p.m. Caffeine acts by disturbing sleep. The same is true for alcohol and smoke, which make sleep less restorative..

To benefit from a long restorative night which promotes weight loss, it is advisable to eat less fat, less salt and less sugar during dinner. Prefer vegetables and soup to animal proteins.

Hypnosis for weight loss: How many hypnosis sessions to lose weight?

The number of hypnosis sessions to lose weight varies from person to person, but also the number of pounds to lose. For people suffering from obesity or an overweight problem, 10 to 15 hypnosis sessions may be necessary. For weight loss that is not related to an overweight problem, 3 to 5 sessions may be enough.

Hypnosis for weight loss: How to lose weight by hypnosis to lose weight in 6 sessions?

To lose weight through hypnosis, it is important to feel comfortable and safe with the hypnotherapist. The latter must establish a relationship of trust with his patient so that he speaks to him about his concerns, which here are weight loss. The therapist will thus focus the dialogue on the needs and the objectives to be achieved. During a hypnosis session, the practitioner generally begins with a discussion with his patient to relax him and put him in confidence. During the induction phase, the patient is brought into a state of deep physical and mental relaxation. Then, the hypnotherapist initiates the work of change by discussing with the patient’s unconscious to help him change his behavior in relation to food in order to eliminate the extra pounds. When the work of change is finished, the practitioner takes his patient to enlightenment. The patient can then begin to make the changes.


As mentioned earlier, the duration of a therapy is different depending on the number of pounds to be lost. It can for example be composed of 3 to 6 sessions.

Hypnosis for weight loss: How does hypnosis contribute to weight loss?

The role of hypnosis in weight loss is to persuade the patient to change their eating habits. Hypnosis thus makes it possible to find the origin of bad eating behavior. This therapeutic method makes the patient understand the importance of correcting his eating habits, but also of correcting a diet that is harmful to his body and his health.

Hypnosis for weight loss: Acupuncture or hypnosis to lose weight?

Acupuncture is another method that can help with weight loss. It consists of placing needles on strategic points of the body to provoke the secretion of endorphins or serotonin. This method thus limits stress and food cravings. Acupuncture can contribute to weight loss if combined with a healthy and balanced diet.


The difference between acupuncture and hypnosis for weight loss is that the former acts directly on the body while hypnosis works on the consciousness. Combining these two methods with a balanced diet and regular exercise can be effective in getting rid of excess pounds.

Hypnosis for weight loss: Can a magnetizer help to lose weight?

A magnetizer intervenes in the weight loss process by using the magnetic energy that is found in nature and in the human body. A session with a magnetizer for weight loss will trigger a faster feeling of satiety in the patient. It will also cause the burning of bad fats or the elimination of food urges.

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