How to Lose Belly quickly without a Diet?

A variety of express diets promise to lose belly fat in record time. However, the results are only temporary. Indeed, the majority of people who have followed a slimming program lose weight quickly, but end up regaining the lost pounds. How to avoid the yo-yo effect? Discover in detail the tips to keep the line & How to lose belly fat quickly and eliminate abdominal fat without following a draconian diet.

How to lose belly fat quickly

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How to lose belly fat in 1 week without dieting?

Losing belly fat in just 7 days can be difficult, but doable. This requires determination and discipline, with the aim of achieving a beautiful figure. Here are the tips to follow to lose a few centimeters of waistline in 1 week without dieting:


Play sports

Sport remains the best solution to get a flat stomach. For this, it is advisable to focus on physical activities involving all the muscles of the body in order to promote weight loss. To get an idea, here is an example of a fitness program to apply for a week:


  • Cycling for 30 minutes on the 1st day until 1 hour on the last day;
  • Work the abs daily, with 5 sets of 10 repetitions;
  • Practice rowing at the end of each session for about 15 minutes.
  • To drink a lot of water


Regular hydration is good for your health and is an effective way to lose belly fat. Indeed, water helps to suppress the appetite, which is essential to limit caloric intake. In addition, it eliminates toxins and drains the body.

Adopt a healthy diet

To eat a balanced diet, it is essential to limit the consumption of carbohydrates and sugar. Instead, focus on fresh fruit, steamed vegetables, lean proteins (salmon, poultry meat, etc.) and raw vegetables. For maximum effectiveness, it is advisable to regularly consume fat-burning foods (eggplant, broccoli, zucchini, avocado, tomato, etc.). These have the particularity of eliminating abdominal fat, but also those widespread throughout the body.

How to lose belly fat quickly: How to eliminate belly fat?

Apart from consuming fat-burning foods, there are other methods to get a flat stomach:

Tuck in the belly all day

Adopting this new habit can be restrictive at first, but it helps to firm up the figure, since it works the abdominals for a long time. The principle is to force yourself to bring your stomach in towards your spine.

Move more often

According to sports coaches, abdominal fat begins to melt away when the body starts to move as much as possible. Thus, changing a few habits promotes the melting of superfluous fats. For example, preferring the stairs to the elevators, walking instead of taking a bus, often getting up from the chair…

Eat healthy

Several factors promote the accumulation of fat (unbalanced diet, stress, sedentary lifestyle, poor lifestyle, hormonal imbalance, etc.). To remedy this, a food rebalancing is in order. The principle is to eat enough while avoiding processed foods that are too fatty and high in sugar.

Do cardio exercises

Cardio exercises are great for getting a flat stomach. Indeed, they consist of chaining a series of rapid movements allowing you to burn a lot of calories. Some of the best known are zumba, burpee, jump rope and running. Note that doing abs does not contribute to losing belly fat, because this type of activity promotes muscle mass gain.

Combine endurance and muscle strengthening exercises

Combining these two types of exercises is effective in eliminating stored fat in the belly. Here are some examples:

  • Running;
  • brisk walking;
  • Swimming ;
  • Jumping rope ;
  • sheathing;
  • Aquafitness;
  • Etc.

How to lose belly fat quickly: How to Get Rid of Belly Fat Naturally?

Every woman desires a flat, solid stomach. Here are some tips to help you achieve your goal without going on a diet:

Eat healthily, without stress or limitation.

The most efficient strategy to decrease abdomen fat naturally is to eat a nutritional diet. Seasonal and fresh foods should be favoured over manufactured things. It is also not recommended to restrict foods deemed damaging to the line. Indeed, the goal is to eat according to your desires, but in reasonable quantities, while being mindful of the content of the food consumed. Finally, eating at regular intervals is recommended.

Keep yourself hydrated.

Drinking water on a regular basis assists weight reduction by lowering cravings and eating. Water is also well-known for its aesthetic qualities. Indeed, by moisturising the skin, it is possible to attain a young and beautiful complexion. It can also be used to treat water retention and acne.

Straighten your back

Adopting a bad posture gives the impression of having a huge tummy. Stand straight to enhance your silhouette. This healthy posture also contributes in the improvement of intestinal transit.

Practice regular physical activity

According to scientists, even short workouts help lose belly fat because they burn calories and build muscle. In addition, exercising regularly is good for morale. Indeed, physical effort helps relieve stress and limits the production of cortisol, the stress hormone.

Sleep well

Lack of sleep results from many factors (telephones, poor digestion, stress, etc.). However, insomnia can lead to chronic fatigue and promotes weight gain. Indeed, it disrupts the metabolism of lipids, which leads to the accumulation of fat. Thus, it takes about 8 hours of sleep to avoid this phenomenon.

How to lose belly fat quickly : How to have a flat belly ?

To obtain a flat stomach without following a drastic diet, it is advisable to favor a balanced diet. For this, it is necessary to vary the foods consumed in order to benefit from the useful nutrients so that the functioning of the body is optimal (vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and lipids). Thus, it is possible to eat everything, but in reasonable quantities. Among the most recommended are fresh fruits, vegetables, proteins, whole grains, water and dairy products.

Apart from adopting a healthy diet, it is also necessary to exercise regularly. Here are some exercises to focus on to lose belly fat:

  • The ground crunch;
  • The board ;
  • Next, The sit-up;
  • Raising the legs;
  • The mountain climbers;
  • The side plank.

For great results, it is best to train at least every other day, with 10-20 repetitions per exercise.

How to lose belly fat quickly: What exercises to lose belly fat?

How to lose belly fat quickl

Apart from the exercises mentioned above, other activities help to eliminate fat located in the belly:


The posture of the boat

This exercise strengthens the abdominal belt, but also the hips and the spine. In addition, the movements carried out solicit all the abdominal muscles, which is necessary to refine the silhouette.


The squat

The squat allows you to work the buttocks and the muscles of the abdominal strap. Over the sessions, it helps reduce the risk of joint injury and strengthens the lower body.



Simple and easy to practice, sheathing is effective for having a perfect silhouette. Indeed, it solicits many muscle groups (deep abdominals, back muscles, lower limbs, hips, etc.). In addition, progressive training helps improve spinal support.

How to lose belly fat quickly: What is the best sport to lose belly fat?

According to sports coaches, cardio training is the best solution for eliminating fat located in the belly and throughout the body. This is an activity combining several types of endurance sports (skipping rope, swimming, cycling, burpee, running, fitness walking, etc.). Practiced regularly, it brings multiple health benefits:


  • Reduction of blood pressure;
  • Improved muscle performance;
  • Also, Improved cardiovascular health;
  • Improved concentration;
  • Strengthening of the immune system.

How to build stomach muscles?

Men, but also many women, want to get a muscular stomach. Here are the exercises to practice regularly to achieve this goal:

  • The snake ;
  • The wiper;
  • Also, The sit-up;
  • Lying leg kicks.

How to lose belly fat quickly : How can I acquire a flat tummy after the age of 50?

It is normal to acquire weight after the age of 50. A variety of causes might be at action (lack of physical activity, reduction in basic metabolism, sedentary work, etc.). However, once you reach this age, losing abdominal fat becomes very difficult. As a result, it is best to prioritise non-violent physical activities such as boat posture, sheathing, board, swimming, vacuuming, and so on. In the absence of time, walking at least 10,000 steps every day suffices.


Regardless of age, eating a balanced diet is essential for decreasing belly fat. Specifically, it is required:


  • Prioritize fruits, vegetables, and starchy foods; 
  • Stock up on animal protein (lean meat or fish, eggs, shellfish, etc.); 
  • Reduce or even prevent alcohol use;
  • Avoiding industrial beverages (sodas, soft drinks, and so on); 
  • Avoiding processed meals; and 
  • Drinking enough of water.

What drinks to favor to slim down the belly?

Some drinks are excellent slimming allies thanks to their natural appetite suppressant effect as well as their fat-burning and satiating properties. Among the best known are:


  • Tea (green, black, ginger and dandelion);
  • The water ;
  • lemon water;
  • Fennel juice;
  • Pineapple juice;
  • parsley juice;
  • Celery juice.

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