How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally

Losing belly fat is one of the goals of slimming diets. The belly and abdominal region are the main part of the body where the fat formed by the body is likely to accumulate. Thus, it is not uncommon to have a belly that is too fat and to want to get rid of it, for, among other things, aesthetic reasons. Can reducing the size of the stomach help eliminate this superfluous fat? There are many claims that imply that there are natural ways to decrease the stomach’s ability to eat less. But what is it really? Zoom on the explanations on this subject.

how to lose belly fat naturally

Reduce stomach size naturally, is it possible?

Weight loss is a very common topic in today’s society. In response to this craze, diets that advocate flat stomachs, rapid weight loss or any other slimming effect are multiplying and boasting each of their effectiveness. In order to eradicate the problem of weight gain at its source, some even believe that shrinking the stomach is effective in reducing daily food consumption. 


If it is indeed possible to reduce the size of this organ located at the heart of the digestive process, there is no natural way to proceed. Indeed, many assumptions circulate on this subject. Some believe that by reducing their daily food intake, including following a restrictive diet, the stomach will naturally shrink in size. Others associate the consumption of a large quantity of food with an enlargement of stomach volume. 


In any case, it is important to know that it is impossible to naturally and permanently change the size of the stomach. Diet or not, the stomach stays the same size throughout. Eating less during one of these dieting is not due to a shrinking stomach, but rather to a new eating behavior established by habit



Concretely, no natural method can reduce the stomach. Any ideas to the contrary are just myths. Admittedly, it is entirely possible to restrict the volume of this organ. However, this is only possible through a surgical procedure, called bariatric surgery. There are several types (gastric sleeve, gastric bypass) according to everyone’s desires and needs. By reducing food consumption, as part of a diet, it is the appetite that decreases and not the size of the stomach. It is actually an elastic organ that adapts to the situation. Empty, the stomach supports about 50 ml. On the other hand, it is able to expand up to 1 liter after a reasonable meal, or even 4 liters in case of excess. Even if it is inflated to the maximum, it will return to its original size once its contents have been fully digested. This process usually lasts a few hours and is therefore not a permanent situation. In any case, no diet can reduce the stomach naturally.

Swollen stomach: How to deflate belly quickly?

Once the previous concept is assimilated, it seems more than obvious that following a diet has no effect on the size and volume of the stomach. Being elastic, it is quite normal, after a heavy meal, to have a swollen stomach and, therefore, a more rounded belly. Once digestion is complete, a process that takes a few hours on average, the stomach returns to its original size. In any case, a belly that swells following a meal or water retention should not be confused with a fat belly. For those who wish to quickly deflate the belly after a hearty lunch, there are several tips to follow:

Choosing the right food products to consume: The speed of digestion by the body varies according to the food consumed. Some foods have a bad reputation for making your stomach bloat even more. Among them are in particular dairy products, cold cuts, cabbage, eggs.


Drink water: Water is an excellent ally of digestion. It is best to drink a glass after eating and not during the meal. For a better effect on the stomach, it is advisable to opt for hot water whenever possible.


Drinking green tea or herbal tea: Excellent diuretic, green tea and herbal teas act against water retention and thus allow to effectively deflate the belly. Additionally, green tea is known to promote food transit, which helps the stomach deflate faster after a heavy meal.

Eat yogurt: Another unstoppable trick against bloating and feelings of swelling, yogurt facilitates transit thanks to the probiotics it brings to the body.

How to lose stomach fat?

There’s a big difference between getting rid of stomach fat, better known as belly fat, and getting rid of love handles . Both unsightly and characterized by an accumulation of fat in the belly, these problems are not resolved in the same way. In both cases, the belly is mainly concerned. Indeed, it is the part of the body where all the fat taken from the diet naturally settles first. In addition, abdominal fat is one of the most capricious and is quite difficult to dislodge in the context of weight loss. To burn the layer of fat comfortably installed in the stomach, nothing is more effective than a combination of food rebalancingand appropriate physical exercises.

Lose belly fat naturally: how to do it?

The body is a set of mechanisms that adapts to all circumstances. If it is abundantly nourished, the body ends up considering the excess of food “normal”. Otherwise, if it is trained to become accustomed to reduced food quantities, the body and the brain end up adopting this behavior and functioning in accordance with it. To manage to eat less without starving the body, it is necessary to adopt some new eating habits intended to regulate the appetite. The process involves paying attention to one’s environment, choosing the right containers to use and, above all, balancing the diet to avoid any risk of nutritional deficiency.

Eat little and in small quantities: Reduce portions

The question often arises: how to lose get a flat stomach. The answer lies in a healthy and balanced diet, combined with good regular physical activity. The belly is an area of ​​the body that is quite hard to work on. However, armed with patience and motivation, nothing is impossible. To have a belly devoid of abdominal fat, it is important to control the metabolism of the body. Indeed, the storage of fat by the body is controlled by its metabolism. In order to permanently get rid of this fat mass, avoiding the yoyo effect at all costs, you must avoid going through a restrictive diet which risks disrupting the metabolism. Starving your body and practicing physical exercises at times is never the solution. As this does not modify the metabolism, from the slightest stop, all the fat is likely to return to twice its original amount. Instead, adopt a diet that ensures the proper functioning of the metabolism and promotes fat burning.

Diet to lose belly fat

Food is crucial and not insignificant in weight loss. This is not about fasting or skipping meals, although some diets are based on these methods. The choices of diets are numerous and depend on each one. It is possible, among other things, to opt for a low-calorie diet or to turn to a high-protein diet . Otherwise, some foods are known for their fat-burning effect. Among these are:

Certain fruits: citrus fruits, watermelons, apples, melons, bananas, papayas, avocados;

Certain vegetables: eggplant, broccoli, salads, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, zucchini;

Certain cereals such as oat bran and flax seeds;

Certain beverages: coffee, green tea extract.

In addition to the consumption of these natural fat-burning foods, there are some practical tips to facilitate obtaining a flat stomach:

Do not neglect taking breakfast: It is important to eat in the morning in order to regulate the level of insulin and bad cholesterol in the body;

Eat whole grains instead of refined grains;

Avoid processed food products: instead, focus on fresh fruits and vegetables;

Listen to the body’s signals: this consists of knowing when to stop when the feeling of satiety is heard;

Drinking water: this activates the metabolism and benefits the general health of the body.

What sport and exercise to practice to lose belly?

The practice of sports exercises is very important in weight loss . It is the ideal complement to a balanced diet to effectively burn excess fat accumulated in the belly. Of all the activities you can do, cardio exercises (anything that builds endurance), combined with weight training, are the best way to go. Running, walking, jumping rope and swimming are also known to promote the burning of abdominal fat. Rather than turning to abdominal exercises, it is advisable to favor costal and ventral sheathing exercises, which are much more targeted.

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