Intermittent Fasting: 15 effects on your Health

Intermittent fasting continues on its way, thanks to your incredible Fasting results. For my part, I am beginning to know the benefits of fasting a little every day, and you? In this article, I wanted to take stock in 2021 of radical changes that you enjoy with intermittent fasting. You are thousands to practice it every day for weight loss. Learn about Intermittent fasting effects on health.. But for health?… Read More »Intermittent Fasting: 15 effects on your Health

Weapon Against Chronic Fatigue

The Ketogenic Diet: A Weapon Against Chronic Fatigue?

The ketogenic diet or the keto diet in English, goes completely against our eating habits. And yet, as several studies show (see below), its effectiveness seems to be on all fronts: health, well-being, weight loss and physical performance . Let’s see together how ketogenic diet is a Weapon Against Chronic Fatigue. The diet takes its name from ketone bodies, which then become the main source of energy for the body.… Read More »The Ketogenic Diet: A Weapon Against Chronic Fatigue?

Fasting: What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting or fasting allows you to rest your body for a few hours, quite simply. Be careful though, it is better not to repeat these periods of young people too often. Zoom on this express detox with nutritionist. So, let us have a look at the full information on What is intermittent fasting. Summary What is fasting? How to fast intermittently? Intermittent fasting: the benefits for the body Fasting:… Read More »Fasting: What is intermittent fasting?

Keto Vegetarian, vegan or vegan is it possible?

A priori, in theory, everything is possible. The Keto / LCHF diet consists in reviewing the distribution of macro-nutrients, and the Keto vegetarian, vegan and Vegan feeds propose to eat each of the three macro-nutrients (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins). Vegetarians and vegans often tend to favour carbohydrates, more easily available in plant products, and may suffer. Restoring a better ratio between carbohydrates and fats can help them improve their health and… Read More »Keto Vegetarian, vegan or vegan is it possible?

Treat sinusitis naturally

How to Treat sinusitis naturally – Full guide

A clogged nose, feeling of vice … In case of inflammation or pain in the sinuses, natural remedies based on plants, essential oils, seawater or self-massage help to be released. In this guide you will find how to Treat sinusitis naturally Summary The sinusitis is the inflammation of the sinus mucosal cavities located above or on either side of the nose. It can be relieved without medication, when it is… Read More »How to Treat sinusitis naturally – Full guide

10 things everyone should know about Breasts

The breasts embody femininity, motherhood and sexuality. Sensitive to hormones, they swell during the female cycle, change during pregnancy … These changes raise many questions. So here are the 10 things everyone should know about Breasts. Summary Big breasts are no more worries Infection is possible, even outside breastfeeding At each consultation, the gynaecologist must palpate the breasts It is common to have sore breasts Breasts hate tobacco and alcohol… Read More »10 things everyone should know about Breasts

normal bmi

Types of BMI

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Types of BMI Many people aim to acquire the ideal or healthy weight in order to retain excellent health. Excess weight can cause cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and diabetes. You may use a variety of techniques to calculate your optimal weight for your height, including the body mass index, waist circumference measurement, fat mass index, and impedance scale. Types of BMI what is my bmi guide on types of BMI types… Read More »Types of BMI

How to lose belly fat quickly

How to Lose Belly quickly without a Diet?

How to Lose Belly quickly without a Diet? A variety of express diets promise to lose belly fat in record time. However, the results are only temporary. Indeed, the majority of people who have followed a slimming program lose weight quickly, but end up regaining the lost pounds. How to avoid the yo-yo effect? Discover in detail the tips to keep the line & How to lose belly fat quickly and eliminate… Read More »How to Lose Belly quickly without a Diet?