Calm your fears, 4 Natural Solutions

Calm your fears, 4 natural solutions

When anxiety overwhelms us, whether it is punctual or chronic, there are natural ways to calm down. We think of soothing plants of course, but also of breathing.


  1. An essential oil for massage, for express relaxation
  2. Breathing exercise to lower the pressure
  3. Hawthorn, to calm transient anxiety
  4. Griffonia, to soothe a stressed temperament

Fatigue, annoyances, stress … it doesn’t take more to feel overwhelmed by your emotions. What to do when the little worries of everyday life come to the surface?

  • An essential oil for massage, for express relaxation
Massage the plexus

Why does it help? “When stress rises, the essential oil (HE) of marjoram with shell, which balances the nervous system, is the most effective,” notes expert sophrologists.

To increase its effect, it is applied to the plexus, a hollow located above the stomach: this point of digitopuncture is the seat of emotions, we also often feel oppressed in this place when we are anxious.

How to use it ? Pour 5 drops of shelled marjoram HE in a teaspoon of vegetable oil (calendula, sweet almond …) .If its odor does not please, it is found associated with other relaxing HE (officinal lavender, petit grain bigaradier) in ready-made products.

Massage the plexus for at least 2 minutes, using circles using your fingertips or the roll-on, and breathe well.

“It is better to massage anti-clockwise” , says phytotherapist experts.

  • Breathing exercise to lower the pressure

Why does it help? Breathing deeply is a rapid relaxation technique, to be used everywhere as soon as you feel stress rising (at the office, in the car …).

“As soon as you breathe deeply, with an exhalation longer than inspiration, the organism relaxes physiologically, while too short a breath maintains anxiety. By focusing on breathing, we also forget about parasitic thoughts, ” explains experts. “

This relaxes the diaphragm and relaxes all the posterior muscle chains attached to it: back, trapezius … “, says experts.

How to do ? You have to breathe through your stomach, not just your chest. You breathe in through your nose, trying to inflate your belly like a balloon and then raising the air up to your shoulders. We then blow very slowly through the mouth, like in a straw, to empty the air but without going so far as to run out of breath. Breathing should remain comfortable. To do at least 3 times.

  • Hawthorn, to calm transient anxiety
Hawthorn Flower

Why does it help? “When anxiety responds to a specific event and causes symptoms such as palpitations, trembling hands, hyperemotivity …, hawthorn is the plant to choose because it acts quickly. It regulates and calms the sympathetic nervous system, with a slightly sedative action “, explains experts.

How to use it ? Prefer standardized plant extracts, in liquid form (EPS PhytoPrevent) or capsules, which can be purchased in pharmacies. Take 1 to 3 capsules for a total dosage of 400 mg of dry extract or a teaspoon of EPS, 2 to 3 times a day, for a few days to cope with the event which causes anxiety (job interview …).

The hawthorn has a fast action, interesting in case of occasional anxiety , it can also be used as a cure, for 2 to 4 weeks if the lump in the belly persists. The only precaution: seek medical advice in the event of heart problems as it affects the rhythm of the heart.

  • Griffonia, to soothe a stressed temperament

Why does it help? If you have an anxious ground and that the least stressful event (professional or family change) makes reappear anxieties, “it indicates a general problem of adaptation to stress and it is important to take care of it well to avoid its accumulation ” says experts.

The seeds of griffonia contain 5-HTP, precursor of the hormone serotonin . This plant thus helps to better cope with stress , it is interesting in case of anxiety with mood disorders or irritability.

How to use it ? In the form of EPS or standardized extract capsules (SID Nutrition, Noxidrim 5-HTP Solgar, LPEV …): 1 tsp. coffee (2 maximum) or 2 capsules dosed at 100 mg of 5-HTP to be taken at the end of the day and in the evening one hour before going to bed.

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