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More than the majority of men in the world are affected by a problem of overweight, or even obesity. Although women are mainly the ones who are concerned about their physique, men are also concerned about their looks. As a result, many people are getting into fitness, bodybuilding and strict slimming diets. For more efficiency, it is necessary to refer to the BMI or Body Mass Index or BMI calculator for men. It is a tool to monitor or control the evolution of an individual’s weight. However, to use it in the rules, several essential notions and calculations must be known. 

BMI calculator for men

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BMI calculator for men: How to calculate BMI or body mass index for men?

The formula used to calculate the body mass index for men is the same as that used for women. Indeed, the body mass index is based on the relationship between two parameters, namely weight and height. Neither the sex nor the age of the person is taken into account. The same goes for the weight of bone mass, muscle mass and the various body fluids such as lymphatic fluid, for example.


To calculate the body mass index for men, the formula is as follows: BMI (in kg/m2) = weight (in kg) / height2 (in m). Thanks to the result of this calculation, it is possible to know if the individual is in the category of thinness, overweight or obesity. However, it is difficult to trust this indicator with eyes closed. Indeed, two men of different corpulence (a man with developed muscle mass and another with overweight) can have the same body mass index. As a result, an athletic man can for example be considered overweight or obese.

BMI calculator for men: How to make a human BMI curve?

The BMI curve is an essential tool, especially for people following a weight loss program. Indeed, the curve of the BMI or corpulence curve makes it possible to closely follow the evolution of the weight. It also makes it possible to observe the results of a diet adopted over the long term, for example. This curve therefore makes it possible to detect the risks of obesity early and to remedy them in time.

The techniques for making a BMI curve for a man are the same as those for women. This is done by drawing a horizontal line (coordinate line) to indicate the weighing dates. It is best to enter them at regular intervals, that is to say weekly, monthly, quarterly… Then, just draw a vertical line (line of abscissas) to specify the figures corresponding to the BMIs. For a better view of the curve, it is preferable to plot the thresholds for each BMI category. Thus, this method makes it easier to situate the person’s BMI in relation to the ideal BMI.

BMI Calculator weight curve

For a detailed result, it is advisable to carry out the weighing at the same time of the day, such as every morning on an empty stomach, for example. After each weighing, the BMI must be calculated (weight in kg/height² in m). It remains only to mark the point of intersection between the BMI of the individual and the date of the weighing.

The weight curve is an effective way to monitor whether or not a personal goal has been achieved (recovery, loss or stabilization of weight). To this end, it is strongly recommended throughout the follow-up of a food rebalancing. From this point of view, it is a dietary program based on a healthy and balanced diet . In addition to helping to lose weight sustainably or regain weight in a healthy way, this method helps maintain the state of health. In addition, it remedies fatigue, loss of concentration, cardiovascular disease, diabetes or the yo-yo effect. Of course, food rebalancing must be combined with regular sports activity.

How to measure a man's waist circumference BMI?

In addition to the classic BMI, measuring the BMI of a man’s waist circumference makes it possible to better assess the risks of obesity-related diseases. Excess weight around the waist can significantly increase cardiovascular risk, the risk of hypertension and hypercholesterolemia or even type 2 diabetes.


To measure the body mass index of a man’s waist circumference, the person must stand. Then pass the tape measure around the waist, in the area between the top of the hip bone and the first rib. The tape measure should fit snugly without overtightening the skin. It is also advisable to take the measurements of the waist circumference in the morning on an empty stomach to obtain relevant results. Therefore, the ideal waist circumference BMI for a man is between 94 and 102 cm.


This method is an undeniable ally, especially as part of a slimming diet to lose belly effectively. In this context, it is advisable to establish a dietary menu for each week and to eat healthy . To achieve this, the support of a nutrition professional is recommended. This will make it easier for every man to lose belly fat in a healthy and sustainable way.


At the same time, the practice of an abdominal fat-burning sport for about 45 minutes a day is required. This could be, for example, a daily walk or a 30-minute bike ride. Of course, the removal of alcohol and soft drinks from the male diet is recommended.

BMI calculator for men : How do you know if an adult man has an ideal weight?

BMI calculator for men

Whether for women or for men, there is an ideal weight that suits the height, morphology or age of each person. As far as men are concerned, here are some indications and information on what their weight should be.

BMI calculator for men : What ideal weight for a man of 1m75?

Having the ideal weight for your height is important for staying healthy. For a man measuring 1.75 m, the recommended normal weight is between 57 and 77 kg. On average, he must weigh around 67 kg to have a weight perfectly adapted to his height. For more details, here is the interpretation of a man’s ideal weight in relation to the result of a BMI:

  • A man of 1.75 m with a weight between 45 kg and 50 kg with a BMI between 14.69 and 16.33 is in a state of anorexia or malnutrition;
  • Secondly, A man of 1.75 m with a weight between 51 kg and 56 kg with a BMI between 16.65 and 18.29 is in a state of thinness;
  • A man of 1.75 m with a weight between 77 kg and 91 kg having a BMI between 25.14 and 29.71 is overweight;
  • A man of 1.75 m with a weight beyond 92 kg having a BMI of more than 30.04 is placed in the obese category.


These indications also allow the man integrating this size category to react in case of underweight or overweight. Indeed, maintaining a normal and stable weight over the long term is essential to avoid various serious illnesses that can go as far as cancer. It is therefore essential to eat healthy and balanced to maintain health.

BMI calculator for men: How to recognize morbid obesity and overweight of a man?

Obesity and overweight are terms used to designate an accumulation of body fat, and this, in an abnormal or even excessive way. They are mainly caused by an energy or dietary imbalance in the calories consumed and expended by the person who suffers from them. Apart from the aesthetic inconveniences they generate, obesity and overweight are also risk factors for chronic diseases, namely cancer, musculoskeletal disorders and stroke (cerebrovascular accident).

The body mass index is the measure most used to assess overweight and obesity in a person aged between 18 and 65 years. According to information validated by the World Health Organization, here is how to interpret BMI indications:

When a man has a BMI equal to or greater than 25 kg/m², he is considered overweight. If necessary, it is advisable to eat balanced foods and to practice physical activities on a regular basis to eliminate the extra pounds and reach an ideal weight.

Also, when a man has a BMI greater than or equal to 30 kg/m², he is in the category of type 1 obesity. As a result, he risks being prone to worrying diseases such as diabetes , pain joints and heart disease.

Above 40 kg/m², a man’s BMI indicates type 3 (morbid) obesity. The person’s health is in real danger. The radical and immediate change of a food lifestyle is in order. It is even advisable to use the services of a doctor or a dietitian-nutritionist to accompany him during a disciplined and adapted slimming program.

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