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Hitting Menopause : Nutrition & Wellness for you

Menopause is a phase that involves many changes for women. With the menopausal hormonal change the secretive dynamism disappears and the woman has to face a new static situation: there is metabolic slowness that also affects the physical form with a consequent increase in weight. Modifications of mood also occur, accompanied by biochemical changes, but with nutrition, these can be affected to improve moods. For example, obsessive thinking can be partially controlled by regulating blood sugar, rabies can be contained by reducing the reabsorption of… Read More »Hitting Menopause : Nutrition & Wellness for you

Alternatives To Sugar

The 10 most natural alternatives to SUGAR . 1 – HONEY : healthier and more ecological thanks to its production with lower environmental impact; 2 – the MAPLE SYRUP : not only is it very sweet but it is also low calorie and antioxidant 3 – GRAPE JUICE : it is the perfect combination of sweetness and antioxidant properties 4 – APPLE JUICE : the natural sweetener easy to digest and very rich of vitamins and mineral salts 5 – MALTO : the best alternative… Read More »Alternatives To Sugar

The Shape of Food Defines its Function

Around 1600, Paracelsus, a Swiss philosopher and alchemist, today considered the precursor of modern chemistry, formulated a hypothesis according to which each plant, every fruit existing in nature, had been created to cure our organism, given the similarity of each of them with parts of our body. This philosophy was very successful until, coming to modern times, thanks to consumerism, they made us believe that we need other things to feed us, obtaining only the result of increasing a series of pathologies affecting all our… Read More »The Shape of Food Defines its Function

4 Sources of Calcium outside Milk – For Lactose Intolerant

The calcium intake is supposed to solidify the bones, but our daily contributions end up being much too high in our western countries. If you absorb too much, it clogs the body which can lead to cardiovascular disease. If we do not absorb enough, we risk osteoporosis (loss of bone resistance that predisposes to fractures); Milk is the best known source of calcium. But cow’s milk is more and more pointed: it is not very digestible in adulthood, it contains too many bad fats and… Read More »4 Sources of Calcium outside Milk – For Lactose Intolerant

7 Big Mistakes With Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

The incorrect way OR things to avoid while taking Apple Cider Vinegar ACV Although Apple Cider vinegar or Apple juice vinegar or ACV is very good and beneficial for weight loss, a lot of our clients complain that it is very hard to drink or even gulp it. As we all know ACV is pressed with medical advantages, however there is a good and bad approach to utilise it—and for this situation, the “incorrect way” can possibly be hazardous and undesirable. So prevent the big mistakes… Read More »7 Big Mistakes With Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

10 Secrets Tips for Weight Loss

I have seen so many people who just love food but can’t eat it because of their diet. We took that diet word wrongly. Diet just doesn’t stand for starving yourself to die or just stop eating the things you love. Diet should be the way that you can get the nutrition you want to keep yourself healthy and can help you to stop trash eating. You should plan your diet with the help dietician only some basic exercise is okay. So, here are some… Read More »10 Secrets Tips for Weight Loss