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Free Navratra Diet plan

Free Navratri Diet Plan | Navratri Fasting : Facts & Benefits

Navratri (Nav- nine; Ratri- Nights) also called Durga Pooja is done to worship the nine divine forms of┬áDEVI. It is a time of religious reflection and fasting. So follow Free Navratri Diet Plan and gain the blessing of Devi. Basis of Fasting / Navratri Diet During fasting, people follow a strict vegetarian diet and do not consume alcohol. Free Navratri Diet Plans Fruits and vegetables are allowed during Navratri for people who are on fast but not Wheat flour. Some people abstain from consuming onion… Read More »Free Navratri Diet Plan | Navratri Fasting : Facts & Benefits
Gluten free food

Indian Gluten Free Diet: Definition, Benefits and Dangers

What is gluten-free diet? Gluten is a protein, it is found in particular wheat and multiple cereals such as barley and rye. As a result, gluten is also present in a wide range of food products that include a dough (eg bread, pizzas etc …) or flour. Gluten offers a variety of functional and practical properties (eg, malleability and good performance). Thus, “gluten-free” means practically having a gluten-free diet, that is, you avoid ALL foods that may contain gluten (such as bread and pasta). A… Read More »Indian Gluten Free Diet: Definition, Benefits and Dangers
Eat fat to lose weight, the credo of the ketogenic diet

Eat Fat To Lose Weight on Ketogenic Diet

Get to know how to Eat fat to lose weight - quick and fast, a typical day under keto diet. Low in carbohydrates and enriched in fat (or fat), the ketogenic diet is based on the principle that the body will tap into its fat reserves to produce energy.
Ten rules to reach the state of ketosis

Ten Rules to Ketosis : How To Achieve The State of Ketosis

The state of ketosis is binary, either it has been reached or it has not been reached. If the body produces ketones, it is because it is in the ketogenic mode and burns the lipids first. We can compare this state to pregnancy, either we are pregnant or we are not pregnant; we are not "a little pregnant", as we are not "a little in ketosis"
ketogenic diet mistake

The 10 Mistakes in Keto Diet – Indians Usually make – How to Avoid

10 Mistakes in Keto Diet which Indians usually make are very basic but are mostly neglected. Starting the Indian ketogenic diet can be stress! We must change our eating habits; we constantly wonder if we do things right. To relax a little, we are nice, in addition to basic advice, we give you the 10 essential precautions to start with ketogenic diet to be sure not to do too much nonsense at first! 10 Mistakes in Keto Diet – To Avoid Too much attention to… Read More »The 10 Mistakes in Keto Diet – Indians Usually make – How to Avoid
ketogenic diet

The Indian Ketogenic Diet or Keto for Beginners

What is Indian Keto Diet or Ketogenic diet ? Keto or Indian Ketogenic diet ( Veg or Non Veg meal options) is a diet low in carbohydrates (fast and slow sugars), sufficient in protein and rich in lipids (fats). This mode of feeding can turn your body into a machine to burn fat ! As a result, it is recognised for its beneficial effects on weight loss, but also on health, and on physical performance. The term “keto” comes from ketones or ketone bodies. Ketones… Read More »The Indian Ketogenic Diet or Keto for Beginners
Childern Eating Habbits

The more different vegetables on the plate, the more children eat-2019

Recent experience indicates that in order to promote children’s appetite for vegetables, it is better to bring a high plant diversity to the plate rather than a single vegetable. Why it’s important Vegetables are not usually the foods kids love the most, especially when they are poorly cooked, as can be the case in the canteen. Yet these foods are essential for good health in the short and long term. It is therefore important to consume child. How to help the most recalcitrant to consume?… Read More »The more different vegetables on the plate, the more children eat-2019

Hitting Menopause : Nutrition & Wellness for you

Menopause is a phase that involves many changes for women. With the menopausal hormonal change the secretive dynamism disappears and the woman has to face a new static situation: there is metabolic slowness that also affects the physical form with a consequent increase in weight. Modifications of mood also occur, accompanied by biochemical changes, but with nutrition, these can be affected to improve moods. For example, obsessive thinking can be partially controlled by regulating blood sugar, rabies can be contained by reducing the reabsorption of… Read More »Hitting Menopause : Nutrition & Wellness for you

Alternatives To Sugar

The 10 most natural alternatives to SUGAR . 1 – HONEY : healthier and more ecological thanks to its production with lower environmental impact; 2 – the MAPLE SYRUP : not only is it very sweet but it is also low calorie and antioxidant 3 – GRAPE JUICE : it is the perfect combination of sweetness and antioxidant properties 4 – APPLE JUICE : the natural sweetener easy to digest and very rich of vitamins and mineral salts 5 – MALTO : the best alternative… Read More »Alternatives To Sugar