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All About Vitamin D: How to meet your needs

All About Vitamin D Essential for bone health and immunity, vitamin D is synthesised by the body under the effect of the sun or provided by food. However, many of us miss them. How to optimize your contributions? When to take vitamin D supplements ? Summary Vitamins D: what is the difference between D2 and D3? What is Vitamin D for? Where is Vitamin D found? Do all skins make the same amount of vitamin D? How long should you be in the sun? What… Read More »All About Vitamin D: How to meet your needs


What food is good for a healthy heart?

Food for healthy heart To prevent cardiovascular disease, we pay attention to what we eat. A diet rich in fish but also in fruits and vegetables promotes good heart health. No food is prohibited. Summary : Is there a diet to favour for the heart? What foods are good for the arteries? What foods are bad for the heart? Eat everything but not excessively, favoring food that is friendly to our arteries: these are the bases of a diet that is good for the heart.… Read More »What food is good for a healthy heart?


Radishes, a real slimming ally!

Radish Slimming alley White radish, red radish or black radish, this vegetable from the cruciferous family is crisp and refreshing. Low in calories, Radishes is a slimming ally … provided you eat it without butter! Discover the health benefits of radishes as well as some tips and recipes for consuming them. Summary : 1. A supplier of vitamin C and minerals. 2.What are the main health benefits of radish? 3. How to choose and store radishes well? 4. How to consume them? 5. What are… Read More »Radishes, a real slimming ally!

Keto without breaking the bank


Low Cost Keto Diet : without breaking the bank – Don’t spend a lot of money on Keto Diet Some ideas for adopting keto food without spending a lot of money If you’re not used to eating organic and fresh, or buying coconut oil or almond powder (the course of which has risen recently), adopting keto feed can be scary. Low Cost Keto Diet: HOW TO AVOID RUINING YOURSELF? 1 .GET ORGANIZED Often, when you want to make a recipe, one ingredient is missing. This… Read More »LOW COST KETO DIET : WITHOUT SPENDING A LOT OF MONEY

paleo diet

The complete guide to the Paleo Diet

If you do not know it yet, to follow the Paleo Diet you must: -> To live in a cave -> Give up all modern comfort -> and eat only raw meat You will have the result of being strong and thin indeed, but also to have a life expectancy of 30 years. Well, if it sounds ridiculous to you, know that there are still many people who think it’s true. Even if the Paleo regime “landed” in France (and other European countries), around 2011,… Read More »The complete guide to the Paleo Diet

Fasting Method

Fasting Method in Intermittent: How to slim down with IF

Fasting Method in Intermittent: How to slim down with intermittent fasting The benefits of Intermittent fasting without all the constraints. This is the challenge of fasting (intermittent fasting in English), a very flexible program that skill fully combines complete caloric restrictions and gourmet meals. With the key, a weight loss and an Olympic form.  What is the Fasting method in Intermittent? The basic principle of intermittent fasting ? Do not eat anything (but continue to drink especially) for a certain period of time, depending on… Read More »Fasting Method in Intermittent: How to slim down with IF

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The (very) complete guide to intermittent fasting

The (very) complete guide to intermittent fasting Let’s be honest, the first time we hear about fasting, it’s FEAR! And yet, when we start to take an interest in ketogenic food, we see it coming from everywhere! We hear intermittent fasting, OMAD, 16: 8, among others. Little by little we are overwhelmed by the sad impression that we need a doctorate to be able to understand all that. And as if it was not complicated enough we can remember all that we have heard so… Read More »The (very) complete guide to intermittent fasting


Intermittent fasting for beginners

Intermittent fasting for beginners Do you hesitate to start intermittent fasting to lose weight or improve your health? This comprehensive guide will allow you to answer the many questions you have. I will first reassure you by saying that yes, fasting can really help you lose weight and improve your health, you have chosen the right method. To put the odds on your side and succeed in your life change, I will share with you the key points you need to know before you start.… Read More »Intermittent fasting for beginners

gluten free diet

Is gluten-free diet beneficial for everyone?

The gluten-free diet, beneficial for everyone? Gluten is at the dock of the accused: many are deprived of it, without precise diagnosis. Gluten is in the dock since the publication of some books that accuse him of being toxic, and especially responsible for several chronic diseases. Many do not, without really having an accurate diagnosis. We take stock! Intolerance to gluten Although we speak of intolerance, celiac disease is very different from other intolerances (like lactose) since the immune system is involved. It is an… Read More »Is gluten-free diet beneficial for everyone?


Gluten: Advantages and Disadvantages

Focus on gluten What is it ? Although gluten contains lipids (5 to 10%), carbohydrates and minerals, most of its constituents are protein compounds (75 to 85%). More specifically, it is the insoluble protein fraction that is obtained by removing the starch and soluble constituents of the cereal grain. This protein complex can be divided into two large fractions by their solubility in water / alcohol solutions: soluble prolamins and insoluble glutenins. Where is gluten found? These proteins are naturally present in the main cereal… Read More »Gluten: Advantages and Disadvantages