Alternatives To Sugar


The 10 most natural alternatives to SUGAR .

1 – HONEY : healthier and more ecological thanks to its production with lower environmental impact;

2 – the MAPLE SYRUP : not only is it very sweet but it is also low calorie and antioxidant

3 – GRAPE JUICE : it is the perfect combination of sweetness and antioxidant properties

4 – APPLE JUICE : the natural sweetener easy to digest and very rich of vitamins and mineral salts

5 – MALTO : the best alternative for those who do not like the taste too sweet.

6 – the CRUSHED BANANAS : a remedy for the grandmother to replace sugar in cakes

7 – DRY PLUMS: if chopped and added to the pastry dough, they all offer easily assimilable sugars

8 – DRIED APRICOTS : thanks to their fibers, they reduce cholesterol levels in the blood

9 – DRY CRANBERRIES : American cranberries are a true concentrate of sweetness

10 – STEVIA : natural, without calories, does not cause damage to the teeth