October 2019

Winter is coming – Strengthen your Immune System

Winter is about to start, and with it the most critical time of the year, when it comes to colds, runny nose or other diseases. But what can you do to get fit and healthy through the cold, except to sit in front of the heater wrapped in a thick bag of tea? We answered this question in the following article. Surely you know the following sentence from your parents: “Child, please put on warm clothes, so you will not get sick.” Dick packed we… Read More »Winter is coming – Strengthen your Immune System

Losing Weight on Cheat Day – How it works

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He is probably the most popular day of the week with numerous diet and nutritional concepts: Cheat day. Often mistakenly used synonymously, the cheat day is definitely different from free Day. Is it really possible to be less strict on a day of the week with respect to the calorie deficit and the exact macronutrient distribution and still lose weight? The answer we give you in this article. How does a cheat day work in the diet? Let’s start with an example. Manish is 25… Read More »Losing Weight on Cheat Day – How it works

Low Carb – The Best Diet Principle

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What is Low Carb? “Low carb” means to greatly reduce the carbohydrates on the diet. Popular carbohydrate sources such as bread, pasta, rice and potatoes as well as carbohydrate-rich fruits and juices are consumed significantly less or not at all. Carbohydrates are one of the three macronutrients besides protein and fat. Carbohydrates are not essential, unlike the other two. The body can produce carbohydrates by using the other two macronutrients. Carbohydrates can be differentiated according to their chemical molecular structure, whereby the various forms can… Read More »Low Carb – The Best Diet Principle

How to do Intermittent Fasting?

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Hardly any other nutritional concept is currently as popular as the trend to limit its food intake to a certain period of time. Anyone looking for interval fasting on Instagram after the hashtag encounters more than 36,000 entries; in the English translation intermittent fasting, there are even two million posts. Many report successful weight loss, reduced hunger and better athletic performance – but what is really on the trend of intermittent fasting and maybe it’s the right diet for you? What is intermittent fasting (IF)… Read More »How to do Intermittent Fasting?

Fitness with a friend: How to train with a partner for better results

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Several studies have shown how training with a friend ensures important results. An example? You lose more and faster! Summer knocks on the door, it’s time to make peace with the scale and get back into shape. Or, for the most diligent, to perfect what has been done so far. If you can’t find the way to complete the training card on your own , why not opt ​​for your best friend as a fitness partner ? In fact, training together helps keep the level… Read More »Fitness with a friend: How to train with a partner for better results

Hitting Menopause : Nutrition & Wellness for you

Menopause is a phase that involves many changes for women. With the menopausal hormonal change the secretive dynamism disappears and the woman has to face a new static situation: there is metabolic slowness that also affects the physical form with a consequent increase in weight. Modifications of mood also occur, accompanied by biochemical changes, but with nutrition, these can be affected to improve moods. For example, obsessive thinking can be partially controlled by regulating blood sugar, rabies can be contained by reducing the reabsorption of… Read More »Hitting Menopause : Nutrition & Wellness for you

Alternatives To Sugar

The 10 most natural alternatives to SUGAR . 1 – HONEY : healthier and more ecological thanks to its production with lower environmental impact; 2 – the MAPLE SYRUP : not only is it very sweet but it is also low calorie and antioxidant 3 – GRAPE JUICE : it is the perfect combination of sweetness and antioxidant properties 4 – APPLE JUICE : the natural sweetener easy to digest and very rich of vitamins and mineral salts 5 – MALTO : the best alternative… Read More »Alternatives To Sugar

The Shape of Food Defines its Function

Around 1600, Paracelsus, a Swiss philosopher and alchemist, today considered the precursor of modern chemistry, formulated a hypothesis according to which each plant, every fruit existing in nature, had been created to cure our organism, given the similarity of each of them with parts of our body. This philosophy was very successful until, coming to modern times, thanks to consumerism, they made us believe that we need other things to feed us, obtaining only the result of increasing a series of pathologies affecting all our… Read More »The Shape of Food Defines its Function

4 Sources of Calcium outside Milk – For Lactose Intolerant

The calcium intake is supposed to solidify the bones, but our daily contributions end up being much too high in our western countries. If you absorb too much, it clogs the body which can lead to cardiovascular disease. If we do not absorb enough, we risk osteoporosis (loss of bone resistance that predisposes to fractures); Milk is the best known source of calcium. But cow’s milk is more and more pointed: it is not very digestible in adulthood, it contains too many bad fats and… Read More »4 Sources of Calcium outside Milk – For Lactose Intolerant

9 Ways To Reduce Stress

You must know, but stress is part of life. And although you can not always control the circumstances, there is always a way, a way to answer them correctly. When stress becomes very present in your daily life, it is very likely that it can harm your well-being and your health! That is why it is important to know the best solutions and methods to relieve this stress, to soothe your mind. It is important to diversify your methods and ways of relieving your stress,… Read More »9 Ways To Reduce Stress