10+ Top Dieticians in Delhi for Result Oriented Weight Loss

15 Top Dieticians in Delhi

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10 Top Dieticians in Delhi : Lose Weight with a Dietician

Nutritional advice by a dietician can help people who are overweight or underweight to change their diet.  Indeed, it makes it easier to lose weight and on the one hand helps to achieve normal weight and then to keep it permanently. So choose your 10 Top Dieticians in Delhi which means results.

Who is a Dietician - Nutritionist : 10 Top Dieticians in Delhi :

The dietitian-nutritionist , often incorrectly referred to by the sole term dietitian, is a paramedical professional in the field of nutrition. Thus, its mission is both preventive and curative . It prevents cardiovascular risks and avoids overweight. Also, she teaches his patient to eat well by designing personalised menus with good nutritional quality of the meals.

Indeed, even if the majority of dieticians are women, it is obviously possible for a man to practice this profession.

Additionally, the dietician is a qualified health professional, expert in nutrition and food, in all its dimensions. Its role is to preserve and/or improve health through food. 

10 Top Dieticians in Delhi that means results !

1 - Dietician Shivani Sikri - Best Dietician for Weight Loss

Nutritionist Shivani Sikri
Nutritionist Shivani Sikri

NUTRI4VERVE : Holistic Diet Consultants & Weight Loss Experts by Best Dietician & Nutritionist Shivani Sikri

Internationally Renowned Nutritionist Shivani Sikri, awarded the best dietician in Delhi India, brings an Online Lifestyle Weight & Therapeutic Life Management Diet Clinic.

Indeed, Top #1 Dietician for Weight Loss & Therapeutic Management.

Further, Shivani’s Rich Expertise & Experience Truly, build healthy habits, with the Best Dietician in Delhi India that adhere to a holistic & functional nutrition coaching & approach.

Moreover, With her over 12 years of experience in Online Diet Programs, Shivani’s fully satisfied Client Base from across India and 25+ other countries.

Nutri4Verve by Shivani Sikri

Address :  B-1/22, Block B 1, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi, Delhi 110029

Contact : 088003 39577

Website : Nutri4Verve.com

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2 - Dietician Nidhi Sawhney - NutriAdvice

Nidhi Sawhney
Nidhi Sawhney

Dt. Nidhi Sawhney, A South Delhi-based Qualified Nutritionist & Dietician. After completing her studies, She practiced for 4 years.

Initially, in 2012, As an independent Nutritionist and Dietician, she started her own brand NutriAdvice, A weight specialized clinic in South Delhi. So, with years of experience, she is offering diet management, health and diet consultation in the Clinic and online as well.

Indeed, what she believes is that everyone should maintain themselves passionately as ‘the body is a reflection of what we eat’.

Truly, contributing to changing people’s lifestyles NutriAdvice also provides other services. Moreover, Dt. Nidhi treats modern lifestyle diseases like PCOS, Thyroid, Obesity and Diabetes through her influential treatment and Diet plans.

Nutri Advice

Address : D-12, Block D, Gulmohar Park, New Delhi, Delhi 110049

Contact : 098734 52209

Website : Nutriadvice.com

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3 - Dietician Avni Kaul - Nutriactivania

Avni Kaul
Avni Kaul

Avni Kaul (Dietician and Nutritionist) empowers clients to break free from the diet mindset and discover a revolutionary new approach to healthy, lasting weight loss without restricting diets, extreme programs, or even a single gimmick.

Also, She teaches an “intuitive eating” approach to help clients reconnect with their body’s natural signals of hunger, fullness, and satisfaction.

Additionally, NutriActivania’s goal is to help you create a healthier, happier relationship with food, so you enjoy the health that lasts a lifetime.

Moreover, the founding principle of Dietician Avni Kaul’s practice is finding and sustaining long term wellness through balance and freedom from diets.


Address : M-65, Saket, Near HDFC Bank, New Delhi – 110017

Contact : +91 9953228642

Website : Nutriactivania.com

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4 - Dietician Tapasya Mundhra

Tapasya Mundhra
Tapasya Mundhra

Tapasya Mundhra, having studied the art of acupuncture and acupressure has earned the title of an expert wellness coach, an equally experienced nutritionist leading her to become a name synonymous to a health care. Also, she has been providing complete solution for all your health & diet related issues for more than a decade now earning the trust and gratitude of her patients along the way.

Indeed, the fast paced life of the modern era has subjected us to stress & negligence of our health leading to deterioration of our body. Thus, Incorporating precise healthy habits in our daily routine, so that our health does not become a hindrance in enjoying our life in a carefree manner in such a way that it becomes a part of us rather than being a tool we use at our pleasure.

Tapasya Mundra

Address : A-10, Block A, Nizamuddin East, New Delhi, Delhi 110013

Contact : 098180 27208

Website : tapasyamundhra.com

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5 - Dr Karun Makhija

Dash diet in Hypertension

Dr. Karun Makhija (Dr. Karun Makhija Clinics Pvt Ltd) in Greater Kailash 2, Delhi

Indeed, an expert in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating eating disorders as well as creating diet plans to treat particular medical issues is a Dietitians.

The diet experts counsel people on how to eat in order to have a healthy life or to accomplish a particular health-related goal.

Further, they deal with basic nutritional aims, practices, and problems that people have with their diets.

Dr. Karun Makhija (Dr. Karun Makhija Clinics Pvt Ltd)

Address : S-177 Gf, Greater Kailash-2, New Delhi, Delhi 110019

Contact : 011 41100920

Website : Not Known

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Listing the next 10 Top Dieticians in Delhi >> Number 6 to 8

6 - Dt Himanshu Rai

Dt Himanshu Rai
Dt Himanshu Rai

Mr Himanshu Rai is a senior Dietitian and has a sound experience of around 15 years in the field of diet therapy for Weight loss/Weight gain, Diabetes, Sports Nutrition, Muscle Building, High BP, High Cholesterol, Constipation and various others.

Initially, he is an M.S. in Nutritional Sciences and Life Member of the Indian Dietetic Association (IDA) and a member of the Singapore Nutrition and Dietetic Association (SN).

Moreover, he is also a lead auditor ISO 22000 from the Bureau of Indian Standards (B.I.S). His diet plans are scientific, customized and based on the body’s nutritional needs.

Further, his diet plans are delicious, easy to cook and based on simple nutritious kitchen based food ingredients. Additionally, his diet plans include different types of popular Indian foods.  

Thinkyou – Dt Himanshu Rai

Address : D-3 Third Floor, Defence Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110024

Contact : 07701858552

Website : thinkyou.in

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7 - Dietitian Ishi Khosla

Ishi Khosla
Ishi Khosla

Ms. Ishi Khosla is a practicing clinical nutritionist, columnist, author, an entrepreneur, researcher and welfare worker.

Indeed, she is actively involved in clinical practice at the Centre For Dietary Counselling in Delhi where she deals with a wide range of nutrition related health problems including obesity, diabetes, cardio-vascular disease, food allergies, digestive, immune system, neuro psychiatric and endocrine disorders in adults and children.

Moreover, to scale up her practice and reach out to a global audience.

Ishi Khosla

Address : D-1079, near Mata Mandir Road, Block D, Friends Colony East, New Friends Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110025.

Contact : 099102 33614

Website : Not Known

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8 - Dietitian Ankita Gupta Sehgal

Ankita Gupta Sehgal
Ankita Gupta Sehgal

Nutrition Matters – Dietitian Ankita Gupta Sehgal felt the urgent need to use her expertise in Nutrition and Weight Management to help others live a happy and healthy life. And, this very desire of hers to aid ignorant or ill-informed patients with apt knowledge in Nutrition and Weight Loss using proper diet had spearheaded Nutrition Matters some 12 years back.

moreover, at Nutrition Matters, patients are provided with simple, convenient, readily available, practical and most flexible diet plans matching their body types and shapes which guarantee long-lasting positive results.

Nutrition Matters – Ankita Gupta Sehgal

Address : FA 355/A, First Floor, Mansarover Garden, New Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi 110015

Contact : 09873974659

Website : nutritionmatters.co.in/

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Listing the next 10 Top Dieticians in Delhi >> Number 9 to 12

9 - Dietitian Geeta Bhalla

Geeta Bhalla
Geeta Bhalla

Dietician Geeta Bhalla, is a certified Weight Loss Dietitian. Truly, she has been practicing from her clinic in South Delhi (M Block Market, Greater Kailash Part 1) from 2003 till present.

Additionally, she has generated a huge clientele over time mainly through my positive word of mouth. Moreover, the diets that she give are those that can be prepared by you, at your home, with ease and without any added pressure or strain. Finally, you will be surprised how enjoyable and satisfying losing weight can be if you are following healthy diets that are tailored to suit your daily routine, activity level, your eating habits, and most importantly your tastes and preferences.

Geeta Bhalla

Address : M-73/3, Ground Floor Main Market, Part 1, Greater Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi 110048.

Contact : 098913 21333

Website : dietitiangeetabhalla.in

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10 - Dietician Sonia Narang

Sonia Narang
Sonia Narang

Dt. Sonia Narang is a leading name in the field of Nutrition & Dietetics. Truly, her wellness clinics have helped hundreds to revitalize their lifestyle since 1997, the year she began practice. 

Initially, being a degree-holder from AIIMS, she is a proven best dietitian in Delhi, with an extended proficiency in fields of hospitality, food service, media, corporate and community welfare.

Also, Dt. Narang believes that food and eating represent a universal cultural experience, while being a completely individual practice. Thus, rather than setting strict diets, she supports you in undergoing a realistic change in your lifestyle, without missing out on the enjoyable eating experience.

Sonia Narang

Address : A-1/98 Janakpuri, Janakpuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110058

Contact :  092117 72772

Website : sonianarangdietclinic.com

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Listing the next 10 Top Dieticians in Delhi >> Number 11 to 13

11 - Dietician Priyanka Jaiswal

Priyanka Jaiswal
Priyanka Jaiswal

Priyanka Jaiswal, one of the Famous Dietician in Delhi, Says “Make a true connection with what you eat and have the benefit of complete nourishment out of your food for your overall health improvement. Also, you should feel healthy and happy while eating your food and not counting calories and your body weight while consuming something.

Thus, with this belief, she has conducted her very own strategies to provide you the best healthcare plan for the betterment of your maximal health.

Also, her approach is based on scientific research and logical thinking combining with the basic requirement and needs of human beings in terms of nutrition and food.

Diet2Nourish – Priyanka Jaiswal

Address : DDA Flats, A-28, Phase 2, Hari Nagar Ashram, New Delhi, Delhi 110014.

Contact : 093112 07203

Website : diet2nourish.com

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12 - Ryan Fernando

Ryan Fernando
Ryan Fernando

QUA Nutrition, under Ryan Fernando, realize that each person is different, with varied health and sports nutrition needs. their motto ‘Eat to your capacity’ caters to each individual’s specific health requirement. Thus, discovering “your capacity” synonymous to Qua!

Qua Nutrition – Ryan Fernando

Address : E-5, First Floor, Block E, Defence Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110024

Contact : 097434 30000

Website : quanutrition.com

Google Map for Quanutrition


Listing the next 10 Top Dieticians in Delhi >> Number 13 to 15

13 - Dietician Monisha Ashokan

Monisha Ashokan
Monisha Ashokan

Nourish Me, under Dietician Monisha Ashokan, is a holistic health Haven providing practical wellness services. Truly, it is a fulfilling dietary approach towards weight loss, weight gain, PCOD, thyroid and other lifestyle factors affecting health. So, using food and lifestyle management as antidote,

Moreover, Nourish Me is dedicated to enabling a permanent shift to a healthier lifestyle with an amazing management team who is profusely involved in transforming healing experience.

Nourish Me – Monisha Ashokan

Address : Near, R-274, Basement, GK-1 Landmark:, Pamposh Enclave, New Delhi, Delhi 110048.

Contact : 88604 99170

Website : nourishme.co.in

Google Map for Nourishme


14 - Dietitian Shreya

Dietician Shreya
Dietician Shreya

Dietitian Shreya’s Diet Clinic

Dietitian Shreya is a globally renowned Dietitian and Clinical Nutritionist.
Also, Dietitian Shreya is a Power Brand of Sg Diet Cafe Private Limited and has stood for “Trusted Diets” in India.

Address : B-1 ground Floor Gk Enclave part 2 opposite Savitri Complex DT Cinema, New Delhi, Delhi 110048

Contact : 099888 83835

Website : dietitianshreya.com

Google Map for Dietitian Shreya


15 - Dr Shikha Sharma

Dr Shikha Sharma
Dr Shikha Sharma

Dr Shikha Sharma is a medical Doctor by training. She did her MBBS from Maulana Azad Medical College. Additionally, She is the founder of Nutriwel Health India. 

Dr Shikha’s Nutriwel Health

Address : 2nd floor, 249A, Okhla Phase III, Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi, Delhi 110020

Contact : 011 4666 6000

Website : www.drshikhasharma.com

Google Map for Nutriwel Health


Thus is the round up of 15 Top Dieticians in Delhi for Result Oriented Weight Loss. There are many more dietician nutritionist in Delhi  NCR which can help you, surely!!

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1 - Dietician Shivani Sikri - Best Dietician for Weight Loss

Nutritionist Shivani Sikri
Nutritionist Shivani Sikri